Change Lives

Change Lives

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Gorgeous George.....

Thanks to Heather for these new photographs of George looking fantastic. I'm sure you'll all agree that both Heather and George are doing a superb job. I'll never forget having to carry him after his stomach torsion. Thanks so much Heather, and good boy George.

Still With Me.....

Time certainly flies, and its hard to believe that this week saw the first anniversary of the loss of a dog very dear to me. Spirit was only with us for 10 days before we lost him with a bone tumour, but the effect he had on me is something I will never forget. He was simply the perfect dog, and having lost Isaac too this week it reminds me how lucky we are to have these dogs in our lives. I'll see you again one day Spirit, your still with me.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Farewell To A Real Gentleman.....

Some bad news this week, as old age caught up with a grand old man. After suffering with problems with his back legs, Isaac said goodbye to this world and left behind a Mam who loved him dearly. The last 9 months of his life were undoubtedly the best he ever had, and after ending up in a pound and facing being put to sleep because nobody wanted him, it was a happy ending. He always was a sweetheart, I could never really understand why he needed us, but he did us proud and it was a real pleasure to have the little man as a SHAK dog.

I remember one day when we were out walking a group of dogs including him, someone saying we'd had "a German Shepherd, 5 Rottweilers and an Isaac out" true testament to what a wonderful individual he was. We'll miss you Isaac.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Mika Goes Home.....

Today was another one of those bitter sweet days where we had to accept that we'd done our bit and allow Mika to move on to her new Forever Foster home. Her new Mam and Dad had drove for 4 and a half hours to come and see her, and they weren't disappointed. Mika has won over the hearts of everyone that has been lucky enough to be around her. Thanks to everyone at JAWT for helping Mika find her home. As you can see in the top picture, she has promised to be good, but she will be missed by us all.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sparky's Adventure.....

Pictures from Sparky's latest day trip, on the train to Haltwhistle. What an amazing boy this is.

Harry Looking Fine.....

Harry is another SHAK Boy that we're very proud of, and as you can see he is coming on so well. Motivation is easy, as the photo's prove, how could anyone let him get in the state that he was when we were asked to save him.

Another Award For Our Jake.....

Another dog show today, and another rossette for our very own Jake. Remembering back to the day Jake arrived as the smelliest dog I have ever met, he so deserves the awards and the support of a wonderful family.

Thanks also to Angie, Joan, Elaine, Sheila and Neve for another brilliant £150 raised at Pride in the Park!


The simply delightful Flynn.

Flynn At Home.....

It's always great to see a dog that you have saved enjoying life in a home. I think these pictures of Flynn with his girlfriend Milly say it all. (Thanks to the team at BARK)

Friday, 22 July 2011

Sparky At The Lakes.....

It's always great to get photo's of our dogs once they have gone home, but I have to admit seeing these ones of Sparky on a day trip brought a tear to my eye. Less than a week a go he was in our kennels, and although we do our best, we can't compete with trips to the lakes. How good does he look roaming free.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Dog Abuse.....It's In The UK Too.

Although most of the clips on here are in other countries, abuse like this is very common in this country. I have seen it with my own eyes collecting strays. This is why SHAK needs your support to keep doing the work we do. Please help us provide sanctuary for the dogs that need it the most. Donate food and funds..... To some dogs their lives depend on it.

Donate via PayPal to

(Thanks to the author of the video.)


Hope.....(In Romania)

Found this on Facebook:

"Yesterday, 18 July 2011, was one of the worst days of my life. I have never imagined I would ever see a dog eaten alive by thousands, milion of worms. The poor do (I will call her HOPE) was lying in the middle of a countryside road and tens of flies were ...flying around her. i thought she was dead, but when she saw me getting close to her, she raised her head. She drank water from my hand . Afterwards, I put her in the car. There were worms in her eyes, mouth, nose...every centimeter of her body was covered with worms. We arrived at the vet. She started to shave Hope's hair. Her body was full of wounds. The worms have created deep channels under her skin. The vet said that she would have diesn in max. 1 day, in terrible pain. When all the hair was removed, we washed her. She has been so silent, so kind, she let us do to her anything, as if she knew we want her tu surrvive. She got perfusions, vitamins, painkillers, antibiotics. She made it through the night, she ate and she was ok. The vet was amazed. She is an old German shepard mix, 3 legged, skinny. She needs blood tests, babesiosis test(she had also ticks). The vets from HAPPY PER CLINIC have been very nice and accepted to keep her there for some time. We need financial help for her and, if possible, an adoption, when she will recover completely. She deserves a decent life, for her last years. My paypal is mention that the donation is ment for Hope; I have another case, Charlie, a paralysed dog), my e-mail"

Handsome Cole.....

