Change Lives

Change Lives

Thursday, 29 April 2010

SHAK Race Night Tomorrow.....

Just a reminder about the Race Night at The Border Terrier in Marden Estate tomorrow night. 7.30 start, please come help us save even more "Dogs On Death Row."

Thursday April 29th 2010.....

Another busy day after yesterdays 14 hour marathon. Yesterday was a tiring day for me, but know where near as bad as it must of been for Faith. Today she showed just very small signs of beginning to trust, although she is clearly so very very frightened. Faith would climb into any hole she can find, and to see a dog look like she has given up on life is a disturbing way to spend your day. She will not eat or drink in front of anyone, although eats at night when she is alone, and spent her time just lying curled up in a corner. She came out for three walks today (2 with me and one with Gregg) but don't let the photos fool you, she was terrified every single minute she was outside. We had to take her out though, as she wouldn't go to the toilet inside either. Faith has all the time she needs with us, I have the feeling that is going to be a long time.

I had the pleasure of seeing little Jonesy today (formerly Bones) although it was to take him to get castrated so as a man the smile didn't last long! He looks fantastic and is doing well. It was good to see him happy.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A Leap Of "Faith".....

Well, I am finally home after doing more than a 600 mile round trip to pick up the most frightened dog I have ever seen. "Faith" as I have called her, is snotting badly and in such a state. I can say hand on heart I have never seen a dog so shut down, and to see a graceful German Shepherd in this state makes me feel sick. The idiot who "poled" her into the kennel when she was picked up as a stray, is a disgrace to mankind. They will probably never even begin to realise the damage they have done.

On arriving at the kennels, it took 30 minutes to get her out of the car, and she then began to try and hide everywhere, under the car, behind a fence, she even tried to crawl into a breeze block. She is going to be one of the biggest challenges I have ever had. Such a beautiful girl too.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Run Free Bentley Bear.....

Sad news this morning, as Bentley passed away by natural causes. Blood tests confirmed that his Kidney and Liver were functioning as normal, however he wasn't passing the normal amount of water. The vet thinks that he may of had a tumour in his stomach, which had gradually grew till his body could no longer fight it.

Big Bentley Bear arrived with us as nobody else seemed interested in him due to what was described as a "wobbly" backend. He was such a nice big boy, and so handsome. The photo below was taken by me the day I picked him up, and shows what a fine lad he was. We moved him into foster quickly, as he really struggled in kennels, and for nearly a year Andy and Jackie gave him the best home possible. Andy even went in the shower with him, and our thoughts are with them both at this difficult time.

Run Free Big Bear, it was an honour and privilege to have you as a SHAK dog.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Please Pray For Bentley.....

Had a phone call this morning to let me know that Bentley had collapsed and been rushed to the vets. It is unknown what has caused him to become so ill, but it appears to be serious. Bentley is staying at the vets, and having some blood tests done. I will update as soon as I hear from his Foster Mam and Dad. Please say a little prayer for him.....

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Saturday 24th April 2010.....

Thank you to Nicola, Joan and Carol for another good day fundraisng at Pets At Home. More tomorrow, as well as coffee at Derek's in Seaton Sluice, so please come support us.

We need all the support we can get, as a phone call at 9pm tonight leads to another German Shepherd girl with issues heading up to The Rescue Place. More when she arrives, but she has been described as a "female Scooby" (read Scooby's story on our forum Oh the joys. Still that is what we are here for, to give this beautiful girl time.

Thank you to some good friends of mine who support us every month. They turned up today with a whole load of food. Thank you.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Pets At Home In Cramlington Again.....

Just a quick reminder that we are at Pets At Home in Cramlington this weekend. As the sun is shining, its a good opportunity to come and buy your SHAK T Shirt or a SHAK Mug to relax in the garden with a cuppa with. Come help us save even more dogs on death row.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Buy Your Horses For The Race Night Here.....

With the SHAK Race Night at The Border Terrier just 8 days away, here's an opportunity for people who can't make the evening to support the event by buying a horse! The horses are £3 each and the owner of the winning horse receives a prize fund of £10.

