Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 28 May 2012

Update From Ava's Vets Visit.....

I took our big old girl down to the vets today, and to be honest its all a bit of a mixed bag. As I suspected, the problem with her eyes appears to be Entropian which will require surgery to remove skin from under the eye to pull the lashes back and stop then curling in over. Not a particular nice thing for our girl to face. Likewise out of all the lumps and bumps, the one  that is causing the most concern is a mammary tumour that we will get removed at the same time as her Entropian operation.

Ava has had her claws cut and is on antibiotics for her skin and ear infections, as well as eye drops and ear drops, so hopefully she will begin to feel a little bit better in herself soon. One major thing though which to be honest is the decider in when and if the operations happen is the state of her back legs. When she is walking she is very upright, but if she stands for any period of time her back end sinks, very much like Dudley did.

We decided to treat the infections and see how she goes. Ava has been neglected for such a long time and I don't want to put her through surgery if shes not up to it. She's lying here snoring by my feet now alongside Dusty. These old dogs were discarded by people as they were past it. What doe they say about "One mans rubbish is another mans treasure....."

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Another Oldie Wanders Into My Life.....

Its been another hectic week, and one that started with the arrival of the dog with perhaps the saddest face I have ever seen. Ava (as I have called her) is a big old crossbreed that was abandoned as a stray, and is has clearly been neglected in her long life. Her ears are filthy and infected, her eyes look sore and weepy and she has a whole load of patches that maybe old pressure sores and are now tough blackened skin.

Ava also appears to be having difficulty with her back end as it reminds me of Dudley when his used to sink from underneath him without him being aware. Hers is nowhere near as bad as Duds was, but here is signs of a development there.

As you can also see, her dew claws are overgrown all the way around, and on one leg are growing into the skin itself, although they don't seem to be giving her much pain. Another worry is the various lumps and bumps all over her body, one in particular near her backend is very large.

However, despite all this she is such a wonderful friendly dog that has such a happy go lucky attitude. So much so, that she didn't make the kennels and has come home with me and the rest of the gang. I am taking her to  the vets tomorrow to see if and what can be done, but she loves life and loves her new friends.

It's been a traumatic week or so after a life of neglect, but here she is asleep on her first night with me, I wish I could capture the sound of snoring on here.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Food Appeal Goes On.....

Thanks to everyone who donated food at Derek's last Sunday, and has donated more during the week. Despite your fantastic generosity, we are still running near empty, and we would really appreciate every tin or bag you can spare. Once again Derek is available for drop offs on Sunday, or we have the collection bins at Moorview Vets in Backworth and Pets At Home in Cramlington.

Derek is open from 7.30 til 5 this Sunday (and every Sunday) at Fountainhead Car Park, Seaton Sluice. Please help us once again, and come and meet SHAK's number one supporter. Your support and help allows us to do what we do. Thank you all in advance.

SHAK In Welwyn Garden City.....

This made me smile, as little Evie proudly displays her SHAK T Shirt all the way down in Welwyn Garden City! Making me and Grandma Sheena very proud. Thanks for the support Evie!


Thought you might like to hear the latest from Grace:

"Just a couple more recent photos .As you can see she has commandeered Harvey's beanbag and is relaxing with her new Ted which still has squeak and owns that giant chew !

She is doing fine-just relaxing ,learning and walking.She seems to love the car and so has had a lot of outings.
She is back to the vets tomorrow to get her dressing off and hopefully we will get her stitches out next week so fingers crossed.
She is extremely clean about the house and loves her bed as well as Harveys!"


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Silver Lining For Grace.....

They say every cloud has a silver lining, and for our Gracie this week that has certainly been the case. Unfortunately Gace caught her dew claw whilst playing, and suffered a gash just above it. It was bleeding very heavily, and she was rushed to the vets to get treatment (thanks to Alnorthumbria vets for seeing her so quickly.) After some stitches and feeling a little dozy still from the anaesthetic it was back to Uncle Geoff's where Harvey was waiting to look after her.

