Change Lives

Change Lives

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Forever Foster Home Needed For Sparky.....

Northumberland or surrounding areas only please.

Forever Foster Home Needed For Skippy.....

Northumberland or surrounding areas only please.

Forever Foster Home Needed For Mika.....

Northumberland or surrounding areas only please.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Cole At Home.....

Here is Cole enjoying a cuddle of his new foster Dad. As you can see he's had such a busy time.

Introducing Cole.....

It's been a busy few days for Cole, a Labrador I picked up as a stray along with Buster. Cole was very skinny and very low on confidence. He relied on Buster just that little too much. After a little fall out with his big pal this week we decided to try and find Cole a foster home to help him find his feet on his own. These photo's were taken during a 3 day stay with me before moving onto a new foster family.

Fundraising In The Sun.....

I'd also like to say THANK YOU to some great people closer to home. Thanks to Nicola and Carol who had a great day at Wylam Fair. Sounds like it was a great day, and a whopping £212 was raised. Well done too to Angie and Abbey who raised another fantastic £63 doing a car boot sale. A lot of hard work has gone into both events, and is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

26 Miles.....

A massive THANK YOU to Deborah Gear and her German Shepherd for deciding to donate the £250 from a 26 miles sponsored dog walk to us. Deborah is part of the Wellingborough Dog Training Club and has been following the progress of our dogs via the internet. Support from such a distance means so much, thank you both so much.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Silent Auction, "Bones For Beds".....

Our friend and great SHAK Supporter has come up with a brilliant idea to help us raise funds. Here is a message from Sandra:

"Dear FB Chum's can you help, whilst Mr Goldie and I where away on Ride Across Britain my beautiful and very kind God Daughter Gracie has put together a master plan to help to continue the work done by all SHAK (SAFE HOMES AND KINDNESS) large breed dog rescue so the wee lass has asked me to do a silent Auction for her Bones!!!! (for beds) If you would like a bone please PRIVATE MESSAGE ME with your offer and the highest 3 will get 1 bone sent direct to them in a beautiful heart shape box and pouch. Gracie has named the bones:
Bone 1 for Wee Harry
Bone 2 for SHAK
Bone 3 for Scooby

All postage cost's will be met by Mr Goldie and I with all proceeds at Gracie's command going to SHAK."

Any silent bids please email them to and I will forward them to Sandra. Thanks for Your Support.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

5 Years, And I Still Miss You.....

Ironically on today, Father's Day, it is 5 years since I lost my best friend and the companion that provided the inspiration to what you all now know as SHAK. My Shak was taken too soon, just 7 1/2 when Lymphoma took him away from his family who loved him so much. I know you are still with me fella, and I miss you every day, everything I do is because of you.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

When Harry Met Scooby.....

And another two who we're so proud of are Harry and Scooby. Harry has come on so much since he arrived, today he started venturing out with a pal, and there is simply no better mate than Scooby for a gentle introduction. Well done Harry, and Thanks to Scooby for one again showing a newbie the way.

Reason To Keep The Faith.....

Another one we're all really proud off is Faith. Here she is looking beautiful and proud with her boyfriend Chase, a year on from the dog who crawled everywhere on her belly.

George At Home.....

Thought you might like to see some pictures of George settling into his new home. It was only 11 days ago that he was fighting for his life. Everyone at SHAK is so proud of you, including Nina who misses you.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Derek's This Sunday In New Trainers.....

A reminder that Derek is open this Sunday for Teas, Coffee's and Scones. He always loves to see you, and this week there will be no mistaking him with his new SHAK trainers! Pop down to see them if not him, 6 Marine View, Seaton Sluice 9-5.

Derek's is also a great place to drop off any food donations, or any donations towards George's vet bill. Thanks to everyone who has helped, we appreciate every single penny. However, we are still around £800 short of the expected amount his bill will amount too.

Thanks once again for all your brilliant support, and surely those trainers are worth a visit on Father's Day.

Harry Latest Pictures.....

Thought you might like to see the fantastic work Karen and Mike have done with Harry. Above is a photo I took the day he arrived at my house, underneath is a photo that has just been taken.

Harry has a long way to go, the stronger he gets the more his personality shines through. I'm just pleased we were able to make a difference.


Tess At The Books.....

Thanks to Lynsey for sending me this photo of our very own Tess. Having successfully passed her Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Award, rumour has it that she is studying hard for her Silver Award.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Big Day For Dusty Too.....

It's also been a big day for Dusty, as he had a trip to the vets to remove the troublesome testicles. When he found us, Dusty was in no shape to undergo an operation that required an anaesthetic. After a visit to the vets last week for his chronic ear infection, Jonathan decided he was now fit enough to undergo the surgery to be castrated and remove the testicular cancer. Whilst in theatre he has also had a full dental and a thorough examination of his ears.

