Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 30 July 2012

Storm Still Looking.....

After several disappointments (not down to him) we are still looking for a Forever Foster home for Storm. This handsome boy is doing so well in his temporary foster home, that its seems such a shame for him still to be looking for somewhere for himself to call home.

He is generally happy, quiet and easy-going but is also lively and energetic when he has the chance of a walk or playtime. He is now in foster care and is behaving beautifully around the house and settles well after exercise and at night.

Storm is a real ‘people dog’ – likes nothing better than to be stroked and cuddled and will shower you with kisses all day long! He is a very gentle boy and a lovely calm, steady companion. He would like a kind home with plenty of time to spend with him – he needs some training but has no faults or issues to overcome. He is a truly lovely boy. If you would like to be considered in offering Storm a Forever Foster Home please email

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Tai Looking Comfy.....

Thought you might like to see Tai settling into his new home. I think the pictures say it all.

Friday, 27 July 2012

His Spirit Lives On.....

It's two years today since we lost a dog that changed my life the short time we had him. Spirit came to us disregarded by everyone because he had a problem with one of his back legs. It was during x rays to reveal the damage of hip dysplasia that a mass of bone tumours were discovered and I had to make the horrendous decision to do what was best for him and let him go.

Spirit came home with me one night, and never left. Although he was only here for 10 days he changed my life forever. He taught my own German Shepherd Oscar that it was ok to have another male dog in his house, and I will never forget seeing those two together. Dusty, Dudley and now Lennox have had a home because of the work Spirit did.

When he died I described him as the perfect dog, and you know he really was. So brave but so gentle, I was lucky to share those 10 days.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

What A Weekend For Woody.....

Our friends Kate and Ant popped into see us on Saturday and they left in love with one of our boys. Woody had won their hearts, and he'd also won himself a little break, as it wasn't long before they were back to take him away on a short break. Below are the holiday pics he returned with, and I think they say it all.....

I'm delighted to say too that this isn't the end of the story. Woody will move into Ant and Kate's new home in a few weeks when it is ready. An absolutely wonderful outcome and a very productive trip north for two great SHAK supporters.

Honey Has A Home.....

The amazing thing about doing this job is that you get to witness first hand the amazing turn around these wonderful dogs do. Honey came to us having be used as a baiting dog in a dog fighting ring. Her little face and bottom jaw were heavily scared. She detested men, and was generally a mess inside and out.


Today I'm delighted to announce that Honey has gone home and having come back to see us yesterday she is very happy indeed. Everyone loves Honey, she has so many friends now, and I know I am just one person who is going to miss those kisses. However, we are all so proud of her, she has worked so hard to start her life again.

Honey in her new garden with Juke her new boyfriend.

So Proud Of Koko.....

Thought you'd like to see this update on Koko. She's obviously been working very hard, and has made us all so very proud.

"I thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know how Koko is getting on with us here in Ripon. She has settled in well, and is becoming a real part of the family. She came into season within the first week of being here so we havent been able to get her out and about as much as we would like, we had to take her out very early in the morning and late in the evening to avoid meeting other dogs. But now she is out of season we will be working with her confidence in town.

She has come on so much already and is much more confident near road traffic. She is really coming into herself now that she is out of season and that we have her diet right (she needs a sensitive fish and potato diet). We gave her a bath yesterday, she was really well behaved but she did manage to soak us!

We have found that she is quite well trained, the more she got to know us the more we saw how much she understood! She is coping quite well with meeting new people, including children, and doesnt mind visitors to the house. She has had some attachment issues, which was to be expected, but after a bit of work she can now be left without getting stressed and messing in the house.

We are finding that she is not breed typical as she loves meeting new people and new dogs, which I think has a lot to do with the great work that you guys did with her during her stay!

Koko is such a lovely girl and is really a joy to have around. She seems very happy here with us and I am glad that we have been able to give her a second chance at family life :)

Hope you like the photos we have attached!

Kind Regards Kat & Dave."

Fishing Trip Raffle Result......

The winning ticket number was 0977 (A Allen, The New Inn) and the draw was made on 20 July at Lynnfield Primary School.

Thank you to Malcolm at NEBPS for arranging this event, and of course to everyone who bought tickets and supported it.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Great Gift Ideas.....

These beautiful Key Rings and Hip Flasks make perfect gifts for others or for yourself! Purchase on line at the SHAK Shop and then email us a photograph of your four legged best friends ( and we do the rest!

Only £20 plus p&p..... Great gift ideas for the real dog lovers.

Looking For A Home For Little Jack.....

Little Jack is another poor fella that found his way to us after being dumped. He's a typical little Jack Russell, and full of fun. We are now looking for a "Forever Foster" home for him, if you would like to be considered to be a new Mum or Dad for Jack please email

Friday, 20 July 2012

Suki's Holidays.....

