Change Lives

Change Lives

Introducing The Forever Foster Scheme.....

To fully understand the work we do you must first understand that SHAK is not a rehoming centre, we are completely different to most rescues, and if anything we offer sanctuary and respite to abused, mistreated and neglected dogs. We take in only the most extreme cases from the local council and destruction cases from local vets. The majority of our dogs come without any history, just sad stories and issues of both behavioural and health orientation.

After a lot of hard work some of our dogs are ready to go on our "Forever Foster" scheme where we look for a very specialised home to continue the dogs development where the emphasis will be on providing the dog with a stable environment, appropriate diet, positive socialisation, good physical exercise and participation in training classes or a dog activity such as agility or flyball whilst offering comprehensive support and advice from our forever foster team.

There is a lot of progress made, which is started by us, but mainly done by the dogs themselves, therefore we do not list individual dogs on here that maybe suitable for rehoming, as we believe it is all about finding the right home and environment for each individual dog.

So if you feel you are prepared for some hard work that will bring so much satisfaction and happiness, and also understand that owning a rescue dog is "not always a walk in the park" we would love to here from you. If you are ready to take the next step, then please follow the following process:

-Contact us via email at and request that we send you an "Application For Forever Foster" form. This is so we can look at the breeds you prefer, the experience you have and try and match you with your new best buddy!

-On recieving the form, fill it the best that you can and return it once again to and we will get in touch with you with suggestions of dogs that may suit you and your lifestyle. If we have nothing suitable at the particular time of your enquiry we will keep your application on file and may contact you at a later date.

(Please note that no applications made without this form first being  filled in will be considered, and to make the transition as easy as possible for both the dog and new fosterers, we do not rehome any of our dogs with children unless we have conclusive history that the dog is used to such an environment, nor do we place our dogs into "guarding" positions.)

At SHAK we believe it is all about finding the right homes for our dogs, not simply a place to live.....

We hope to hear from you soon!