Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Justice For Jack (Disturbing Photo's).....

This was brought to my attention by another rescue late last night. I think the pictures say it all:
'This is one of the saddest tales Whitehall has ever had to tell! We see many animals suffering but In the history of the rescue we have never seen such cruelty before!

On Fri 17th September between the hours of 12am and 5am, someone left this poor dog outside the gates of Whitehall wrapped in an orange sheet. They made no attempt to call or knock on the door to alert us to the fact he was there. Sadly Brian found him dead in the early hours of the morning. Had somebody alerted us, maybe we could have saved him. The unbelievable suffering this dog has had to endure has shocked all of us within the rescue. We have called him Jack, we thought he deserved a name at the least. Jack had been severely starved. His dew claws were so long they were growing round and into his pads. He has pressure sores on his side probably because he has been far too weak to move. We are appealing for any information on how Jack came to be left at the gate. If anyone knows anything please contact Brian on 07831421715 so we can bring Jack's abusers to justice.

The photos you have seen are upsetting and shocking, but we as a rescue decided to show them. We feel it is important that people know the true extent of what we have to face within rescue. There are many dogs currently waiting on death row at the dog compound. We have taken in as many as we have space for but without rehoming some of the dogs we currently have, we have no choice but to leave many dogs. Hundreds of dogs will die everyday in the dog compound. They will not be fed on their last day and will go to their deaths hungry and alone. Please help us by adopting a rescue dog and not buying a puppy. For every dog we rehome, another is saved!'

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ameri's 24 Hour Fast.....

I have just had an update from Ameri who is doing a 24 hour fast to raise funds for the SHAK dogs today, and she is doing wonderfully well. She is in her words "ready to take someones head off for food" but we all have faith in her.

Thanks Ameri, and well done.

The Journal On Friday.....

Latest on "Derekgate".....

Rottweiler Stops A Sex Attacker.....

Well done to Jake, but notice the headline isn't "Rottweiler Gets Award....." More ignorant journalism, surprised they didn't say "Devil Dog Gets Award....."

Saturday, 25 September 2010


A lot of people are asking about petitions. There is one currently running that has around 400 signatures on at present. Please pop to Derek's on Sunday if you wish to sign it. Thanks for all your support.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Desperate Plea In Battle To Keep Fundraising Open.....

I'm sure those of you that live locally will of been following the story on the TV and in the local and national press regarding Northumberland County Council's bid to make Derek apply for planning permission in reference to the fund raising he does for us on a Sunday at Seaton Sluice. For those who aren't aware or want a refresh, here are some links on what is happening:

Today they have hit Derek with another bombshell, and once again displayed their total ignorance towards the good work he does for dogs that have nothing. The planning department are demanding that despite being forced to put in a planning application even though he doesn't want too, he must also shell out £335 for the pleasure. Derek is on a pension and simply does not have that kind of money available. The only alternative is for SHAK to show our support for him and foot the scandalous demand.

We are eternally grateful for the work Derek does for us, and that is why we are asking you to help. Rather than take up funds that have been put aside to pay kennelling costs, buy food, and pay for the vets bills of Mama Bear, Daisy, Star, Harlie etc we are launching an appeal to raise the money the council are demanding for the planning application that only they want to be submitted.

Please help us find this money, without it the charity will lose £1,000 per month and will have to close its doors to saving anymore lives of dogs that thanks to mankind have nowhere else to go. Even with the application submitted, there is no guarantee that it will be approved but unfortunately we have no option. If Derek doesn't submit it and continues to fund raise he has already been told that an "enforcement team" would come onto his premises and remove the equipment he uses to make the money. This is from the people you pay your council tax too, you tell me if you think threatening a pensioner with such action is an appropriate way of your money being used.

If you would like to help us raise the funds so Derek can submit the plans, you can do by the following methods:

Cheque made payable to SHAK and sent to:

Wildwood Cottage.

3A Stead Lane.



NE22 5LT.

Please mark all payments "Council"


Thursday, 23 September 2010

Dog Owner Caught On CCTV Dumping Lame Pet

You will of probably already seen this, but this once again show's todays society for what it is:

Interesting Survey.....

Thousands of young children are being bitten by dogs because they cannot tell when the animals are being aggressive, scientists have warned:,MisunderstandingSignals&lpos=searchresults

Happy Or Sad?.....

The last 48 hours has been typical of the topsy turvy world of rescue, and tonight I write this not knowing whether to be happy or sad.