Anyone interested in buying a horse, please make payment of £3 via paypal ( to stating your choice of horse and an email address so I can send any winnings via paypal in return. Please send the payment as a "gift" that way we don't incur any charges.

The horses for Race One are as follows:



3-Bounced Cheque.

4-The Boozer.



7-Bun In The Oven.


Thank you in advance for your support.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wednesday 21st April 2010.....

There have been a couple of new friendships developing at The Rescue Place this week, both of which show massive strides forward for the two boys involved. I have a new video to upload, that will hopefully happen before the weekend, and I have moments of both friendships on there.

First up, the big man Gunnar is smitten by our Harlie. Quite simply due to his size, strength and background, we have kept Gunnar separate from the others. Yesterday Harlie was in the run next to him, and he was just absolutely smitten. Well, you'll see for yourself soon.

Carrying from the photo's you saw last week of Lola and Shane, these two now play in the runs again. I think Max is enjoying the peace to sniff without Lola jumping all over him. For Shane, it is just like he is starting life all over again. You have to remember he was in a desperate situation, lunging for people, cats and other dogs. Just shows what a good looking woman can do to a mans heart!

Video will come soon I promise.

More Photos of Tess.....

Enjoying the big beautiful outside world.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Thank You.....

Thank you to Carol, Nicola and Joan for giving up there weekend for the fundraising at Pets At Home. Everyone at SHAK appreciates you doing it at such short notice. Thank you also to Derek for his usual efforts on Sunday, despite being in hospital on Saturday with ankle ligament damage! Thank you to everyone who supported both events, and also to the Police Helicopter lads for their kind food donation.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Another Postcard From An Old Friend.....

Received a text message this morning from another SHAK dog that has been on his holidays:

"Hi steve been on my first holiday in the caravan i enjoyed it got 2 sleep on mum and dads bed went 2 the beach loved the sand didn't like the sea and it tasted yuk had lots of walks and i was well behaved had 2 sleep for 2 days when i got home i was really tired lv seymour. "

Friday, 16 April 2010

Please Don't Forget.....

It's another busy weekend of fundraising this weekend. Tomorrow (Saturday) see's us at Pets At Home in Cramlington, whilst Sunday see's us there again as well as Derek opening his door for those fantastic cuppas at Seaton Sluice, and of course a chance to grab yourself a piece of fine art! Be great to see you all at any of the events, and obviously they are a great opportunity to maybe drop off some food or toys (cheap plug I know, but God loves a trier and we're really low on both) Thanks in advance for your wonderful support.

Another Girl On The Beach In The Sunshine.....

Is Kyrsta, photographed today in holiday in Llandonna. Proud of you girl. Thanks Su for sending the photo, no need to apologise for the quality, its just great to see her enjoying the sun.

Tess's First Day In The Sunshine.....

This is Tess enjoying the sunshine on her first full day with her new family. I'm not going to lie here, these photos did bring a little tear to my eye. Thanks Jennifer.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Day To Remember For Tess.....

There was some brilliant news at The Rescue Place today, as after about 6 weeks of bond building and development, Tess moved into her new Forever Foster home. Her new family have given up a lot of time and effort to build up a relationship with Tess, and today was the day we'd all been looking forward too. Tess is the first dog to go to a home since we stopped normal domestic re homing. She is the first dog on the new foster scheme, and it was a lovely sight seeing her leave me and Gregg with a family she already had a great deal of trust in and love for. As you can see from the photo above she has settled, and relaxing in the home she has longed for. Proud of you Tess, and of your new family!

Another manic set of phonecalls (Thanks Joan) see's us confirm two weekends running Fund Raising at Pets At Home in Cramlington. Thank you to Joan, Carol and Nicola for agreeing to give up parts of their weekend at such short notice, you have made it possible for us to be there this Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th April. We will also be there next weekend too (24th and 25th) so it will be great to make some new friends, and of course to also see some old ones!

We have had a busy few weeks Fund Raising, and of course we have the Race Night at the Border Terrier on the 30th. Latest update on that is the we have a signed Newcastle United shirt to raffle off. Please jot the date in your diary if you fancy your chances of winning it.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Bodie and Doyle.....