Two other guests were also lodging there for a little way, so Grace quickly made new friends, and I'm delighted to say she is settling into her temporary accommodation extremely well.

As a special treat, Harvey had a word with his groomers Happy Hounds who kindly offered Grace a makeover free of charge. Thank you so much, she looks so pretty.

The plan now is for her to settle and allow her leg to heal, and then we will look for a Forever Foster home for her. Thanks so much to Geoff and Harvey for doing so much for Grace, and allowing her into their home.
(Grace sitting proud with her new friends.)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Feed Me.....

We are very lucky to have some fantastic supporters, who never forget us when we need them the most. I'm afraid we need you again, as we are running short of food for the 56+ dogs we have in our kennels. I have said it before, and I'll say it again, please don't take this as a sign that the dogs won't get fed (myself and my team will starve before the dogs will) its simply a plea to once again ask you to help replenish the stocks.

I mentioned that we have fantastic support, and they don't come much better than Derek and Sandra down at Seaton Sluice. I'm sure you all know Derek sells hot drinks and scones EVERY Sunday,regardless of the weather, and donates every penny he takes back to us to help with the everyday upkeep of our dogs.

Derek has once again come to ,our aid, by offering to act as a drop off spot for food donations this Sunday. Great for us, but a nice trip to the seaside and a cuppa for you!

Derek is open from 7.30 til 5 this Sunday (and every Sunday) at Fountainhead Car Park, Seaton Sluice. Please help us once again, and come and meet SHAK's number one supporter. Your support and help allows us to do what we do. Thank you all in advance.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

SHAK Supporters 200 Club May Draw.....

This months results are as follows:

1st Prize - 42 Philip Stevens

2nd Prize - 63 Esther Wilson

3rd Prize - 158 Ross McGowan

Thank you all for your continued support.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Joys Of Spring.....

As usual though in rescue, it's always quickly onto the next dog. Joy has been with us for a little while now, and it's clear that this gorgeous girl deserves to be stretched out on a warm bed in front of a fire somewhere. Joy is named Joy because she is such a happy go lucky girl that loves the company of people. She's an older lady and we think a Boxer cross bullbreed, who was simply kicked out onto the streets and left to fend for herself.

If you think you could offer Joy somewhere to enjoy herself then please get in touch via email ( I know she is just waiting to make someone very happy.

Evie Goes Home.....

The beauty about what we do here is that every dog is given time. They progress at their speed, and everything is done on their terms. In turn this means that ultimately its the dogs that do all the work. We've seen lately Jetta, King and Bailey benefit from all their hard work, and now its the turn of Evie.

Evie came to us very frightened and suffering from behavioural issues because of fear. She was used to being muzzled, and was constantly anxious. I'm delighted to say after some very important socialising, Evie has now moved to a Foster home where she can get some valuable one on one time, and start to relax into life. Her kennel boyfriend Duke is missing his room mate, and Star is certainly missing her dinner time playmate (pictured) but everyone here is delighted that she has this opportunity. Well done Evie, your a wonderful girl who is so intelligent, enjoy your new life.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Jetta Gets New Friends And A New Home.....

Following on from the great news about King and Bailey, Lesley and Geoff completed their hatrick by finding a fantastic home for our very own Jetta.

Jetta arrived with us after being in line to be destroyed for being aggressive with other dogs. The beginning of his life wasn't the best, and he was in a desperate position.

He is a bright boy, and very quickly made friends with us. I'm sure you'll remember the photo's like the one below when he spent time with Nina. Prior to going to his new home Jetta spent a few days with Geoff and the Lesley and made great friends with dogs in both homes.
As you can see from the first photograph in his new home, he has continued to make friends, and shares his new place with another dog.

Well done and thanks again to Geoff and Lesley, but most of all WELL DONE to our Jetta.