Tonight the old guy is very groggy still, but has managed to eat a light meal. I'm proud of him, I never thought we'd get him well enough to get this operation, he's a brave boy.

Big Day For George.....

I'm pleased to say I was able to spend a little time with George today as I moved him to new foster home. Thanks to Heather for giving him a home to continue his recuperation. Thanks to Helen for helping us sort him out, and thanks to his two new beautiful pals for letting George into their home.

George was very well behaved, and has a perfect place to start a new life. It has been a real roller coaster 8 days for George, and everyone who knows him. Ameri has once again came to our aid, and done a brilliant job looking after him when he needed it the most, thank you, there was almost tears on both sides when I collected him.

Once again a dog has benefited from a wonderful bunch of people. So often I'm on here telling horrible stories about the evil humans do. Tonight I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to save George's life.

Good Luck Flynn.....

As the entrance door was still spinning, the exit door also opened. Flynn was another stray I picked up that was terrified of his own shadow. He was cowering in bushes in a garden when I picked him up, and clearly was stressed and frightened.

During the week, his hard work and progress was rewarded, as we moved him to another rescue that are more likely to rehome him quickly. Good luck Flynn, though I'm sure you'll have people falling in love with you from the start.

Welcome Back Sonny.....

The week started with some bad news, as we arranged for Sonny to come back to ourselves. Circumstances meant he could no longer stay with his breeder to whom we returned him. Sonny is a nice dog who needs stability. Now he is back with us we will try our best to provide him that.

Some Week.....

This week has been perhaps one of the busiest we have ever encountered hence the lack of updates on here. There is a lot of work goes on behind the scenes, and sometimes not all the work we do makes it onto her. But we will ALWAYS try to help if we can, and this week has seen some happy endings up and down the country thanks to the wonderful team I have with me.

Speaking of which, thanks to the Joan, Sheila, Angie, Sonia, Elaine and Neve for their wonderful efforts at Morpeth Fair last Sunday. A fantastic £210 was made from their hard work, so on behalf of myself, Gregg, the kennel team and the dogs, THANK YOU.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Year On For Z Dog.....

It's a year to the day since SHAK lost a real special old guy. I found Zac in his kennel a year ago this morning, and he died in my arms within 30 seconds of me being there. I'm sure he waited for me.

Z Dog had the deepest bark you ever heard, a real SHAK sweetheart who never hurt anyone. It was so sad that his life ended in kennels. He did leave behind us all who loved him though, and I know of one fitting tribute, a rose bush in the garden of someone who simply loved his face.

Zac you made a lasting impression on everyone who was lucky enough to spend time with you. No of us will ever forget that beautiful bark.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Farewell Little Foxy.....

Another SHAK boy adjusting to a new start is little Foxy, as he starts looking for a Forever home in a rescue that is more specialised in re homing. It was sad to see him go, but I know it is best for him. He came to us a terrified stray, and seriously stressed. Foxy quickly made friends both human and canine, and we won over his trust. Good luck little man.

(Anyone looking to adopt Foxy please get in touch and I can forward your details to the rescue he is now at.)

George Up On His Feet At The Seaside.....

Received these this morning from Ameri, and its brilliant to see George enjoying a bit of sea air. The bottom one is George when he got "home" on Thursday night after being released from the vets. I think you can see in his eyes that he has been through the mill, although I think that could go for all the SHAK team. Well done George for being such a brave and strong boy, and thanks Ameri.

Another Two Boys We're Proud Of.....

Another two strays I picked up that I'm extremely proud of are the two boys above. Dusty of course ended up moving in with me, and he has made so many friends by being such a wonderful boy. Following him through my jungle is little Charlie. Due to a sad event, Charlie's fosterers have had to go away for a couple of nights and I was delighted to offer him a room at my house. I'm sure you all remember the photographs a couple of weeks ago of Charlie being so frightened he used to crawl along on his stomach, well he's made fantastic progress and has a brilliant time here with Dusty, Star and Oskar and Sky. We'll be looking for a Forever Foster home for him soon.

So Proud Of Harvey.....

Some fantastic news too this week though, as Harvey made his Dad Geoff and all the SHAK team very proud. I picked Harvey up as a stray and he was covered in gashes, very thin and smelled very strongly of urine. This week he passed not only his Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Award but also his Silver award too! Plans are in place for him to complete his Gold. Harvey fella, I knew you were a star the minute I picked you up. We're all so proud of you.

It's In The Clouds.....

Stumbled across this on Facebook. I guess its a message for all those who don't believe there is a doggy heaven at the end of Rainbow Bridge.

