Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


I love this picture of Miko curled up with my other dogs in front of the fire. A dog that suffered years of abuse through work and then spent years in kennels, this is how he spends his nights now. As he stares into the colours, I wonder what he is thinking.

A BIG Change In Holly (AKA Coco).....

"Its been a year now since we came home with a slightly overweight, very excitable chocolate Labrador re homed from SHAK. I know she wasn't with you very long but I'm sure left an impression! Just thought we'd share a couple of pics with you, and in true make over style, included some of the original pics of her a year ago! She's still doing well, loving her adventures out and about and of course her food!!

hope all is going well at SHAK!

Jenny, Will and Holly"


Doyles BIG Adventure.....

Doyle’s Big Adventure

Doyle is an scrapyard dog who, along with his brother Bodie spent his life in a scrapyard until being abandoned and taken in by SHAK 2.5 years ago.  They are about 11 years old now and will see out their days in SHAK kennels – their equivalent of the Hilton Hotel.

After being bitten by a dog as a child and having allergies, Dale (my other half) is a dodgy looking Accountant who works for the ‘Tax Man’.

Unbelievably, when Dale met Doyle it was love at first sight.  After learning his story and seeing how gentle this giant can be, Dale was smitten.  Today, we took Doyle walking up Simonside with some friends.  This big imposing dog attracted a lot of attention but he behaved so well around people.  The usual ten minute scramble half way through the walk turned into a 30 minute ‘heave Doyle up the cliff’ episode which didn’t impress the furry guy too much, but he enjoyed the freedom of being out on the walk.  He didn’t like having his lead taken off.  He seemed to like the security of having it around his neck, so we just tied it there but let him roam free when people and dogs weren’t around.  Whenever we separated Doyle began herding us again, ensuring we stuck together in our little group. 

We went for coffee in Rothbury afterwards.  Doyle and I sat outside enjoying doggy choc drops and a hot chocolate.  He sat for 45 minutes calmly accepting the attention he attracted and enjoyed 45 minutes of cuddles, scratches, strokes and love!  Even the car journey was a big deal for Doyle.  The last time he was in a vehicle was probably the journey from the scrapyard to SHAK.  Back at the kennels he got brushed, a few more hugs and certainly appeared ready for a good night’s sleep!

He’s an amazing boy and has done what neither me, nor any other person could do; opened Dale’s eyes to how wonderful a dog can be in your life.  Well done Doyle!  I was really proud of you today.  



Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Nell Update.....

Here's an update on Nell, of course you'll remember Little Jack that we rehomed earlier this year:

"Just thought I would send a couple of photo's of Nell and of course Jack had to be in there too!

Nell has settled with Becky and Paul really well and has impressed everyone with her calm and loving way, she enjoys her walks on the beach with her very best friend Cuddles (the rottie). She is so gentle and everyone who has come into contact with her loves her."


Finn Still Looking.....

I love this photograph of Finn and his very proud temporary foster Mum. We are still looking for a Forever Foster home for Finn, so please if you are interested contact us via email:

Rhys's Hard Work Pays Off.....

Rhys is another amazing dog that has gone to his Forever Foster home, after arriving very frightened and petrified of what had happened to him. He soon learned we were he to help and blossomed into an affectionate and playful boy. You've worked so hard Rhys, proud of you.

Nell Goes To Her Forever Foster Home.....

It was a little bit of a bitter sweet moment, as we said goodbye to Nell who left us for her new Forever Foster home. Nell is a wonderful, playful girl and she has helped Duke, Hugo and Diesel in her time with us and she truly deserves this new start. Your an amazing girl Nell, enjoy and thank you for all you've done for our big boys.

Laser, Murphy, Nanuk and Gemini.....

Handsome Laser

Murphy and Gemini

Gemini in the lead, then Nanuk closely followed by Murphy

Murphy and Gemini

Gemini, the winner!
We always try and socialise our dogs, canine company is so important to their development and progress. Laser and Murphy have lived together all their lives, whilst Gemini and Nanuk have found love since arriving at The Rescue Place. All four together? Well I think you can see how much fun they have, and how happy their days are.

Kuro Finds A Home.....

Kuro came to us as a stray and very quickly won a big place in peoples hearts. Such a baby, and so playful, Kuro was amazing at hide and seek behind the caravan. I'm delighted to say that thanks to our friends at JAWT that this big handsome pup is now in a new home. He wasn't with us very long, but he left us with a lot of fine memories, and even re wrote the "stubborn male Akita" conception I had in my mind!

