Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Mama Bear.....

Its been another testing few days, as Mama Bear took ill over the bank holiday weekend. Thank you to Moorview for agreeing to see her at such short notice this morning, and thank you to Jonathon, Kelly and A Nother (sorry didn't get your name) for helping me get this stubborn old so and so back in the jeep.

We think she has a chronic chest infection, although concerns have been raised about the amount of water she intakes. Blood samples were taken, and we should get the results soon, we have to remember she also has a mammary lump. Its a worrying time, but we will do everything we can to get her through this. She is such a unique and special girl.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Dates For Your Diary This Weekend.....

Carol is at Newsham Farm Family Fun Day this Saturday (28th) 11.30 till 4. Pop down play the tombola and say hello.

As it is a Bank Holiday, Derek is open Sunday and Monday. All the usual teas, coffees and scones, and he will also have some of the new 2011 Calendars, so its a good chance to pick up yours. (6 Marine View, Seaton Sluice.)

Also a friend of mine Dave Cowan is taking part in a ‎200 miles Coast & Castles bike ride this weekend. He has kindly offered us the sponsorship money he collects. If anyone wishes to sponsor Dave, you can via:

Paypal (


cheque made payable to SHAK and sent to:
Wildwood Cottage.
3a Stead Lane,
NE22 5LT


Thursday, 26 August 2010

2011 SHAK Calendars Are Now In Stock.....

The brand new 2011 SHAK Calendars arrived today. Thank you to Gregg at Kingsway Service & Repair Centre for sponsoring production.

Priced at a bargain £5 + £1.50 postage and packaging, Calendars can be ordered by the following way:


Via Paypal (

Or by cheque made payable to SHAK and sent to:
Wildwood Cottage.
3a Stead Lane,
NE22 5LT


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Mama Bear.....

What an angel. How this gorgeous girl ever needed us is beyond me.

A Busy Day For Mama Bear.....

Having been with us and in near isolation for a week, today saw Mama Bear venture out for some fun in the sunshine. I sat next to her to give her a hug, and well, you can see the result!

A Busy Day With The Media.....

There are issues going on that could have a major effect on the fundraising by Derek on a Sunday. Northumberland County Council are pushing for him to apply for planning permission for a change of use to his home.

Today he was featured in the Journal and the Evening Chronicle, whilst both the BBC and ITV have been in touch. Both myself and Derek were interviewed by BBC Radio Newcastle today, and you can listen here about 19 minutes in:

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

SHAK 2011 Calendars.....

Should be available by the end of this week.....

Thank You To All The Good Guys.....

It seems that alot of the time it is horrible things that I post on here, well we have had some wonderful support lately, so tonight I'd like to say thank you. To avoid embarrassment I won't name everyone individually, but you all know who you are.

So thank you for all the food donations (from the public and from stores) thank you for the huge delivery of quilts, and of course thank you to everyone who has donated financially. To come home to find cheques of £50, £20 etc is a massive help and greatly appreciated. Also thank you to Derwentside German Shepherd Rescue, you know what for.

Special thanks to the gentleman who has been touched by the plight of Mama Bear so much that he donated a £100 towards her upkeep and vets bills.

Thank you all so much.

Monday, 23 August 2010


As promised, the beautiful Tilly.

Catch Up Time.....

First off thank you to everyone who gave up time to fund raise for us over the weekend. All your efforts are greatly appreciated by us and the dogs. Likewise to everyone who supported us by buying tombola tickets, coffee's etc.

The last 7 days or so has been a really tough time for several reasons. Dogs have died that we were unable to save, dogs have arrived so stressed that it brings a tear to your eye, and of course we had little Star seriously ill at the vets.

I'm pleased to say Star is due home this afternoon, but hit has been very touch and go whether she would survive the horrendous infection she has obviously picked up whilst wondering the streets. Our first fears were not confirmed, as Parvo tests came back negative, she has however had a very serious infection, so bad she did not eat for 8 days, so has understandably lost a lot of weight. Thanks to Moorview for everything they have done for her.