Daisy had an accident on Tuesday, she sliced her foot very badly on wire. It was perhaps the most horrific thing I have ever seen, the vets described it as "de-gloving." Basically skin peeled back from her whole foot, and it was another urgent dash to Moorview to get it stitched. Thanks to Ameri for rushing her there, and also to Howick Tea Rooms for a donation towards her vets bill. They say every cloud has a silver lining, and we all know that Daisy is a little treasure. One of the vets fell for her so much that she has taken her home to help her recuperate. She has been good so far, so she may get a foster home out of all of this.

Today saw the really sad side of rescue, as we managed to save one life but found out one we had tried to help had had its life taken. What gives people the right to make the decision to end the life of another living being when we cannot communicate and find out their reasons for their behaviour is beyond me. That is of course just my opinion, all I know is the way we treat our dogs has a massive influence on the way the behave, and that way too often the easiest option is taken and the dog dies.

One dog we saved with less than 24 hours till its vets appointment to be destroyed is Sonny the German Shepherd who arrived this afternoon. He has got himself in a bit of trouble, and is clearly stressed. First appearances, he is very frightened. It will take time but we will give him that.

This week has also seen little Summer venture out into the countryside. She is another that is so terrified, but we can get a lead on and off now, so we are gradually earning a little bit of trust.

Happy or sad? Answer's on a postcard as they say.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Great Weekend For Fundraising.....

Thanks to everyone who has supported us this weekend, either by arranging a fundraising event or contributing to one. Thanks to the girls for taking the tombola to Seghill Dog Show on Saturday, seems like it was a fun day. Thanks to the staff at Jollyes in Blyth for having us, and thanks to Joan for lasting out pretty much a full day on her own and doubling KFC's coffee takings for the day.

Thursday last week saw us get a visit from some new friends at the kennels (maybes more on that in a few days.) On Saturday night those same new friends turned a house warming garden party into a SHAK Fundraiser. Thanks to everyone who was there, it was a good night, and especially thanks to Jacqui who raised a whopping £115.88!

Sunday was a busy day too. Derek had another fantastic day down at Seaton Sluice, not only making us money, but spreading the word.

In fact one of his customers Jules also completed the Great North Run for us on Sunday. Thats her above in her self designed SHAK running vest and with her dog Millie who claimed the medal. An old friend of mine Alan also did the run for us despite being old and past it! Thank you both for going through such physical torture!
When I started SHAK I raised myself. To see so many people doing so many things over one weekend really meant a lot. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Website Issues.....

Please note we are aware of problems that is currently being experienced when trying to access The issue is with our host providers and not unique to our website. Please do not click on the link it shows. The website should be back on line soon.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Great North Run.....

Just want to say thank you to Alan and Jules for running the Great North Run for us tomorrow. Here's wishing you a good run from all the dogs at SHAK.

Rising Star.....

The bottom picture here was Star the day after she came back from the vets. We nearly lost her, but after 6 days of fantastic treatment at Moorview Vets she pulled through from a horrendous infection picked up when she was roaming as a stray.

She still has the odd bad day with her stomach, but the cells in her stomach lining were completely lost. She is gaining a little weight, and I took these photo's this afternoon as she ran rings around my Oskar.

More Star.....

Friday, 17 September 2010

This Weekend.....

Just a reminder that there is two opportunities to support us tomorrow. The SHAK Tombola rolls into Jollyes at Blyth, with the usual tombola plus other SHAK merchandise will be available, and of course its a great opportunity to buy a SHAK calendar.

The girls also have a second SHAK Tombola at Seghill Dog Show, and there may even be appearances from our "grass eating" friends Marley and Smurf.

And of course, why not have a coffee at Derek's on Sunday?

Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Week That Was.....

It has been some week, and one that will live long in the memory. Every time I look at Bear's kennel I can still see her watching, eyes fixed on me, head tilted, never has a dog been so desperate to talk. I miss you girl.

It is the "industry" that we are in I guess, that as soon as you have a space another desperate soul finds their way to you. We had another lost girl arrive today, but I can't disclose any details at the present time.

Another recent arrival made a significant step today. Summer arrived a week ago today, terrified, prepared to bite, and refusing to let you put a lead on. A week of hard work has paid off, as after being able to get her into the inside runs, today she let me clip a lead on her collar, and we set off on a walk in the Northumberland country side.

A week that started so sad and will live with me forever, just got a little bit better. Thank you Summer for being so brave and restoring my faith.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Thank You People.....

It didn't seem right yesterday to talk about anything else but Mama Bear. However, can I please just say thank you to everyone who made the weekend another great big fundraiser for SHAK. We wouldn't be able to help dogs like Bear in the first place without your support. Thank you.....

Monday, 13 September 2010

I Miss You Beautiful Girl.....

The shock of this morning's discovery has began to subside, but the pain at losing such a special friend is still very raw. If only she'd been able to make it to her home.....