Just thought you would like to see the progress these two have made. This was them on a walk with me and Andrea this afternoon. I'm afraid we are still waiting for the weather to improve before Bodie goes in for an official SHAK haircut!

Romance, Friends and Progress.....

Things have been so manic behind the scenes lately, that I feel as if I haven't really introduced you to the latest recruits, or kept you to date with the tittle tattle from the kennels.

The video I posted last week, probably says more than I could possibly put into words. Mona and Brodie now share a kennel during the day as well as playing in the runs. In fact, the play continues even when they are together in the kennel. I'm not sure I've ever seen a transformation in a dog like I've witnessed in Mona, but you know that dog has been so abused in the past that she deserves happy times.

George and Daisy are now an item, but not to be outdone, Gema moved straight in with Daisy's ex, Bouncer. Honestly it is like Coronation Street with all the romances at the minute.

New girl Nina has found a companion straight away, as she now spends time with the old smoothy of the kennels..... Scooby. She is a nice girl who has come from a working background (she is a Malinois) and in all accounts hasn't had the best life, but she loves company, either with people or dogs.

Nina arrived with Gunnar, a Malinois cross Rottweiler who came from the same working background. Gunnar travelled with a bit of a reputation, but has really responded to a little bit of TLC, and seems happier everyday.

The third arrival on Good Friday was Shane the German Shepherd. Shane had missed out on a lot of socialisation when he was young, and because of that he was due to be put to sleep. He also came with a reputation, and was renowned for lunging at people, other dogs and cats. He was clearly reacting this way because of fear, but his behaviour was meant. The two photos above are me Shane and Lola on a walk this afternoon, ten days after he arrived.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Good News and Bad.....

Just wanted to say Thank You to Carol, Nicola, Derek and Sandra for their superb fundraising efforts on Sunday. The girls had a cracking day at Azzure in Cramlington (thank you to them for letting us be there) Whilst Derek had another superb day in the Sunshine. A special thank you to one of his loyal customers (I won't name him in case of embarrassment) who turned up yesterday and presented Derek with a cheque made out to SHAK for £100. A truly amazing gesture, thank you so much. Plans are under way for a Summer SHAK Dog Walk, but in the meantime, our next event is the Race Night at The Border Terrier in Marden Estate, Whitley Bay on the 30th of this month.

A bit of bad news, as it looks as big Lenny may be looking for a new home. He went to a farm 15 months ago, but it appears that it may not be the correct environment for him. Lenny is a big castrated male Rottweiler, and a real sweetheart. He is currently still in his home, but we are looking for an alternative. As we no longer re home to the public, anyone interested in him would need to go through the Forever Foster Scheme. Please contact me via

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Works Of Art.....

As promised, here is some photo's of Derek's fantastic artwork. Pop down to Seaton Sluice tomorrow, to snap up yours.

Works Of Art (2).....

Another Fundraising Bonanza Weekend.....

Tomorrow see's the SHAK Fundraisers in full swing once again. Carol and her team have another fantastic Tombola at Azzure Garden Centre in Cramlington, whilst Derek has the usual high quality and wide range of coffees, teas and soups on sale down at Seaton Sluice.

Last weeks Tombola at Jollyes had a superb Easter theme, and having spoke to Carol she was planning on doing a Garden Centre themed one for this event. She puts a lot of work into collecting and then displaying the prizes in such a superb manner, and we're very lucky to have her and her team. Please pop into Azzure tomorrow, buy some shrubs and play the famous SHAK Tombola! It is gardening season after all.

If gardening isn't your bag, then you could always have a stroll on Seaton Sluice beach before relaxing with a nice cuppa. Derek is another that works very hard and spends all week thinking and planning ways to make us even more funds. After the success of his hand painted eggs, this week he will begin selling his hand painted stones. I saw some yesterday, and I'm going down today to take some photos, and they really are fantastic. Local castle's and scenes we all recognise, they really are fantastic. Derek certainly has a talent, and I speak on the whole of SHAK when I say we are honoured to have him on board.
Just in case you have been hiding in a cave for the past few months, Derek's Coffee Caravan's are on the sea front at Seaton Sluice, opposite Fountain Head Car Park. Open 7.30 - 5 every Sunday and Bank Holiday, just look for the black flags.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

A New Romance..... The Video.

