Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Shocking State Of Rohan.....

This sorry state turned up at The Rescue Place just over a week ago. Emaciated, smelly, matted and his ears so rotten that a vet inspection raised the question of euthanasia. Rohan as we have called him (meaning healing medicine) is no where near time for death, in fact every day he loves life more. He is currently staying with me, and through medication, good food (Geoff''s secret pasta) and plenty of rest, he is getting stronger day by day. Tomorrow he is away for a pamper day, and although I have stripped bags of matted fur from him I know he will look and feel so much better for it. I will keep you updated on his recovery on here.

Jam Jar Army Update.....

Thanks to everyone who has already sent me jars of change as we get ready for the Jam Jar Army appeal. We are currently waiting for the labels from the Northumberland Gazette to go on the Jars, but anyone looking to drop off change in the Alnwick area can take it to Taylors Newsagents on Bondgate Within, Alnwick.

The money raised from this appeal is going to help us with current and future vets bills so we can continue to give our dogs the best treatment possible. It really is a case of every penny counts, so please start collecting your "shrapnel" in jars at work, home and even down the pub!

Any queries please contact

Thanks in advance for your support.

Monday, 25 February 2013

The Wonderful Troy.....

Troy is a big and strong boy, who simply loves to play. We are teaching him some manners and he is young enough to learn. An American Bulldog, Troy is such a sweet boy that with an experienced owner he would make an amazing companion. For further details contact

The Adorable Martha.....

Martha is a lovely little Crossbreed that we think has been used for breeding. Very friendly and affectionate, she lives with Nanuk and adores people. Appears to have been around children, Martha is crying out for a home of her own. If your interested in being that special person please contact

Meet Noah.....

Noah came to us a stray and is a Saluki cross. Very friendly, he seems used to other dogs and has the most beautiful eyes. Likes his bed, but also his walks, if you are interested in offering Noah a bed of his own then please contact

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Jessie In Her Home.....

I love these pictures of Jessie in her new home and simply looking stunning. You may remember that Jessie came to us on the 23rd December and we were very fortunate to find her a foster home almost immediately. That home has now turned into a permanent one, and she looks like shes having a wonderful time.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Yes, That Is Gus.....

You may all remember Gus, the emmaciated Staffy that was thrown from a car last year. Well hard as it to believe, thats him with his brother and sistert in front of the fire. Great to see him so settled and not looking so boney!

Blade And Tia.....

More new arrivals are Blade (the lighter of the two) and Tia. Both dogs are very sociable, though lacking in general manners, and with a little bit of work would make someone fantastic dogs. They were found as strays together and clearly have a big affection for one another. Experienced Akita home preferred, and no children. If you are interested please email

The Stunning TJ.....

TJ has come to us a little worse for wear. He is currently enjoying being pampered by Anna and with his new mate Cuba. We presume he is from a working background, so we are looking for a home with no young children or cats, although he is a very affectionate boy. If you would like to be considered as a new home for TJ then please contact


The Gorgeous Lexi.....

Lexi is 6 and a half. A big playful girl who can get quite boisterous when playing. We have been told that she is nervous of noises indoors such as the hoover and washer, but has lived with children. She likes to play with a ball and loves her
food. In her past she hasn't been allowed to socialise with other dogs, but has been fine around them since coming to SHAK. If you are interested contact

Handsome Blue Boy.....

Blue Boy is another that we are now looking for an experienced home for. Only a year old, and already saved from bring destroyed at a vets, Staffordshire Bull Terrier experience is essential for this little guy, but in the right setting he'd make someone a fantastic pal. Would maybe suit a home with no children or other dogs although we are still working on the latter. If you are interested please contact

Monday, 18 February 2013

Lola's Weekend.....

Love these photo's of Lola enjoying a really good day out with Ben, Miranda and the stunning Bear. Lola is still looking for her Forever Foster Home to call her own. If you are interested contact


Sad, Sad News....,.

I received some devastating news over the weekend when I found out that Sonny had died following a tragic accident last week. Sonny was a dog who nobody wanted, but in the last 5 months of his life found sheer happiness and pure love with his Dad. The events of last Wednesday are too heart breaking for us all to understand or accept, but we all know we have lost a magnificent dog that proved a lot of people wrong and that we are all very proud of. Our thoughts are with his Dad.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Cuddle Time.....

Thought I'd share the latest romance at home as Haden and Ava enjoy a cuddle or two.

Coffee Time.....

Don't forget to pop down to Derek's at Fountainhead Car Park, Seaton Sluice, for the best Coffee and Scones money can buy! Every penny Derek raises comes back to the dogs, so please go down and say hello!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Thanks To Everyone Who Voted.....

SHAK are the charity for the Jam Jar Army. Eilidh Batchelor with Lola, Stephen Wylie with Murphy and Melissa McCaig with Laser.
More than 450 of you voted and while it was close at the top, there is a winner in our hunt for the 2013 beneficiary of the Jam Jar Army.

Taking almost a third of the reader vote for this year’s charity was SHAK (Safe Homes and Kindness), which aims to help the dogs in Northumberland no one else will – large-breed dogs.

Stephen Wylie, who set up SHAK in 2006, said he was ‘absolutely gobsmacked’ that his charity had won the public vote.

“There were some very, very worthy causes in there and we were up against some strong competition.

