Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 27 May 2013

Teddy Still Looking.....

Can't believe Ted is still looking for a home! If your interested please contact

Great News For Benji.....

I had a great morning seeing Benji in his new home, and boy has he gone up market! He looks so happy running round the grounds of a stately hall, and his two new canine sisters really seem to like to have him there. Pleased and proud for this little guy, he now has a Mam and Dad who love him dearly!

Haden Doing Ok.....

Saturday night proved to be a lot better than the previous one for both Haden and I. The brave little boy that was fitting every 5 minutes is doing well, and the horrible events of the previous weekend has brought us even closer as we enjoyed a lovely night outside.

Jam Jar Army Marches On.....

I'd just like to thank everyone who has contribute to the Jam Jar Army Appeal as we break the £1,200 barrier. Remember we have until March next year to reach the £10,000 target so please please get behind us and arrange your own fundraising events. The money raised is essential to us to pay our vets bills and keep SHAK being able to do the work we do for the dogs that need it the most. Thank you for everyone who is supporting us.
Some of the children from Branton First School who held a coffee morning to support the Jam Jar Army, with our very own Harvey who I picked up as a stray and emaciated and now has a family who love him dearly.


Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Top Ten Is Unveiled.....

I can now reveal the top 10 entries in our "My Best Friend" Photo Competition in the Northumberland Gazette as chosen by Alnwick photographer Andy Craig. There are details on how to vote for the winner in this weeks Gazette, but I have to say we are the true winners from the amount of support you have given this competition. Thank you.

Please note all votes must go via the Gazette, they are running the competition in support of us. SHAK cannot accept any votes.

So in true Big Brother style, who is the winner? YOU decide.....











Wednesday, 22 May 2013

It's A Dog's Life.....

Thanks to everyone who has bought my book "It's A Dog's Life." I really appreciate and value your support.

If you haven't read it yet, here are a couple of thoughts of people who have.....

"I was a bit scared to read this at first because I love dogs but it is is nicely written in an easy to read style. It's written from a dog's perspective and helps you understand how they must feel when their owners abandon them. Everyone who has a dog should be made to read this to remind them that dogs do have feelings and they trust us."

This is a truly moving and frank tale about a confused and abandoned dog and of the other dogs he befriends. I enjoyed the fact it was written from the view point of the dog himself, sharing his experiences in a unique way which makes you think just that little bit more.

Overall an eye opening story which makes you realise the plight of some dogs who are neglected by their owners and others around them. An emotional read! "
So, to get your copy pop into Waterstones in Newcastle or order on line here:
Oh and to answer the question I get asked the most..... Yes I am working on the follow up, and yes it does run on from the story in this book!

SHAK On Twitter.....

Don't forget to spread the word by following us on twitter @SHAKRescue

New Radio Show.....

Some severe and dramatic incidents lead to the postponement of  "It's A Dog's Life" The SHAK Radio Show on Lionheart Radio. A lot of hard work means that we are looking at relaunching the show very soon (6th June hopefully) but after the success of the Photo Competition in the Northumberland Gazette I NEED YOUR HELP.

I'm looking to revamp the Waggy Tails weekly section of the show by having you the dog owner, you the listener live in the studio to tell me your dogs story! With a different story every week, you even get the chance to dedicate a song to your best friend.

If you'd like to be on the show then get in touch. Send me a very short email outling your dog's story to and we'll pick some to come on air and tell it! But hurry..... the 6th of June isn't long away.

Walks & My Helper.....

L-R Scout, Oskar, Lennox, Rohan, Star and Sky.
There's a few familiar faces on here, as some of the dogs that stay with me enjoyed the sunshine last night. Scout, Lennox, Rohan and Star are all SHAK dogs, whilst Oskar and Sky came from other rescues. It was a gorgeous night and a gorgeous walk.
Another two SHAK residents that stay with me until we can find them a new Forever Foster home together are Molly and Dolly. Looking after all these dogs is hard work, but I have a great little assistant. Or "Animal Rescuer" as she says she is. Thanks Neve.

The Boys Take Trevor For A Run.....

I love this picture of Butch and Kane taking Trevor for a run! Trevor came up with a harness made of leads, and off they went for a jog to the stream. Not sure who  was the most tired when they came back, but they'd all had a great time.

Haden Fights Back.....

It was a horrific weekend as Haden endured a heavy set of fits that started off quite well spaced out but got dramatically worse. Haden was diagnosed with epilepsy a few months ago, but his attacks were very few and far between. They made up for it this weekend. When I rushed him to vets at 3.30am I honestly didn't think I'd see him again.

I'm delighted to say that I picked Haden up this dinnertime, and although he is still clearly groggy from all the medication and sedation he's had, its great to have him home. I often wonder how he lost his front leg and if the fits are related to his disability somehow. I guess I'll never know, but I do know that he's a fighter, and I'm proud to be his foster Dad.

Thanks to Adam and Alnorthumbria Vets for looking after Haden when he really needed it, I just hope he doesn't need you again.