So another part of my heart leaves me and joins the others at Rainbow Bridge. I have already had a message from a member of the public tonight with the line "you are his last hope, otherwise he is getting destroyed tomorrow." Maybes they haven't felt the loss you feel when a dog is ripped away from you and you can't do anything about it.

I would of given anything to see Mama Bear in a home, she deserved that so much. I'll never get the chance to see that now. All I have is a broken heart and these photographs.

Run Free Mama Bear.....

Sad news today, as Mama Bear passed away peacefully in her sleep last night. She was booked in at the vets on Thursday to have the mammary lump removed, but obviously things were worse than we thought.

Perhaps the saddest thing was that she was going to a wonderful seaside foster home this afternoon.

You made a HUGE impression on everyone that was lucky enough to meet you Mama Bear, your were a wonderful girl, we all miss you.

Friday, 10 September 2010

2011 Calendars Now In Stock.....

The brand new 2011 SHAK Calendars arrived today. Thank you to Gregg at Kingsway Service & Repair Centre for sponsoring production.

Priced at a bargain £5 + £1.50 postage and packaging, Calendars can be ordered by the following way:


Via Paypal (

Or by cheque made payable to SHAK and sent to:
Wildwood Cottage.
3a Stead Lane,
NE22 5LT


Summer Arrives.....

Summer arrived at The Rescue Place yesterday, having got herself into a bit of trouble. She is staying with us as she is absolutely terrified after being "on the run" for 7 weeks. German Shepherd Rescue UK rescued her from the pound, and then asked us to go about the process of rebuilding her faith in mankind.
She is very intelligent, but has learnt what it takes to frighten people away from her. The hard work starts now.

Appeal After Seven Dogs' Bodies Found At Croesyceiliog.....

The RSPCA is appealing for information after the bodies of seven dogs were found at stables.

The terriers were found in boxes, bags and suitcases at Croes Llwyd farm in Croesyceiliog, Torfaen, and the RSPCA says one was probably buried alive.

RSPCA inspector Emma Smith described the discovery on 26 August as "grim", adding: "It seems that these animals endured very painful deaths."

Anyone with information is asked to call the RSPCA on 03001234999.

The animals' bodies were decomposing and had probably been at the farm near Cwmbran for a considerable length of time, said the RSPCA.

One dog was found in a small wooden box in which it would have had no room to turn around.

There were visible scratch marks in the box indicating that the dog had probably been buried alive.

Man Faces Jail After Killing Dog In Sick Attack.....

A dog owner who drugged his unwanted pet with antidepressants before suffocating and burying it in his back garden is facing jail.

Darron Goodwin decided to ‘euthanise’ the black Staffordshire bull terrier-type dog called Bilbo after he failed to find another home for him.

The 41-year-old, from Poole, Dorset, went online to research ways to kill Bilbo in a humane way before feeding him ten Clonazepam tablets, Bournemouth magistrates’ court heard.

The traumatised seven-month-old dog emptied its bladder in terror in a last-ditch flight-or-fight reaction after being wrapped in a towel and forcibly suffocated, the RSPCA said.

Post-mortem tests showed that Bilbo had suffered a collapsed lung caused by asphyxiation and was bruised along its back from shoulders to tail. Goodwin, who admitted causing the animal unnecessary suffering, was told he could be jailed when he is sentenced on September 29.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

September Fundraising Dates.....

Please come and support the girls and help us save even more "Dogs On Death Row.":

11th Lisa & Marley (I believe it is his first event )are at Bedes World

12th Paws in the Park, Paddy Freemans

18th Jollyes Pet Store in Blyth

25th East Hartford Craft Fair in Cramlington

Monday, 6 September 2010

Handsome Vinny.....

Following on from Till and Faith, here are a couple of pictures of Vinny (formerly Alfie) enjoying the summer sun. I have to say the top one is fantastic! Sums him up a treat.

Thank You.....

To Karen, Carol, Joan, Derek and Sandra for another wonderful fundraising weekend. We have a few more events this month, I will put them all on here shortly.

In the meantime as sumnmer draws to a close, anyone with any winter fundraising idea's please get in touch.....

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Keep An Eye On Your Best Friends.....

Thieves snatch pet dog from Durham owner’s drive:

Real As It Gets 96: Liesa Clark's (Interview)

Here is an interview with close SHAK friend Liesa Clark who has brought us the Gunnar, Nina, Butch and Kane. Liesa also kindly wrote, sang and donated "True Spirit" in loving memory of Spirit that is on our home page.

Liesa is an amazing woman, completely devoted to saving animals lives, I am so pleased her songwriting is beginning to get the attention it deserves.

Another SHAK Forever Foster Dog Enjoying The Sunshine.....