Bear is beginning to settle, although she has been extremely stressed. None of our dogs deserve what they have had to endure because of humans, but I find it so hard to believe that a beautiful big girl like her was simply kicked out because she was unwanted. Another pointer at the atrocious society we are all part of. You just need to look into her eyes to see why I despise the majority of the human race.

Another new girl is Tilly the Lurcher. I picked her up as a stray, and was unclaimed, so she is now officially a SHAK dog. She is beautiful, and has made friends already. Tilly and Isaac are good pals, and play in the run together as well as sharing a kennel during the day. Pictures to follow.

The threat of legal action against another rescue means I cannot really comment on a very sad story that has probably come to the saddest ending of all today. Another soul abused by mankind and has ultimately paid the biggest price..... by losing her life.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Another Busy Weekend.....

Thanks to everyone who is giving up their time and effort to fund raise on yet another busy weekend for SHAK.

On Saturday the girls are at The Peregrine Pub in Chapel Park for the "Hungry Horse Family Fun Day."

Whilst on Sunday they move on to the Gloucester Lodge Horse Show in Blyth. The farm is just along the road from "Pebbles" at Seaton Sluice, so you could also pop in for a coffee and scone.

Three great ways of filling time during the school holidays, and of course helping us save more lives.

New Girl At SHAK.....

This is Bear the Leonberger who arrived late tonight. Already making a huge impression, after knocking Gregg flat on his backside, she is another one that desperately needs our help.

Bear has a suspected mammary tumour, but is also over weight. We need to get some weight off her before she can have her operation. I have to say, all round she is a big dog both in body and character.

This Week.....

This week has been one of those topsy turvy exhausting weeks that lead me to sit down and wonder why the hell I put myself through it.

One of the SHAK dogs has been at the vets since Tuesday, and is currently still in a serious condition. I really do not feel now is the right time to name which dog it is, as after losing Spirit in such a traumatic fashion I really do not want to tempt fate. I know this may sound selfish, but I really do not know how I will cope if I lose another of the SHAK family.

One dog that looks as if it has been deprived the chance to join that family, is Grace the Bull breed with the horrific injuries. For legal reasons I can not go into details, however she will not be released to rescue. I will let you make your own conclusions to her fate after she has served her 7 days.

Thank you to everyone who pledged towards her treatment if we were to get her. Everyone at SHAK appreciates your faith and support.

Today did see one dog in desperate need of a place to go arrive at The Rescue Place. Bear (not a very lady like name I know, its under review) the Leonberger made the journey north and arrived late tonight. She is overweight and has a suspected mamary tumour, so is another that needs vets attention.

Thanks to Maurice and his daughter for bringing her on a horrendous journey north, and thanks to Jennie for twisting my arm right up my back.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Update On Grace.....

Here is the latest on Grace, her x-rays have been reviewed today and it appears she could be treated but its going to be very expensive. Her left hip has totally collapsed, her right leg has an old injury/trauma that has fused. Plans are in place to get her into the care of a specialist vet in Solihull.

She would need an MRI scan to ascertain that she had no spinal damage (none appears on x-ray). A rough estimate to scan and treat is approx £9000. Her flesh injuries are responding well to treatment.

I will post updates as I get them.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

On A Brighter Note.....

Here's a picture of Faith watching her Mam muck out the horses. Everyone who know's Faith's story will appreciate just what can be achieved given time. No dog should be written off without that at least.

And here's an update written by the girl herself:

"Hello everyone - I thought I would let you all know how life in my new home is going !!

its all been a bit unsettling but exciting and I am getting very brave going for my walks now - when mammy picks up the lead now I can't wait to get it on. I was a bit scared at first coming out if the back of my car but getting braver !!! My new neighbours are really nice and letting me take things at my own pace but they are all dog lovers so understand how big a thing this is for me - have have a lovely garden which has had a special gate put on for me and I can sun bah on the patio when the sun comes out !!!

