Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Almost Thursday, Time For.....

Please don't forget "It's A Dogs Life" The SHAK Radio Show on Thursday from 9am - 11am on Lionheart Radio 107.3 fm. Or listen live on line at

Two hours of talking everything dog and some great music, so please tune in.

Any requests or if you have A Waggy Tail please email

Keep Calm.....

Official 2014 SHAK Calendars Off To Printers.....

Thank you to everyone that sponsored a month in the official 2014 SHAK Calendar. All 12 months were snapped up very quickly, meaning EVERY penny on EVERY calendar sold comes straight to the dogs.

The project is just about ready to go to the printers, and we're all very pleased with it, as is one of it's pin up boys Woody!

SHAK Race Night This Friday.....

Please don't forget the SHAK Race Night at the Blue Bell Pub in Jesmond Vale, kindly put on by our good friend and my old friend Nik. The other nights we've had here have been great fun, so please pop down have a few beers and join in the fun. All proceeds go towards our Jam Jar Army appeal.

Night starts 7.30pm, first race 8.30pm.

Monday, 29 July 2013

As Is Blue.....

Another Lurcher who is making new friends is Blue (on the left.) Unfortunately Blue has had to come back to us whilst we look for a new Forever Foster home. He loves the company of people, and enjoys spending the days with Bella and Hobo.

All three deserve a family of their own, if you can help any of them please email

TJ Making Friends.....

Just an update on TJ.

 As you can see (pictured with lovely Candy-my neighbour's dog) he is a very social and very friendly with dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. He is not jealous or food aggressive. He is very well behaved during walks and can be let off the lead.

TJ is great with all house visitors and loves children. He is extremely affectionate :) TJ is very clean, healthy and fully house trained. He loves the car and will wait patiently until you get back.

Unfortunately he does not like to be left on his own and that's why we are looking for someone who e.g. works from home/could take him to work or is in the house most of the time.

This boys needs a home urgently as I have just got a new job which means I will not be able to give him the care he needs. I am sure there is someone who could offer this lovely boy a home.


A New Home For Boe.....

I'm delighted to say that little Boe has found a new home, and after going to see him with his new family last week they all look happy. Boe is still very young, and to think that he needed us so early in his life just shows how desperate things are right now. It's great to see him just being a puppy at last.

3 Years Passed For A True Spirit.....

It was 3 years on Saturday since I lost a dog that I was only lucky enough to have for ten days, but has had a lasting impression on the lives of so many other dogs.

I first saw Spirit on a website where a rescue were trying to secure dogs rescue places. He was very skinny and appeared to be holding his back leg up on the photos, I was delighted to hear when I enquired that he’d found a place and would be moving on any day soon. The next day I got a phone call to say that his placement had fallen through and could I take him. Of course I couldn’t say no.

When Spirit arrived he was painfully thin and there was obviously something seriously wrong with his back leg. I decided to take him to the vets and decided that he could stay at mine over night before returning to the kennels. The vet discovered he was suffering from severe hip dysplasia and was going to need surgery on both hips. A plan was hatched, the vet kindly donated his time to keep the operation as cheap as possible, and Derek even came up with a Spirits For Spirit raffle to help raise the funds to pay. But the most amazing thing was still to come. My GSD Oskar was at that time dog aggressive, so for his sleep over I decided to sleep on the sitting room floor with Spirit to keep them separate, forgetting Oskar can open doors. The next morning I was woken by the sound of the sitting room door opening, then the shock sank in, my eyes burst open to see Oskar and Spirit kissing before Spirit toddled out after him. I couldn’t believe what I’d seen. They were best friends after that, and for the next week they went everywhere together. Spirit was happy, and Oskar loved the male company.

Then the shock hit. A routine x ray to see the damage to the hips showed that Spirit was suffering from something more sinister than Hip D. That back leg was riddled with bone tumours. I had to go with the vets advice and do what was best for Spirit, I never saw Spirit again.

The ten days he was with me, Spirit changed things forever. All the male dogs that live and have had the chance to live in my home have him to thank, as has Oskar for getting him through a difficult spell in his life. That dog was  so brave, he would have been in so much pain, a true true spirit.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Sound Of The Dogs.....

Please don't forget "It's A Dogs Life" The SHAK Radio Show on Thursday from 9am - 11am on Lionheart Radio 107.3 fm. Or listen live on line at

Two hours of talking everything dog and some great music, so please tune in.

Any requests or if you have A Waggy Tail please email

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Next Generation.....

Just to put your mind at ease, the next generation is definitely on its way...

Brodie Looking Grand.....

Great to see Brodie doing so well after his cruciate ligament operation. Its hard to believe we had him so long.


Monday, 22 July 2013

The Enigma That Is Haden.....

Featuring quite a lot on here for one way or another, Haden is blossoming into such an amazing character. Despite having just his three legs, he sets himself off in his little wanders everyday and is never far away from my side.

We recently had a Border Terrier house guest and her crate for bed was where Haden sometimes lies to be near me (and the food!) in the kitchen. Well, you can see for yourself how he decided on fix that.

He is also amazingly cuddly, as you can see from what I woke upto this morning with him and Neve.

Smokey Has A Stroll.....