“It’s a double whammy to have won it because it also shows there’s tremendous support out there.

“It will just transform the charity. Because of what we do and some of the dogs we have, knowing that money will be coming in will make a massive difference.

“The volunteers have done a magnificent job getting the support and I’m sure they will be 110 per cent behind the campaign.”

SHAK provides a sanctuary for unwanted dogs who usually come to the kennels, based at a farmhouse north of Alnwick, with health issues (often caused by starvation and abuse) and behavioural problems (often caused by mis-treatment).
Vets bills are one of the biggest costs for SHAK as many of the dogs who are rescued have been abandoned /abused and are in need of medical treatment.

Some are abandoned because they require long-term medical treatment and the owners either choose not to spend the money on them or simply cannot afford it.

Gazette editor Paul Larkin said: “We were overwhelmed with the response to both the nomination process and the reader vote, which shows how valuable the Jam Jar Army is and how it has become an important part of community life in north Northumberland.

“I wish SHAK good luck for the fund-raising over the coming year and hope that thousands of pounds are raised.”
The collecting will start in earnest for the new campaign from March 1, so anyone with jars of change for the Playhouse Youth Theatre is asked to get them in over the next two weeks so that the fund-raising can begin afresh for SHAK from next month.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

BBC Radio Newcastle Today.....

Thanks to the very kind team of the Jonathan Miles show for a great morning that even included pancakes on the roof of the Pink Palace! Anyone who missed the show can listen again here about an hour an 15 in:

Jonathan Miles Show.....


Monday, 11 February 2013

Sympathies And Thoughts.....

I'd like to just say a special thank you on behalf of myself, Derek and all the SHAK Team to the lady who made such a generous donation on her husbands request before he died. Our sympathies and thoughts are with you and your family.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Radio Dates.....

You can catch me talking about the "It's A Dog's Life" book and SHAK on Lionheart Radio tomorrow 10am and also on the Jonathon Miles Show on BBC Radio Newcastle Tuesday at around 11am.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Two Go Home.....

Two more very lucky SHAK dogs have moved into Forever Foster homes this week, and we're all delighted that we were able to help them when they needed us. Skye came just before Christmas having been booked into the vets to be put to sleep, Sebastian came just a couple of weeks ago as a stray. Well done you two.
The Beautiful Skye.

Sebastian, now known as Jackson.


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

SHAK Dogs Need Your Help.....

Would you like to make a dog’s tail wag???

Our dogs don’t care who you are, what you do, what you look like - they just want to be walked and looked after.

Volunteer to walk a dog today and make tail wag…..

SHAK is a sanctuary for large breed dogs and is based just North of Alnwick where we look after around 50 abused, mis-treated or abandoned large dogs and give them a safe home.

What our dogs need:
Food and water
Safe warm accommodation
Medication (worming, injections, treatment)

What SHAK needs:
A team of regular committed volunteers. The number of hours is up to you….whatever you can spare

Dog Walking
Kennel cleaning
Feeding the dogs
Washing their bowls

Your time is all we ask and your reward will be to see the dogs thrive and start being dogs again. You could come for a few hours a week or perhaps a day per week….whatever suits you and whatever you can commit to.

If you or anyone you know like dogs and might like to help us to help the dogs in our care and those who might need a sanctuary in the future, please get in touch.

Thank you on behalf of the dogs…..

From This Morning.....

You can listen to me this morning on BBC Radio Newcastle this morning from the following link I'm on about 49 minutes in:

Listen Again.....

You Can't Please Them All.....

I'm not so sure Woody is into my book as his Mam is!

SHAK's Own Radio Show.....

Please don't forget to tune into "It's A Dogs Life" The SHAK Radio Show on Thursday from 9am - 11am on Lionheart Radio 107.3 fm. Or listen live on line at

Theres some great stories and some fantastic tunes lined up, so please tune in.

Any requests or if you have A Waggy Tail please email

BBC Radio Newcastle This Morning.....

Just had BBC Radio Newcastle on the phone, I will be speaking on the Jonathon Miles Show just after 10 this morning in reference to the governments decision to introduce compulsive microchipping of dogs.

Dogs in England must be microchipped from 2016

Jonathon Miles Show


Monday, 4 February 2013

How Can You Resist That Face?....

Sebastian is such a gorgeous old guy, nothing seems to phase him, and he simply enjoys the simple things in life. Despite being a "mature" SHAK boy he loves his walks and is very active.

If you are interested in offering Sebastian a Forever Foster home then please contact

Great News.....

Some good news too as I'm delighted to say that Finn and the duo of Thelma and Louise have both now found Forever Foster homes.

Finn has progressed brilliantly thanks to some tremendous work from Anna, and I know already how much his new Mam, Dad and k9 sister love him. There's something special about Finn, he has a glow about him that you can't help to connect with. I am so pleased he has this start. Thanks so much to Anna for helping him get there!
It's great too to see Thelma and Louise go home, and more pleasing is the fact that they have stayed together. These to are such amazing characters who've had it pretty tough. I'm pleased we could help them find happiness!


The Gorgeous George.....

It was great to see these photographs of our old friend George looking so happy. You may remember George suffered a stomach torsion, and after a rush to the vets and some great vet work, he beat  the odds to survive. George's mum Heather gave him the chance to recouperate, and well you can see the outcome. A beautiful and brave boy!