Yes, this is little Faith. This dog had completely shut down the day she arrived with us 6 months ago. She was undoubtedly the most frightened dog I have ever seen. Another who was facing the blue needle, look at her enjoying the seaside sunshine with Karen this morning. Well done Karen for getting her this far, but the biggest plaudit has to go to Faith herself. None of the work we have all done would of mattered if she hadn't worked that much harder, and began to trust again.

Till (Formerly Boris) Enjoying The Sunshine.....

Thanks to Helen for sending me these wonderful photo's of Till enjoying the late summer sunshine. This dog was cast aside when his owner died, having lived outside all his life. Think its safe to say, that he is certainly enjoying life outside now.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Busy Day Sunday.....

Just a quick reminder that the girls are at West Farm Charity Horse Show Longhorsley on Sunday. Should be a cracking family day out with dog agility, the proceeds of which have been kindly donated to SHAK.

Derek also continues his fantatic work on Sunday too, so please pop in and support not only our cause, but also Derek in his battle against the council. Coffee's, Tea's and homemade Scones all served from 7.30 at Marine View, Seaton Sluice.

Good News On Max.....

Good news on Max after his trip to the vets today. X Rays revealed that the damage to his hips was no more than would be expected for a dog his age, his spine also looks ok, so it is suspected he is just suffering from mild arthritis. We have changed his medication, and hopefully this will help him.

Thank you to Ameri and Taylor for going out of their way to take him, thanks to Karen for covering the kennels, and thanks to Moorview Vets for once again fitting a SHAK dog in at such short notice.

Thursday, 2 September 2010


The results of Mama Bear's blood tests came back today, and I'm delighted to say that it appears her liver and kidneys are working correctly. Her red blood cell count was normal, but her white blood cell count was high, which confirms that she is fighting an infection as thought. Her hemoglobin is a little low, so she is a little anaemic, but hopeful her medication will pull her round. She seemed brighter again today, and is settling into her routine better each day.

On a dampening note, Max is going to the vets tomorrow after his problematic back end got worse this afternoon. The old guy was found living rough in a park so we have no history on him, and because he is a "grumpy old man" it is going to be a slightly more complicated trip. Spirit, Star, Bear and now Max. No wonder I can't sleep at nights.


I know this is a couple of weeks old, but for anyone who missed it, here is a link to the panarama show about the state of the strays in this country:

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Two Old Friends Having Fun.....

Latest photo of Jonesy slumming it in his home! As you can see he doesn't get spoilt rotten, nor does he enjoy life with a family who adore him.

Speaking of which, also got a postcard from Bruce, who is enjoying his first family holiday.

"To SHAK, having lots of fun on my first holiday, trying to chase sheep, cows, rabbits, oystercatchers and cats (much to mams annoyance.) Spending loads of time on the beach digging and showering everyone with sand. I even made a doggy friend.

Lots of Love, Bruce and family x."

Sounds like he is having the perfect doggy holiday. Thanks for the postcard Bruce.

Mama Bear.....

Seemed a little brighter today, and ate her tea last night and her breakfast and tea today. Thanks to Marie and Karen H for giving her a bath, and making her smell like babies!

More Unexplainable Cruelty In This Nation Of Animal Lovers.....

I know this isn't dog related, but felt I had to bring it to your attention. This country we live in houses so many of these sadistic scumbags, that nothing surprises me anymore.

"We're appealing for information after a goat was found with his horns pulled out, one leg broken in two places and another dislocated. Sadly Sidney, a 19-year-old black pygmy goat, had to be put to sleep by a vet because his injuries were so horrific.

The senseless attack took place sometime between 8pm on Thursday 26 August and midday on Friday 27 August 2010 at Tennyson Horse and Pony Sanctuary in Tennyson Road, Middleton, Manchester.

Those responsible for this dreadful attack would probably have gone home muddy and covered in blood. If you have any information at all about this incident, then please get in touch on 0300 1234 999 and leave a message for RSPCA inspector Caroline Hall.

A Year On.....

Today see's the first anniversary of the formation of The Rescue Place. Running alongside SHAK as a means to provide funds to make the lives of the SHAK dogs as enriched as possible, The Rescue Place has really grown over the last twelve months. This time last year, SHAK had 12 dogs, today we have 45.

There is a lot of work goes on behind the scenes that doesn't make it on here, but all aiming to tackle the problem of strays, and of course help save dogs lives.

We have a great team together, all with the same focus, and I'd like to thank them all for making my dream of a sanctuary for abused, neglected and mistreat dogs a reality.

We have made some great k9 friends and lost some soul mates that we will never forget, but we keep winning battles even though we will never win the war.