Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Zara Looking Good.....

If you can cast you mind back to Zara that I posted on here a couple of weeks ago.....

Well, just a couple of weeks and over 4kgs later, here she is.....

A "blue" Sharpei tongue???

I don't think that I need to say anything. A little bit of TLC and food.....The before and after photos say it all.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Still Looking For Blade.....

A dog we are desperately looking for a Forever Foster home for is.....

Blade is a young adult, neutered male Akita with a lovely calm temperament.  He was found as a stray with his female Akita companion and was brought to the sanctuary some 15 months ago. She has found a wonderful home and we are now seeking the right people for Blade, too.

In kennels, he has been a real gentleman – calm and friendly with everyone he`s met and remaining quiet and steady despite the noise and bustle around him.  He loves his exercise and is quite strong on the lead, but walks nicely on a halti.  He has also been remarkably clean in his kennel.

He has recently been for a weekend ‘sleepover’ with one of the volunteers and behaved absolutely perfectly in the house. He was good with strangers – human and canine, enjoyed his walks and then curled up wherever his floor cushion was put down for him – in all, a pretty laid-back character.

We are looking for a person or couple with a fairly active lifestyle who could provide the exercise and training  needed by a large-breed dog - Akita experience would be particularly welcome. He would probably enjoy having a dog companion but cannot go to a home with young children as we have no history for him.  Most of all, he needs a chance to be important to someone again and receive the love and attention he so obviously deserves.

If you would like to know more about Blade, please contact

Penny Update.....

I think everyone connected to SHAK has been amazed by the amount of support and interest in the sad tale that has been unravelling with Penny. I'm delighted to say that there does seem to be light at the end of the tunnel after weeks of medical uncertainty and her appearing to of never been in a house.

Penny was very stressed in the house. Panting, pacing, scratching and digging at the floors, walls and doors. It was obvious she wanted to get out and didn't want to be indoors. After such major surgery, Sheena was very worried that she would cause herself harm or injure herself, she was so frantic. It was also discovered that Penny could open doors. One day she let herself into the garage, pulled out an old sheet and made her bed. There she stayed, happy and content. Until......

Penny's makeshift bed.
Last week she was due her 5 day check up at the vets. I offered to take her, and after the check up (which went well) we had a walk with Haden and my Mams dog Lacey. Penny had a great time, and when she nipped in for a drink, she fell asleep at my feet. This was a bit bizarre as Penny hadn't settled in a house before. She has taken a real shine to me, maybe I remind her of her previous owner? and for the first time since she arrived she seemed content.

The fun began once I dropped her back off at Sheena and Roger's house. The pacing, the panting all started again and even being shown her bed in the garage wouldn't help Penny settle. After another restless night, I am now officially banned from visiting Penny or taking her out, by Sheena herself!!

She did eventually settle down by the morning, and since then she has made some dramatic progress. She has started to venture into the kitchen and the sitting room, and will even lie on a blanket in the kitchen whilst people are around. Something so simple as this is massive progress and who knows maybe the first step on her adaption to finding a home indoors. Right now we are not looking for a Forever Foster home for her, as I think she really needs to recover from her surgery and find her feet in the world she now lives in, but she has made so much movement in the right way.

Yesterday Penny was back at the vets to get the metal staples taken from her huge wound underneath. Sheena took her to avoid a repeat of last week (though I missed my time with her) Here is what Sheena reported back:

"Penny was outstanding! She let him tip her over backwards on the floor (at first I thought it was an odd way) and was totally relaxed whilst he checked the stitches. She lay there flat on her back without much encouragement whilst he removed all the staples - she didn't flinch once even when one or two were reluctant to be removed. So many staples - it must be a relief to get them out. He was amazed she hadn't tried to lick or worry her huge wound.

He is very pleased with outcome. She has small amount of swelling on her tummy near area where the large neoplasm was removed which may or may not disappear. The scar is extensive as you know but it has healed perfectly.