Harry Update.....

Little Harry had a trip to the vets yesterday, just for a progress update and to get checked over. Jonathon at Moorview was delighted at his progress, and I'm pleased to say he now ways 16.5kg as opposed to the 12.3kg when he came to us. Well done Mammy Karen and Daddy Mike.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Saving George's Life.....

Its been quite a traumatic week, as I had to rush George to the vets with a stomach torsion on Tuesday night.Torsion of the stomach in the dog is characterized by life-endangering distension of the stomach with gas; the stomach is usually found to be severely dilated and congested, and often to have rotated about an axis in the plane of the esophagus,or more simply put a mechanical twist of the stomach.It usually affects dogs of the larger, deeper-chested breeds: Great Danes, German Shepherds, St. Bernards, Labrador Retrievers, Irish Wolfhounds, Great Pyrenees, Boxers, Weimaraners, Old English Sheepdogs, Irish Setters etc.

We're not sure what caused the torsion with George, as he hadn't been exercised after feeding, in fact he was about to be fed, but I am just so pleased I noticed it and rushed him straight to the vets, otherwise he would of certainly died. Thanks to Lucy and Adam and the team at Alnorthumbria Vets in Alnwick for acting so quickly and effectively to save George's life.

The operation appears successful, though George will have to have smaller more often feeds and be monitored for the rest of his life, and for his own welfare we have taken the decision not to take him back into kennels. Thanks to Ameri for offering a short term foster place to recuperate in the comfort of her home. This means however we are now DESPERATE to secure a permanent "Forever Foster" home for him, with people that understand how delicate this handsome boy is. If you are interested in giving George a peaceful place to go please get in touch via or 07931 702345 (please leave a message stating that you are interested in helping George.) Due to the nature of his condition and a potential need for vet check ups, Forever Fosterers in the North East only please.

George has given everyone a fright, including himself, and I honestly thought we were going to lose him as he lay gasping for air in the back of my Landrover as I broke the british land speed record to get him to the vets. He was crying with pain everytime he tried to be sick, and I could physically see the life draining out of him. The fact he is still with us is truly a miracle.

Such unexpected events comes with the job, and I guess we all learn from these kind of experiences. They also come with a financial cost that isn't expected, and we really would appreciate any help that is offered with the vets bill that will follow. I believe it will total around £1,000 and we simply don't have that kind of money lying around spare. If anyone has any idea's on a quick fundraising idea to help please get in touch, or if you would like to donate some towards the bill you can do via the following methods:


Or via cheque made payable to SHAK:

Wildwood Cottage.
3a Stead Lane,
NE22 5LT.

Or you can pay direct to the vets:

Alnorthumbria Vets.

Belvedere Terrace, Alnwick,
Northumberland, NE66 2NX
Tel: 01665 602516 Fax: 01665 605550

Thank you in advance for your support. Saving George's life was worth every penny.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Morning Cuppa For Harry.....

Thought you might all like to see Harry enjoying a breakfast cuppa with Daddy Mike this morning. The amazing thing about these photo's isn't Mike wearing a midgets trouser, but the fact that Harry jumped up on the chair all by himself. He certainly is making unbelievable progress from the dog I collected that could hardly walk just 9 days ago.

Thank You For A Weekend Of Fundraising.....

A special thank you to some special people who have braved the sudden change in weather this weekend to fundraise for SHAK.

Firstly, Joan, Angie, Sonia, Elaine and Little Neve for braving the conditions at Cramlington Fair on Saturday where it really was a cold and blustery day. Secondly thanks to Derek for braving the rain to sell his delicious coffees and scones (thanks Sandra for the scones.) And last but by no means least, thank you to everyone who donated and supported both events.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

First Sunday In June, Coffee Time.....

Tomorrow is the first Sunday of the month of June, so Derek will be open from 9 - 5 and raring to see you. For anyone who hasn't been before, Derek provides superb quality hit drinks and scones at 6 Marine View, Seaton Sluice (just off the beach.) Every penny he raises he donates to SHAK to help the dogs. Well worth a visit.

Update On Harry From Karen.....

"It is amazing to see how Harry has come on in the space of a week - he has captured everyones heart and the neighbours too - he can wag his tail now without loosing his balance and even broke into a trot this morning on his walk to the garden. He is coming on leaps and bounds ( literally !!) will have to get the camera out to show the difference in a week ..... but hes like me doesnt like the camera and barks at you when he sees it - hes such a funny little chap !!!"

Friday, 3 June 2011

Harry 6 Days On.....

A couple of shots of Harry enjoying the sunshine. He is such a friendly little guy, and clearly has fallen for Daddy Mike already.