Here as promised is the video of the new romance blossoming at The Rescue Place. And yes that is MONA with Brodie! Mona has been a real handfull, she has obviously been well beaten at sometime in her life, and because of that she is very frightened (I have the scars to prove it) but on Tuesday she decided she wanted to make friends with Brodie, and well you can see for yourself the fun they had.

Other dogs on this video are the 4 boys (Laser, Murphy, Butch and Kane) all playing in a run together, Daisy and George with Bouncer in a run, and check out Scooby with his new girl, the newbie Nina.

Sorry again for the barking noise, it took me all my time to upload never mind edit, and please note that the video runs for 16 minutes, so grab a cuppa before you watch it.

Lost Labrador ReUnited With Owner.....

Some great news this morning as I get confirmation that the lost Labrador that I mentioned on here had been reunited with its owner, after somebody read the post on here and spotted the dog near their home. Amanda, who kindly built the SHAK website, is an avid follower of our blog, and couldn't believe when the dog in question turned up on her driveway!

The most amazing part of this story is that we were alerted to the fact the dog was missing via the wonderful K9 Search in Birmingham! K9 Search is a register for lost and found dogs in the West Midlands, and has a great success rate at reuniting lost pets. It just shows what can be achieved if we all work together.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A New Romance.....

Love was in the air at The Rescue Place, one of the SHAK Girlies decided all by herself that she wanted to be in the run and play Kongs with a very handsome SHAK Young Man. I honestly don't think I would ever of put this girl with another dog, but the video evidence you will see when I get the chance to upload it will prove I wasn't imagining it. In the meantime, try and guess who the lovebirds were.....


As promised, here are some pictures of one of the newbies as promised. Gunnar arrived at SHAK on Friday night, and it took 4 of us to carry him in a crate into his kennel as no one could get near him. He comes from a "working" background, so I could not take his aggression lightly. Here he is on a walk wth me today (Tuesday) I let you be the judge of whether or not any progress has been made.

Monday, 5 April 2010

A Big Thank You To Our Fundraisers.....

Just wanted to congratulate Carol, Nicola and Derek and Sandra for a fantastic weekend of fundraising. Despite some horrendous weather (hail, rain and wind) they battled on and between them raised a fantastic £485 over the 3 days!

Thank you for giving up such a big part of your Easter. I think people forget the vital part you all play, but me, Gregg and the girls at the kennels couldn't do what we do without your backing.

Also, thank you to everyone who came to support us at the events, the people who chipped in financially, but also the ones who donated food and toys.

I still remember when I started all of this, and had to raise every penny myself. All of your support means a great deal to me.

Oh and well done to Elaine and Andrea for winning the unofficial "Name The Newbies" competition (although I didn't even know we were having one!) So welcome to SHAK and The Rescue Place, Gunnar and Nina.

Missing Dog In Cramlington Area.....

I have been alerted to this, if you have any info please contact me via or 07931 702345.

Labrador Retriever missing Cramlington, Northumberland

Labrador Retriever - dog (entire)
Golden. Short haired. Fine bone structure. Average height about 18" at shoulder. 2 years old. Microchipped.
Ran away in Cramlington, Northumberland (date not mentioned).

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday 4th April 2010.....

The loss of Gypsey has hit me hard, hence the reason I've been quiet on here. Most of the time when you re home a dog, you tend to never see it again. That wasn't the case with Gypsey, I used to pop in to see her and for a beer. Only three weeks ago she was lying on the floor whilst my daughter tickled her tummy. Before coming to SHAK she had spent a year in kennels, and was classed as food aggressive, cat aggressive, dog aggressive and didn't like children. Just shows how wrong people can be. Gypsey was an angel, one who ended her life so happy. Baby you have left behind a lot of people who loved you, and miss you. I can't believe your gone.....