Smokey Has A Pamper Day.....

Another big German Shepherd that has done us proud lately (as he always does!) is Smokey. Booked in for a pamper day, he excelled himself by behaving so well, and as is the way with Smokey, he gained new friends along the way. Thanks to Jill and Jennie of Peggy's Parlour.


Harvey And Grace At Sea.....

It's always wonderful to see SHAK dogs blossoming away from the kennels and into their Forever Foster homes, and Grace and Harvey have certainly set the standard very high with theses photographs. Grace was always very thin and very stressed, she took the obsessive German Shepherd worrying to the extreme, however you can see from the top photograph just how much she has filled out and how relaxed and happy she is.

Harvey was a stray I collected, also very skinny and smelling strongly of urine. He's so laid back that its unbelievable to think anyone could kick him out and leave him in such a state. He's come a long way and is such a great ambassador for SHAK.

Thanks so much Geoff.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Special Guest on "It's A Dogs Life" Tomorrow.....

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Theres some great stories and some fantastic tunes lined up, so please tune in.

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Pharaoh Moves Home.....

It's not all sad news though, as I'm really pleased to say that Pharaoh has made his second stay with us a short one, and today he moved onto a new "Forever Foster" home. This handsome boy has adapted to his recent upheaval very well, and it was great to see him today with his new Mam and Dad and his canine brother!

Little Brookes.....

Little Brookes was also at the vets with me, and I'm afraid once again my worst fears were confirmed when a mass was detected in his liver. It would explain certain things and his overall condition, however it quite simply means that we will make his remaining time the best we can. Brookes loves my daughter, and the feeling is mutual, so he has a family that loves him now, no matter what lies on the path ahead.

Ava See's A Specialist.....

I took Ava to see an eye specialist today, and our fears were confirmed at the state of her eyes. The consultant verified the fact that she is in desperate need for an entropian and that she has had the condition for a lot of years. Here's the problem though, because the condition has been left so long her overall condition means that we're not sure if she is strong enough or if surgery is the best option for her right now. We have gone for some medication that will hopefully lubricate her eyes and protect the eyeball from her ingrowing eyelashes. She's a wonderful happy go lucky girl and simply stole the show both in the waiting room and behind reception.

Brodie Launches SHAK Photo Competition.....

Love this photo of Brodie..... Which leads me to launch the first ever SHAK Photo Competition. Just for fun please email a caption for this photo  to

Winner to be announced on Saturday!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Dusty Update.....

I'm delighted to say that Dusty is responding to the TLC he has received over the weekend, and is gaining strength and energy all the time. He has always been wobbly and unsteady on his feet, but he is now managing to get up himself and potter about. After a weekend of Chicken soup and ham, this morning he has had dog food for the first time, so his appetite is clearly returning. He's not out of the woods yet, and there's a long way to go, but signs are good, and its great to have the old guy back to doing what he does best, just pottering.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Derek's Latest Toy.....

Could really be worth a trip down to Derek's on Sunday at Fountainhead Car Park, Seaton Sluice, as you will be able to have more than a coffee! I'm not going to tell you what his latest toy is, but I hear its worth the trip alone.....

Skip And Sparky On Their Hols.....

More SHAK Collies having fun are the boys Sparky and Skip. Here's a few of their holiday snaps from their latest trip to the lakes:

A Happy Polly.....

Here's Polly (our very own Fey) enjoying a cuddle of her new Mam. It's really great to see this once terrified dog looking so happy and settled. Thanks Kirsten.

Update On Ash.....

Here's an update on Ash from his temporary fosterer Lesley.

Ash has now spent a month in foster care and is doing really well.  He`s super-affectionate, cuddling everyone he meets and absolutely loves other dogs.  He plays happily (if energetically) with his foster friends (male Rottie and 2 female Shepherd crosses) and anyone else he meets out on his walks who wants some fun.

Around the house, he is clean and well-behaved and remarkably calm and sensible for his age. Initially, he seemed very inexperienced and was spooked by things unfamiliar to him but, now, after getting used to all the everyday things in life,
he`s become a pretty laid-back character – so much so that you need the radio on louder to drown out his snores.