Anyone who knows Smokey knows exactly how stubborn this old man can be. Struggling with problems with his back end usually all he wants to do is play with his boomer ball. However the sunshine on Friday gave him a second wind, and when we set off for a walk he decided he was going all the way to the bin!

Now if that doesn't surprise the rest of the SHAK team enough, the fact that at some points he even decided to trot there may just!

It was great to spend such quality time with him, give him a brush in the sunshine and let him relive his youth. And in case your wondering..... Yes he made it all the way!

Tia Update.....

A nice little update on Tia:

"To let you know Tia was spayed on Tuesday the 9th July and her stitches removed on Wednesday 17th July2013.  She has been so good her recovery excellent. (touch wood). Her first training  term finished on the 4th July; Second term starts on the 16th September for a further 10 lessons.

Sending you some more photographs. Tia's laid back days and her after op'days with her tee-shirt on."



A BIG THANK YOU to LAFF who raised over £2,000 at their recent disco night. Amazing!
And also to our very good friends at Hillheads Dog Training Club who's Fun Day raised nearly £500! Support like this makes such a huge difference, thank you to everyone who made the events possible and to those who supported them.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wake Up To SHAK Radio.....

Please don't forget "It's A Dogs Life" The SHAK Radio Show on Thursday from 9am - 11am on Lionheart Radio 107.3 fm. Or listen live on line at

Two hours of talking everything dog and some great music, so please tune in.

Any requests or if you have A Waggy Tail please email

Monday, 15 July 2013

SHAK Makes It To Sky.....

I had a great morning with Sky this morning as they were very keen to come and see what SHAK was all about. There were initially interested in my "It's A Dogs Life" book, but Butch, Kane, Otto, Kes and Brodie soon won the battle for attention! Here's the result:

The Sky Is The Limit.


Kennediy In The Sunshine.....

The dogs seem to be really enjoying this period of warm weather, and Kennedy was no exception today. Another dog that is still finding his feet with us, he loves chasing a toy and despite the heat today he could still smile.


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


I love this picture of Bully taken by Ben. As he says how can you not love him with a gorgeous smile like that? 

Monday, 8 July 2013

Haden In The Sun.....

Having had the good news from the vets that his blood tests came back normal for his epilepsy medication, Haden enjoyed the sunshine this evening as he supervised me washing the car. If you could add a speech bubble to this it would have to say "You've missed a bit" as I struggled to reach the places you can't reach on a Landrover!

Teddy Goes Home.....

I'm pleased to say that Teddy now has a new Forever Foster home. This young boy has come on so much since I picked him up as a stray, and we are all delighted he has a home to call his own now. Thanks to SHAK's own Harvey and Grace for showing him the ropes, and best of luck big guy!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Farewell Sweet Tara.....

We got some very sad news yesterday as we found out sweet little Tara had moved onto a better place. She'd slept away peacefully, with only the fact she hadn't ate her tea the night before the only clue that she wasn't quite right.

Tara was the most frightened and mentally scarred Rottweiler I have ever known. I personally have so many stories of our 4 and a half years together, but nobody that ever met her will ever forget that timid little dog whose breed are portrayed so badly by the british press. Humans had damaged her forever, but at SHAK and especially with Denbar she found love and life.

In the last few months of her life she found a home and the family she deserved to call her own. How tragic that time was cut so short, but how fantastic that she completed the journey. Tara went home. She leaves us all with memories and as a shining example, and I'd like to thank her family who completed everything..... they made Tara's life perfect.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

One Of My Proudest Moments.....

Regular visitors to this site or listeners of the radio show will be familiar with the story of little Star. Terrified and severely dog aggressive when she arrived, it took over two months before we could even stroke her. A little while back I posted pictures of Melissa and me getting cuddles and kisses, she amazed us. Well, after some nice walks with other dogs today was a big test for Star as she went off lead with Max for the first time. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, she solicited all the play, and simply loved being the allowed the freedom to be with another dog.

I can still see her frantically trying to get at other dogs the day she arrived as they passed her in the farmyard, and when I look at these now, they fill me with joy and pride. This girl was booked into be destroyed, giving her time and stimulation has turned her life around. Absolutely amazing.


Brady Joins The Bunch.....

Another recent addition and possibly just faced the same "retirement" as Fagan is Brady. This handsome guy is very nervous around people, and is clearly still in awe of whatever has happened to him. I spent a while with him today, and someone managed to get this one photo when he wasn't looking terrified. He's a work in progress, but today was the start.

A Quiet Afternoon With Fagan.....

Whilst the youngsters were having fun, I went out with one of the oldies and a dog that has been with us for a long time. Fagan just gets on with his day, likes his bed and his boomer ball. He was discarded in a hell of a state when obviously his working days were over, today we were just two old guys having a run around!


Play Days With Blais.....

It was good to see Blais having fun today, having began to settle after a difficult time. He is currently under assessment, but is making a lot of new friends already, and it looks like Melissa has a new best friend!


The First Rule Of Collie Club.....

Old SHAK boys Skip and Sparky have been helping out current SHAK Collie Mac quite a lot recently, along with a little help from Uncle Trevor! He's really enjoying his time out with the boys, and as you can see from the photos below there's plenty of fun being had.


Mac worn out.

"I've had enough" Mac shows Sparky the door.