Despite all the heartache that goes with this job, there are some wonderful stories that make it all worthwhile and keep me going. You may remember Suki the Saluki that came to us needing a Cruciate Ligament operation just before Christmas. Kelly at Moorview Vets fell in love with her, and a friend of hers gave Suki her Forever Foster home.

Suki still goes to Kelly's for her holidays, and this week I recieved this picture:

Suki  (centre) with Flynn and Poppy after their run on beach :-D all rescue dogs all now best friends !!

Really does bring a huge smile to my face.

Can You Help Ash?....

Ash is another big handsome boy that came to us having been abandoned and left on the streets. He's a nice friendly boy that is willing to learn, and like most Rottweilers will do anything for food! We are looking for a Rottweiler experienced home for Ash, so if you would like to be considered please email

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

July SHAK Supporters 200 Club Draw.....

Sorry this is a day late. This month's winners are:

85 - Henry Owen

71 - Sheila Cannon

189 - Stacey Thomson

Thanks as usual for your great support.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Nell, Duke's New Playmate.....

Since Evie moved into her Forever Foster home, Duke has been feeling a little lonely. It was a real shame as the big guy was just learning how to treat a lady when she moved out. However, in Nell we may of found him a perfect play mate. Nell was another unwanted girl, out on the streets, but as these pictures she, boy does she know how to play.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Lennox Comes Home.....

Despite having a really tough few days, Lennox has coped extremely well with his surgery. He has behaved well at the vets, and today he has been a superstar. It's a long road to recovery after a cruciate operation, and for that reason he's come home with me to try and get on the mend. You know though, its like he's always been with me and the others.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

It's A Dogs Life.....

Just love this picture of the fantastic Hope after she'd collected her two rosettes at the Hillheads Dog Club Show. It simply is "A Dogs Life".....

Two Brave Big Boys.....

Whilst last week was busy with dogs starting new beginnings this week has began just as busy but with a total different slant. It seems like I am constantly at the vets, and we have two very brave big boys recovering right now.

Lennox began limping on one of his back legs over the weekend, and thus there was a vets visit first thing Monday morning. Unfortunately Jonathon's initial suspicions proved right, as today's surgery confirmed that Lennox had ruptured his cruciate ligament. There was signs of an old injury, and that would maybe explain why he was described as "wobbly on his back end" when he was found as a stray all those miles away. Perhaps he had the injury and his owner kicked him out as opposed to paying the vets bills? Anyway the big guy has had his operation now, and I just look forward to seeing him back on his feet. There will be more on Lennox after I collect him from the vets.

Lennox, so happy and proud.
Today also saw another big SHAK oldie going into surgery as Smokey had a large lump removed from his side. We think the lump is just a cyst, but felt that given his age and the fact that he has battled back from testicular cancer in the past that it was best to get in removed. This big old guy is such a character and I believe he's had a fun packed day even despite the surgery!

Smokey and Melissa enjoying a cuddle and a snog.

Get well soon boys, we're all so proud of you.

Monday, 9 July 2012

And Jake Gets A Hug.....

Just a quick snap of another of our handsome boys that have pastures new. This is Jake getting cuddles from his Mam and Dad, and looking like he thoroughly enjoys it.

Summer And Storm.....

The dogs that went to Hillheads weren't the only ones that had a busy weekend, as Saturday also saw us wishing a tearful but happy farewell to of our longest stayers. Summer and Storm both came to us with problems, and both had nowhere else to go.

You could tell that inside Storm there was an amazing dog, he just needed time to settle and become confident in his surroundings. Summer on the other hand was a wreck. These two quickly paired up, and have become the best of pals, and they have helped each other so much that Saturday meant it was time for them to take their first steps back out into the real world.

Once again Lesley and Geoff have worked extremely hard to come up with a master plan, and our two lovebirds have now temporarily moved their love nest into Lesley's house. There is interest already in rehoming Storm, and there is a plan for further assessment and socialisation for Summer. However, both have done extremely well, and as the little report from Geoff shows, all the hard work has been worth it:

"I know Lesley will be in touch soon about Summer and Storm but thought you might enjoy these pictures-it was remarkable how well they both did and how quickly the settle in and started to play etc.Even over the 24 hours I had with them Summer was becoming more easily handled and seeking out human company a little at a time even got a very quick kiss ! In the "good old days" I would have described her as hand shy and simply worked with her to build trust with human touch but it seems she will avoid biting if she can move away so not a "forward biter" as the collie people say.It will be very interesting to see how she develops even over the next couple of days but meanwhile she seemed more relaxed and happy and really enjoyed the two walks I was on.Storm looks and now smells gorgeous and seemed so happy to be around the house,people and the other dogs so hoping for a great home for him-reminds me a lot of Harvey."

The beautiful Summer.

Storm (far left) and Summer (third left) enjoying the company of their new best frinds Daisy and Oscar.