Because he`s still quite boisterous in moments, no young children, please. We`re looking for a home with people who can offer good exercise and have the time and experience to provide the consistent training and guidance that a young, large-breed dog needs. He`s very biddable and, true to Rottie form, will do anything for food so
he`s quite a willing trainee!  If possible, he would absolutely love to have a dog friend in his new home.


Prayer For Dusty.....

It has been a very emotional week this week as late on Wednesday night I had to rush Dusty to the vets after he'd collapsed. His temperautre was 105.1 and he was totally out of it. The vets gave him medication, and I'm pleased to say that his temperature is back to normal, however by this evening he still hadn't ate or managed to stand up.

After a discussion with the vet it was decided that I could bring Dusty home and try to nurse him back to an appetite. Dusty is a fighter, and has battled his way back from several illnesses before, and he truly amazed me as after all he's been through he decided to walk from my jeep to his bed! Better news followed as I managed to syeringe some chicken soup into him, his first meal since Wednesday.

There's a long way to go, or maybes if fate is against us, not so long. But Dusty and I won't give up, he means to much to everyone for that.

One That Scooby Saved.....

One dog that whose life was definitely saved by Scooby was Miko. He arrived just a few weeks after the big man, and I was only given the opportunity to help him because of the progress Scooby had made. Miko now lives with me, and above are two photos of the same dog. The first one is the one I was sent of him in the pound, shut down, the other is him in front of the fire just a couple of nights ago.

SHAK Supporters 200 Club October Draw.....

Sorry for the delay in this months draw. The winners are:

55 - Chelsea Morgan

139 - Yvonne Tyson

172 - John Townsend

Thanks for your support.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

One Year On Since We Lost The Dog That Changed It All.....

I remember seeing Scooby’s face for the first time on a website that helped dogs in pounds in the midlands, he was scrunched up in the back of the dog wardens van, and there was just something about him. He was due to be destroyed as he was aggressive in the kennels, but his story was pretty horrific. He had been left chained to a tree in a garden, and when a neighbour offered to help the dog warden he explained the dog was blind in one eye because his owner had stabbed him through the eye with a screwdriver. To the day he died he had an in and an out scar just below and above his eye. After some serious discussions, interviews with the local authorities I was allowed to take save him. However it was on the understanding that he was never to be rehomed, and that I travelled to pick him up.
Scooby was snarling and snapping when I met him, they used to jam him behind the door of the kennel so they could quickly swish a mop around to clean him out. Hot dogs won him over, and for the first time in seven days I got him outside. Things were going really well till he tried to climb in the back of my jeep, and when I touched his backend he attacked me. He bit me again on the leg, he was so far go in a state of defence, that it took us 4 hours to encourage him into a crate so we could carry him into the car. The lead I’d put on him that day took a week and a half to get close enough to get it off.

The work that followed would take up too much of your time to read on here, but Scooby learnt to trust me. He became my dog at the kennels, there was even a joke that all that was missing from his kennel was a nice photo of me and him. He became the stooge dog, a calming influence when we were socialising dogs with other dogs, but above all he was alive and happy.

Old age caught up with him in the end, a tumour bursting internally ended a relationship on this earth that had done so much good. I remember the vet crying as he slipped away, so dramatic had been the turn around in the dog that was uncontrollable when he’d first met him.

Nobody that has been involved with SHAK will ever forget Scooby, least of all me. He showed me so much, and the majority of dogs in the rescue wouldn’t be alive if he hadn’t showed me the way.
The words “Love Replaces Fear” written on our new style t shirts could of been especially written for my true inspiration.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Time For Radio.....

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Gus Enjoying Time With His Family.....

Thought you might like to see Gus the once emaciated Staffordshire Bull Terrior with enjoying playing with his brother and sister. For those of you new to SHAK, Gus is the red Staffy out of the three. He looks amazing.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fey Also Goes Home.....

I'm also delighted to say that Fey the Border Collie has now also moved into a Forever Foster home. This gorgeous girl came to us a few weeks ago very nervous and frightened, and leaves bright as a button as she is meant to be. She's gone to a very active home with another Border Collie, and everyone at SHAK is both sad to see her go and also amazed that by allowing herself to trust us so quickly, that she has this new start in her life.

Radio Time Again.....

Please don't forget to tune into "It's A Dogs Life" The SHAK Radio Show tomorrow from 9am - 11am on Lionheart Radio 107.3 fm. Or listen live on line at

Theres some great stories and some fantastic tunes lined up, so please tune in.

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