The results of the neoplasms within the removed mammary glands - yes cancer was evident certainly in one but he couldn't tell me which one (ie may not have been the huge one) but there is no reason to expect the cancer to come back but if it does then it can be dealt with.

Her ovaries had no evidence of any cancer.

The CT scan was clear.

The liver had active cancer cells on the edge but this has now been removed with good margins. Obviously doesn't mean that a tiny cell hasn't escaped but the prognosis is very good.

Her sight isn't that good really but difficult to tell just by examining - she does walk into things. Her ears we should continue with the drops and he agrees she doesn't seem to have much hearing.

She is one very very lucky dog thanks to you Steve.

She is as good as gold in the car.

I've bought a training lead - I want to see what she does down the beach/golf course as I wouldn't trust her off lead especially if she cant see/hear.

Today she has ventured into the living room and sat down on the floor next to me and Flossie. She is quite happy to lie on a blanket in the kitchen now but does like to go into the garage at bedtime."

So the plot thickens with this complicated little dog, and we all learn as she takes us along this route. I'm so pleased though that it appears to be the right one.

The Handsome Boy That Is Kai.....

Kai is a dog that I'm very proud of, and one that has worked so hard over the last few months with other dogs. He has developed so much that he has even stepped up as the resident "stooge" dog and along with Doyle has helped others such as Tye see that other dogs aren't necessarily something to be afraid of.

As a result, the photo's you usually see of him tend to be with other dogs alongside him. Today I thought I'd show you just how handsome he is.....

If It Is A Dog's Life.....

They say Its A Dogs Life, and if that is the case then Haden has it sussed! This is how a three legged Lurcher with epilepsy spends his Friday nights.....

A Day In The Life Of.....Blais

I often say that these dogs have a better social life than me, well I think these photographs of Blais in his home show that.

Serena and Steve have worked very hard to help Blais, and I quote Serena " he's doing really well, but it's very much one step forward and two back, but getting there slowly with him."

I really admire how they have stuck by him as he adapts to a completely different way of life, and how much effort they have put in. Thank you both.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Blade's Easter Holiday.....

Whilst we were all working over the Easter holidays (no days off in animal rescue I always say) Blade was enjoying a nice weekend in the Northumberland countryside with our very own Rich! Rich says he didn't put a foot wrong, and as you can see he made himself very much at home, even in the tiny bed!

We are desperate for the right home for this big handsome lad. He has stayed in kennels far too long, and has proved this weekend that he can be a great companion both indoors and out. If you would like to be considered as a Forever Foster home for Blade, then please contact

Finlay's First Holiday.....

Following on from Snoopy, another SHAK boy (and ex Sheena and Roger foster!) Finlay is looking really happy and settled in his new home with his new sister. I think the contrast in the first picture compared to the next two really does show the work we do, and gives me the momentum to go on.....

Monday, 21 April 2014

Lacey Lends A Paw.....

Another dog I'm very proud of is Lacey, who stepped in after the sudden loss of Bobby at todays fundraiser at Great Outdoors. Lacey was one of my first ever rehomes to my Mam, and I love her as much today as I did the first day I saw her. Thank you both to my Mam and Lacey today, and of course the staff and customers of Great Outdoors, Shiremoor.

When Tye Met Kai.....

Geoff and myself were very lucky this afternoon as Kai and Tye took us on a nice walk in the sunshine. Tye is doing very well after struggling to understand that other dogs can be fun. Kai is just amazing, and quickly following in Scooby and my Oskar's steps as the big stooge dog. I think the look on Geoff's face tells you all how proud we are of both of them.....

Guess Who.....

Guess who This is.....


Yep, you got it..... Little Snoop!

Hasn't he grown up into a handsome boy! Brilliant to see him all grown up and looking so happy.

Could You Spare Some 'Pennies' To Help Penny?....