Anyone wishing to contribute towards Haden's vets bill can by the usual cheque to Wildwood Cottage, 3a Stead Lane, Bedlington NE22 5LT, paypal to or by paying it off vets bill directly at Alnorthumbria, Alnwick 01665 510999

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

SHAK Beer Draws?....

For this charity to continue to grow we need to come up with fresh new ideas to keep the funding coming in to allow us to do our work. Taking into account my history of running football teams in the past I have one idea that may help, but to do it we need your support. 

Calling all landlords, pub regulars and SHAK Supporters. Could you run a beer raffle in your pub or your local? Could you sell raffle tickets with a case of beer the prize and the funds coming to the dogs?

Food for thought? Contact me at for further info.....

Monday, 13 May 2013

Fantastic Response.....

Thanks to all the kind people who have donated to our food appeal. The response has been brilliant as always, but we still need more. If you can spare a little, please drop some food off at one of the following:

We have drop off points at the following:

Taylors Newsagents, Bondgate Within, Alnwick
Pets At Home, Cramlington
Moorview Vets, Backworth
Derek On A Sundayat Seaton Sluice
Sainsbury's, Alnwick

Or you can also buy directly on line at our Amazon Wish List:

SHAK Amazon Wish List.....
I have said it before that I will starve before the dogs go with out, but we really need your help here..... Thanks in advance for your support.

Still Blue.....

We are still looking for a new Forever Foster home for Blue. Due to a change of circumstances his present family cannot give them what they think he deserves. Can you? Contact


My Fosters.....

Here's a few of my SHAK Foster dogs enjoying the weekend. These dogs were all written off by people, and somehow ended up arriving with us. This lot ended up sharing my life and my home. It's great seeing them have fun, and I'm extremely proud of them all.
Haden the Three Legged Lurcher.

Lennox, Star, Rohan and my own Oskar enjoying a game with Neve and Grace.

It's a tough job for Haden and Ava.

Hobo, Rohan,Lennox, Dolly, Molly, Haden, Ava, Scout, Star and Sky and Oskar.


Anyone who has been to SHAK over the last 4 years will know just how amazing this email and these photos are. Lola was with us way longer than she should of been, and was so close to going home so many times. I cannot explain how much this means to us all:

"Hi I'm Lola's new mum Christine.

She's a fab dog settling in to our routine very well, She's so loving and fun. Everything she sees seems new to her but it's all taken in her stride. She's loving her walks but not to keen on waves at the beach. We are enjoying her so much it's like she's been here for ever. Enjoy the photos, one is fun time and other is her on her sofa (the only one she's allowed on watching dad on the computer).



Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Dolly's Makeover.....

Took this photo tonight of Dolly enjoying the evening sun in my garden. You'll remember when she arrived with Molly she was emmaciated and covered in sores and bald patches. Both her and Molly had serious damage and infections to their tails and I'm happy to say that they have both healed superbly. These two girls have come a long way, and continue to progress. They make me very proud. They will be looking for a Forever Foster home TOGETHER soon.


Annie Adds Sunshine To Bobby's Day.....

It was lovely to see Bobby having some fun with Annie the other day, as he has been so lonely since Nina died.

Bobby has come a long way recently, and a lot of that was the work of Nina, she was such a super dog. Annie made him smile, and in turn made all of us smile too.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Found You Rohan.....

I wondered where one of my shadows had disappeared too this afternoon with the sun out!

Desperate For Food.....

It's reached that point again where I have to come cap in hand and ask for your help. We are in desperate need for both dry and tinned dog food. As the amount of neglected dogs in this area doesn't seem to be giving up, we really need your help to continue us to be able to help the ones that need it the most.

We have drop off points at the following:

Taylors Newsagents, Bondgate Within, Alnwick
Pets At Home, Cramlington
Moorview Vets, Backworth
Derek On A Sundayat Seaton Sluice
Sainsbury's, Alnwick

Or you can also buy directly on line at our Amazon Wish List:

SHAK Amazon Wish List.....
I have said it before that I will starve before the dogs go with out, but we really need your help here..... Thanks in advance for your support.

Exciting News Just In.....

Just received an order from the Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries for copies of It's A Dog's Life to be sent to Oxford and Cambridge Universities and the National Libraries of Wales and Scotland. And just had contact from a national Sunday newspaper wanting to run the story..... Guess it really is real.....

The Sad State Of Pepper And Toni.....

The start of this year has been the worst I've ever know for abuse, neglect and sheer cruelty. The pictures of the two newest SHAK dogs below simply prove my point. Especially when added to all the others we've had to take in already in the first 4 months of the year.

Pepper and Toni were picked up as strays, clearly related in someway, I would think that they have been together all their lives. Pepper is blind in one eye, whilst the two of them are severely underweight, suffering from skin conditions and have extremely long claws. They are currently under assessment as we treat their ailments and nurse them back to full health, but they are such happy go lucky dogs that it makes the way they've been neglected even tougher to take.