Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 30 September 2013

Walk At Sunset.....

Here's a few photographs of some of my SHAK fosters on a sunset walk last week.....

Haden And Star.

Star And Scout.

Lennox And Scout Watch Whilst Rohan Checks On My Oskar.

Scout On The Chase With Nima Whilst Sky Watches.


Scout And Oskar.

Mona Gets A Cuddle.....

And how about this for a photograph? Anyone who has met Mona will know exactly what I mean. Amazing work Anna, and well done Mona!

Misty's Holidays.....

Misty was another one of our dogs that has been lucky and had a little trip from the kennels, spending two nights with Auntie Jill. Here's a little report on how well she did:

"Misty bounced into the car as if she knew she was leaving the kennels behind for a couple of days.  On our own, she lay on the back seat.  When she arrived at my home, she raced around the house checking it out and landed full stretch on the couch - she was home.  She had clearly lived in a house before.  This was also shown when she showed me she was house
trained and also when she leapt under the covers with me when I went to bed.

The next morning was bath time.  Although she didn't enjoy it, she behaved well.  She enjoyed walks (although we didn't meet any other dogs), a trip to my mam's house (where she spent the whole time sitting and giving a paw for one treat after another) and had fairly good recall when I tested her off lead in a secure field.  She thoroughly enjoyed bouncing through the long grass and sniffing out all the different smells.  Between walks, she wanted nothing more than to cuddle into me and sit outside the dog treat cupboard.  She gave me so much love and pleasure in two short days and showed me how quickly she could adapt to a new home."


An Old Girlfriend.....

Geoff was fortunate enough to meet up with an old girlfriend of his last week, and as you can see she hasn't forgotten him. Its great to see Roxy looking so well and so happy. We're really proud of you Rox.


Fagan Takes The Remote.....

Fagan had a sleepover at Auntie Sheena's at the weekend, and I think this photo shows that he thoroughly enjoyed himself. In fact I think he took over the TV duties.....
"What Shall We Watch Next Dad?"

A Big Thank You To Joe.....

It was a great night on Saturday as former Newcastle United, Chelsea and Hartlepool striker Joe Allon gave up his time and fees to come to Alnwick Town AFC and give a night of comedy and tales from back when footballers were real men. It was a great night to be part of, and thanks to Joe, Alnwick Town AFC and everyone who came and supported it for making it possible and raising a lot of money for SHAK.
No Dogs??? This Is A SHAK Night!

Joe And Melissa.

David Gets Photo Bombed!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Great Piece In The Northumberland Gazette About Tonight.....

A North East football legend is coming to town this weekend for a special charity night to raise funds for this year’s Jam Jar Army beneficiary SHAK.

Alnwick Town FC is hosting the event on Saturday evening where the star guest is ex Newcastle United and Hartlepool United player Joe Allon.

And speaking to the Gazette ahead of the event, Joe explained that he got involved due to his friendship with SHAK main man Steve Wylie and also his love of friends of the canine variety.

“Me and the missus, our love after football is dogs,” he said.

“Stephen and his dad followed me from when he was a youngster. They came when I was 17, just breaking into the first team, on the pre-season tour on the Isle of Man, so I’ve known him a while.

“Giving a sanctuary for dogs, I think, is absolutely wonderful so when he got in touch I didn’t hesitate to help out.
“The effort they all put in, because it’s a real team effort, is absolutely fantastic.

“I think he has 49 dogs at the moment which is absolutely magnificent. He has 11 or 12 living with him at home and that shows how passionate someone can be.”

Joe is also returning to Alnwick and the football club after a long gap.

“I’m really looking forward to coming to Alnwick, because I haven’t been there for ages.

“I played at Alnwick in the Northumberland Senior Cup when I was about 16 (for Newcastle).

“Me and a very young Paul Gascoigne played there and it was a great ground. I remember, because we both played in black and white, that we had to toss a coin before kick-off.”

On the night, which starts at 7pm, Joe will be doing a talk and a question-and-answer session, telling some stories that can’t be published here.

“I have done after-dinner speaking for about 15 years. Football is the greatest job in the world and when you leave, you have to invent a vocation. I was always good at talking and I was always the dressing-room joker.

“I don’t talk about myself, I talk about the people and players I have met – it’s people like Keegan, Beardsley, Waddle, Gascoigne and Vinnie Jones.”

There are still a few tickets left that will be available on the door.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Another Horrendous Case Of Neglect On Our Doorstep.....

Carrying with what has quite simply been the year for abused and neglected Lurchers, this last week has seen another sorry state land at SHAK. We believe Maisie to only be about two, and you can see already that she has had at least one litter of puppies. Her weight is painfully low, her claws look like she has never been walked, and lets face it there is simply no need for a dog to end up in this state.