Penny is a dog that a lot have people have followed since I first put the photo's on here of her massive mammary tumour. She is another one, like Leyla and Zara that desperately needed us after she'd been picked up as a stray, and last week her need got even greater.
Penny wasn't herself last Tuesday, she wouldn't eat and didn't want to come out of her kennel. I rushed her down to the vets, worried that with all the other problems, she may be suffering from a Pyometra (a womb infection that could kill her.) A scan revealed that this wasn't the case, but also revealed something just as sinister if not worse..... a large mass on her liver. The vets performed a CT scan of her whole body, to see if what looked like cancer had spread anywhere else, especially her lungs. The good news was that there didn't appear to be any secondary tumours, and her lungs and chest got the all clear, but the huge growth underneath and the one on her liver were confirmed as looking like cancerous tumours ( in the rush of it all I have forgotten the clinical name of the tumours.)

I trust our vets down at Moorview greatly and asked them where we should go from here, fearing the worst. However, they wanted to operate as Penny is so full of life despite her condition. So on Thursday morning, Penny had an operation to remove the huge mammary tumour, cut over the liver lob that was home to the other tumour and also spey her at the same time. Whilst in the operating theatre, the decision was made to remove another mammary tumour.

She certainly has been through the wars, but she must feel so much better with that huge lump gone. I'm very lucky I have great support from Sheena and Roger, and once again I had to call cap in hand asking if they could help foster a real desperate case whilst she recovers. From a couple of sleepovers previously we know that Penny finds being in a home a very stressful experience. I think she has probably been an outside dog. Sheena was prepared to sacrifice a night's sleep to help Penny on Saturday, and despite showing her stress as we expected, she does now, 48 hours in, appear to be settling.

I'd like to thank everyone at Moorview Vets for being so understanding and wanting to help Penny. I'd also like to say thank you to Sheena and Roger for being so understanding and welcoming Penny into their home despite knowing it may be difficult.

But despite all the help we have had so far, we still need YOUR HELP. Penny's vet bill is estimated to be around £800. As part of our "Change Lives" campaign we are once again asking you to help us out. If you could help towards Penny's vets bill then every 'penny' would be appreciated.

There are several ways you can donate.....

Send a cheque (payable to SHAK) to Wildwood Cottage, 3a Stead Lane, Bedlington NE22 5LT.

Make a donation via PayPal to the email address (marking all donations the Penny Appeal)

Call Moorview Vets directly on 0191 256 6990 (please tell them it is for Penny from SHAK)

Hand in your donation to the SHAK stall at one of the events on the Events Page.

Or print off the Standing Order form below:

Penny is a wonderful girl, and a very sad story lies beneath those dark eyes I'm sure. She deserves the best in life, and is getting that right now..... we just need your help to make it all possible.

Thank you in advance for your support.

And It's Home Time For Judy.....

Another girl enjoying the outside world after such a long stay with us is Judy. She has been with us far too long, but because of her strength, size and being a mixed breed the attention from potential fosterers never really fell on her.....until Bill and another SHAK dog Rufus came along.

It took a lot of work, as Rufus isn't the best at making new friends, but a series of visits and walks around her new farm home the change in him was amazing. I'm proud of both of these dogs, and the change and bond that developed over the weeks of pairing these two up was very special to witness. It taught me a lot, and showed what can be achieved given time.

For Judy its a brand new start, for us it's so different, as Judy was always there. Its fantastic to see her home.

Bobby & Bree, & Ebony Makes Three.....

There has been a lot of work going on, and after the new girls arriving, I'm delighted to say that some have gone into new Forever Foster homes too.

A big thank you to Bobby and Bree for letting Ebony share their home, and as you can see she is already settling in very well. Ebony won my heart the minute I saw her, with all her energy and mischief, its great to see her having somewhere to call her own and friends to relax with. Thank you Melissa, David and Ashleigh.
Ebony and Bree.....Big Sister

It's a big world out there......

I'll have a nap first before I conquer it!

It's just all too much for Bobby!

Chase Me!

This is fun!