Life does go on, and in this job you have to just accept how cruel it can be, and focus on helping the next one, or should that be the next three after Friday. Shane (new name) is a German Shepherd who everyone else said should be destroyed, No one looked at the reasons that were causing his problems. He is with us now, and early indications are that he will pull through. He already has made friends with Daisy, a major development for him.

Thank you to Lisa and Diane for undertaking an 18 hour (yes 18!) round trip on a Good Friday to deliver two dogs that are more "than a hand full." I haven't decided on new names yet, but due top training they have had, their names need to be change so they can adapt to their new lives. One is a Malinois bitch, the other is a massive Malinois Rottweiler cross male. They have already made progress from the mental state they arrived in, the bitch especially is making new friends.

Whilst I'm talking about new and recent SHAK dogs, I have some news on Koda (yes apparently Gregg spelt it wrong) the Malamute we saved from destruction last week. He moved to Malamute Rescue on Thursday, and today I received the following:

"Hi Stephen, Gregg
Fantastic news for you both, Koda has found a home already. Marina his foster carer took him to the malamute weight pull event in Leeds this weekend and the lady who helps to organise them fell in love with him. She has had a mal before and knows the breed inside and out.
Thanks to you both he will spend his days in a loving home with lots of new friends to play with at the weight pulls, I will get to see him there too so that is great.
Thanks again to you both, you do an amazing job!!

Speaking of Thank You's, I'd like to thank everyone for yesterdays fund raiser at Jollyes. Thank you to Tim and all the staff of the West Denton store for letting us put the event on, thank you to Carol and Nicola for such a wonderful effort in the rain, thank you to all the people who donated and played the tombola, and thank you to Zeus, Jake, Sonny and Reise (all pictured above, thank you Nicola) for coming to support us.

The fundraising doesn't stop there this weekend, as Derek was open as normal today at Seaton Sluice for a cuppa, and please don't forget that as its a Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow he is open from 7.30 - 5 again. Please just head to the sea front at Seaton Sluice and look for the Black SHAK Flags!

Happy Easter x

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sad Times.....

The last 24 hours or so have been really tough. I awoke yesterday morning to a call to say Gypsey the German Shepherd we re homed 18 months ago had died. Gypsey was a wonderful dog, who defied all odds to become the focal point of the Border Terrier pub. She died lying behind the bar in her usual place of a suspected massive stroke or heart attack. Paul and Lesley provided that girl with so much love and such a great home. Our thoughts are with them.

3 more lost souls arrived yesterday too. More to follow.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Easter Is Here.....

I really can't believe that Easter is upon us already, it only seems days ago since it was the build up to Christmas, and we have saved a lot of dog's lives in those 4 months.

SHAK couldn't do what we do without funds, and the support of people who give up a lot of their time and effort to help us raise those funds. This weekend though, is a big one for us and thank you to the Fundraising Team and Derek and Sandra for giving up their Easter to help us, but more importantly the SHAK Dogs.

Saturday see's the first SHAK Tombola of 2010, as Carol and her team head to Jollyes at Westerhope. It's top secret, but I hear a rumour that all the prizes are Easter themed so well worth a visit and a £1. Be great to make some new SHAK friends, and also for the Fundraising team to meet some familiar faces.
Sunday and Monday (Monday as its a Bank Holiday) see's "Pebbles" down at Seaton Sluice open their doors for the usual quality Coffee's, Tea's and Soup's, and obviously Sandra's home made scones! However, always wanting to raise even more funds, Derek has once again been a busy bee this week.

After his fabulous hand painted garden ornaments (there will be some available Sunday and Monday too) Derek has excelled himself by creating some wonderful "Faberge" type SHAK hand painted eggs. Doggy cartoons and local scenes such as Delaval Hall are all displayed so well, its a shame that the work can't be displayed for ever.

Derek has kindly donated all the eggs to raise funds for SHAK, and you can buy them on Sunday and Monday (if there are any left!) by popping into the caravans on the sea front at Seaton Sluice. Remember he is open 7.30 - 5, look at for the black SHAK flags, and that your furry friends are more than welcome.
Below and above are some pictures of these beautiful eggs.....


More Eggs.....

Even More Eggs.....