Another handsome SHAK dog that has recently started a new life is Cole. Cole is in temporary foster, and progressing very well. He is showing his character, and with his two Newfoundland girlfriends he is having a great time. Here he is modelling his new shiny collar. If you are interested in giving Cole a permanent Foster Home please get in touch via North East of England only please.

Sparky On Facebook.....

How things can change so quickly for a dog. In the last couple of weeks, Sparky has made new friends, gained a Mam and Dad and found his home. Today saw the launch of his very own Facebook page. You can follow Sparky and see future fundraising events he has planned at:

In Your Thoughts At Sad Times.....

I get some really sad donations at times, leads and bowls and food from people who's dogs have past away, and whilst we are eternily grateful it always brings a lump to my throat. Its the same for when dog lovers die, and people really do some amazing things in their memory. I'd like to thank the lady who lost her husband to cancer recently who made a donation from the funeral collection, and the daughters who made a contribution towards Georges Vets bill, "as Dad would of helped if he could."

The fact you all remember us in such sad times, means a lot to everyone at SHAK both 2 and 4 legged. Thank you.

Dog Biting Shark.....

Have I just lost my mind? Please tell me its not just me? Would you laugh if that was your dog?

Thanks Marley.....

Big thanks to Lisa, Marley the pony and all the kids at Cambois School Fair who raised £58 from pony rides. Well done to Marley especially who did all the hard work.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Thank You Liam.....

I'd just like to say a special thank you to school boy Liam Carroll who raised £30.75at Seaton Sluice Middle School Charity Day who raised this fantastic sum by charging people to throw filled bags full of water. What fantastic support from someone so young, THANK YOU Liam.

Photo's From Hillheads Dog Club Fun Day.....

For anyone who was there, or even for those who weren't there, here's a link for some great photos from the Hillheads Dog Traiing Club Fun Day. See if you can spot some lovely SHAK dogs too..... Cole, Jake and Pippa.

A Message From Sparky's Mam and Dad.....

An update about Sparky:

"I have seen your blog about Sparky coming home and also the facebook posts.
Fantastic mate and the fact Sparky is so relaxed about the whole thing
speaks volumes for both him and everyone at SHAK. You (I include Sparky in
this) have all worked so hard to get Sparky to this stage after all he's
been through. He's now in a home that loves him dearly and will be getting a
whole lifetimes worth of cuddles.

Anyway, I just thought I'd drop you a line with a Sparky update. Well he
seems to have settled in no problem at all - in fact, you'd think he'd been
with us since he was a baby. He is an amazing dog around the house and
sleeps in his own bed without complaint. The cats are starting to come round
too and they've all been in the kitchen together this morning. The cats
aren't 100% sure yet but them being relaxed enough to be in the same room as
Sparky when he isn't in his crate is tremendous. And Sparky - well what a
star he is as he is not interested in the cats at all which is a massive

Sparky has been enjoying long walks with me, but Beth and the girls take him
out too so he's as happy as Larry getting all those walks. I'm at work
tonight, but Beth has taken him to meet his Nana for the first time and he
will be spoiled rotten there that's for sure."

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sparky Goes Home.....

After some hard work and some long works, it was great to see Sparky go home yesterday. Sparky arrived with us when I picked him up as a stray, he had clearly been beaten, and had no control over his bladder whenever you approached him or tried to put a lead on him.

Sparky had worked very hard to come to terms with people and the real world, and in Trevor and Beth he has found people that really did mean love at first sight. The bond between them is some special and its been great to see them grow fonder of each other with every visit over the last couple of weeks. So proud of you Sparky.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Coffee Sunday.....

Third Sunday of the month means its a Coffee Sunday at Derek's. Open 9-5 at 6 Marine View, Seaton Sluice, why not walk your dog on the beach and then pop into Derek's for a fine cup of coffee or tea. Remember EVERY PENNY he takes goes to the dogs. Thank you in advance for your support.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Settled In.....

It was lovely to get this picture of Little Brindle this morning curled up to her new boyfriend Rubes. This is so typical of her, curled up with a pal, and nice to see her settled. There has been massive progress made with another one of the SHAK dogs this week, and hopefully there will be more news at the weekend.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Forever Foster Home Needed For Charlie.....

Little Miss Brindle.....

Today was one of those bittersweet days when I had to say goodbye to a special house guest of mine. Picked up by me as a stray, Little Miss Brindle came home with me and fitted right in. She ended up staying whilst I found her the perfect home, and today was the day she moved away to it. It's funny how certain dogs creep into your life doing my job, and how they just feel like they've always been there. Little Brindle certainly did that. We didn't even give her a name, she just trotted along to Little Brindle.

I would of loved to of kept her, Star and her were so good together, but she's gone to a great home with a big Lurcher boyfriend. She's one very lucky and lovely girl.

Curled Up With Her Pals.....

Curled up with her best friend Star, and the rest of her pals. I really should of shut the bedroom door first.