To the people of Northumberland, this dog came (as have so many others) from on your doorstep. We need your help to stop this, and we need your support to allow us to continue to be there for dogs such as Maisie when they are no longer deemed useful. Rant over, see for yourself.....
Why Me?

In Safe Hands Now.

The Outside World.

Penny For Those Thoughts.

Can I Rest My Head Here.....

Smokey with his latest favourite possession, and lying in his favourite spot.

Radio Show Tomorrow.....

Please don't forget "It's A Dogs Life" The SHAK Radio Show tomorrow from 9am - 11am on Lionheart Radio 107.3 fm. Or listen live on line at

Two hours of talking everything dog and some great music, so please tune in.

Any requests or if you have A Waggy Tail please email

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lionheart Radio Interview.....

Here's another chance for you to listen to my interview on Lionheart Radio promoting the Evening with Joe Allon which is happening this Saturday. Tickets are still available, you can order yours via or via paypal (send a payment of £15 to

Stephen Wylie On The Richard Dale Show.....


Monday, 23 September 2013

Star. First Walk Off Lead.....

I really wanted to share these photos with you of our dog walk tonight. This was Star's first walk off lead, and you can see I think. how happy she was. Do a search on this website for Star, and it will remind you of how stressed and unhappy she was around people and other dogs.....


The Beautiful Bella Goes Home.....

I'm delighted to say that Bella has found a new home and is doing very well. You may remember her as the little brindle emaciated Stafordshire Bull Terrier who arrived unwanted. Well she certainly is now!
(This was her sad little face on arrival. I will hopefully get some new ones soon.)

Smokey And The Duck.....

Wanted to share these pictures of Smokey enjoying some late summer sun with his new toy duck. He seems to be enjoying the countryside and lies watching the views. Mind he always has one eye on me in case I dare go anywhere.....


The Brilliant Alnwick Food Festival.....

We all had a great weekend as the chosen charity of the Alnwick Food Festival. We made some great new friends including world famous chef Jean-Christophe Novelli and also saw some great old friends. Thanks to everyone who gave up time in their weekend, both two legged and four, to help us run our part of the event, and thanks too to everyone who very kindly donated and supported us! Special thanks too to Karen for inviting us and putting on such a fantastic event.
Jean-Christophe Novelli meets the gang.

Hobo earns his tea.

Lull before the storm

Haden drawing the crowds

Add caption

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Radio Day Again.....

Please don't forget "It's A Dogs Life" The SHAK Radio Show tomorrow from 9am - 11am on Lionheart Radio 107.3 fm. Or listen live on line at

Two hours of talking everything dog and some great music, so please tune in.

Any requests or if you have A Waggy Tail please email

Smokey Just After Sunrise This Morning.....

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tasting Country Life.....

As always in this jobs the pendulum swings from one side to the other, and whilst Henry is developing so well, old age is quickly catching up with Smokey. I mentioned just recently on here that he was beginning to show signs of age, but as his back end displays the signals I've seen so many times before, I owe to this brave old man to complete his story.

Tonight he came home with me. Like Spirit, Dudley, Dusty and Miko before him, when his time comes he will leave behind a home and a family. In the meantime though he can enjoy the countryside and the views and as much love as he can take.


From Shutdown To Run Around.....

Our dogs never cease to amaze me, and Henry is now exception to the rule. Only last Thursday he was so frightened that he wouldn't even contemplate having a lead on, let alone going outside into the big wide world. Yesterday he went one step further with Melissa, after a couple of days out on a lead (see previous posts) and well, the photos once again say it all.....


Monday, 16 September 2013

A Great Day Spreading The Word.....

I've had a great day today doing some PR for SHAK, and I'd like to thank everyone who has been kind enough to have me!

First up, thank you to my old friend Joe Allon for joining me on the Jonathon Miles Show on BBC Radio Newcastle  this morning. It was great fun and you'd be surprised what goes on off air! Jonathon is a great laugh, and Joe is really keen to help us with this Talk In at Alnwick Town FC on the 28th September, and I'm really proud of this event. Of course you can still buy your ticket by contacting me at or getting in touch with Alnwick Town FC.

You can listen to the great fun we had and the full interview by the link below (thanks John for this):

Stephen Wylie and Joe Allon on the Jonathon Miles Show.....

Next up for me was a wonderful night with Stakefords Ladies Group as a guest speaker. It was really nice to speak to some wonderful people about SHAK, how I started and of course tell the tales of some of the wonderful dogs I've had the luck to share my life with. Great Tea and biscuits, and a lot of Jam Jars handed out!

On the back of a fantastic night last Thursday with the Stuart Halbert Foundation, my mini PR tour has shown that people really are behind the work we do, and I for one am extremely grateful for that.