I get to go and feed my big brother and sisters everyday which means a nice walk to the field and I have made lots of new friends at the yard, horses and doggies - especially Olli who comes with Auntie Andrea - we had great fun in the indoor school ! Talking of the indoor school they have horsey jumps in there which I like jumping - its especially funny making mammy jump them with me !!! I even got to go to the girlies coffee morning I got to hear all the gossip and have a biscuit !

Well I have to go now this new life is soooo tiring - off to lie infront of my fire in my comfy big bed

Bye for now
Faith x "

Update On Grace The Mastiff..... (Warning Horrendous Images)

Grace (as she has officially been christened today) has touched the hearts of a lot of people. We are waiting for medical approval, but there is a good chance that if we get that, then she will be on the way to SHAK. There is a fund set up to pay for her treatment, that has already had over £200 pledged, please pray that she makes it through to get a chance. Updates as I get them.

(I have tonight decided to post some of the photos. This is real life people, and this was inflicted by the society we live in.)

Monday, 16 August 2010

Report On Mastiff Girl.....

Here is the details from the dog warden who picked her up:

SBT x Mastiff (?) bitch white with tan on ears and tiny tan patch on tail med size & build short smooth coat full tail no collar no tag no chip approx. 3-4 yrs old collected from Barnford Park in Oldbury where she was cowering between two fences, in a space about 18" wide. She had one of the worst injuries to her neck, that I have ever seen. A gash about 6" long by 2" wide by 1" deep ran from the back of her right ear, down the neck to level with the jaw bone. There was also a split about 2.5" long in the back of the ear itself and a "V" shaped piece of the end of the ear itself was missing. There were many old scars from "puncture wounds" in many locations mainly on the front legs and head. The Vet., tried to get her to walk, but found a problem with her back right leg. He said there seemed to be almost no sensation in the leg at all.

The dog will be treated at the RSPCA Hospital in Barnes Hill, and if she recovers and is fit to be rehomed, they will contact us to arrange this.

At the moment, the Vet., said that the ear is so infected, and riddled with fly strike, that it may well necrate, and literally drop off. The leg problem could just be an old break, or could be something more serious, and need to be amputated. The open wound on the neck would need to be left open for a while "to see what drops off, and what regenerates". She was given three injections, one was an antibiotic, one was Morphine, and the other was a sort of Aspirin substitute. He said they would anaesthetise her later tonight, and get a better look at the situation after they had been able to clean things up a bit, and investigate the leg problem further. He suggested that I ring them some time tomorrow and he would know more about her condition, and be able to give a better prognosis.

Throughout all this "messing her about", she never once growled or snarled at any of us. I thought she curled her lip a little when he went to look at her teeth, but it was over so quickly, that I am not sure about this at all.

The Most Shocking Cruelty I Have Ever Seen.....

This girl was picked up in a park in Birmingham today. She has a series of injuries, will probably lose one of her legs, and has a wound that looks like someone tried to decapitate her with a spade.

I have chose not to post the photo's on here due to them being so disturbing, however if you do want to see the cruelty that our race is capable of, then follow this link:!/album.php?aid=195811&id=578726810

This girl is currently resting up in an animal hospital, well done to Jennie at K9 Search for having the courage to post these in an attempt to try and find someone who knows something.

Friday, 13 August 2010

A True Star.....

I can show these photo's now as Star has served her 7 days as a stray, and is now a SHAK dog. Although, not for long as she has a home lined up..... she's coming home with me and her two best pals Sky and Oskar.

As you can see, Star was very skinny covered in fleas, but such a loveable little thing. She has gained some weight, and it has taken most of the week for her motions to become solid! I guess like all our dogs we will never find out the true story of how she ended up with us, but to let such a beautiful young dog get in such a state is nothing short of a crime.

More pictures to come if it ever stops raining.

Update On Till.....

(Formerly Boris)

"Hello Stephen

Just to update you on Till.

He has just returned from the grooming parlour and looks magnificent! The young man who owns the parlour and did the shampoo said Till was perfect and played with him in the water. Till adored the attention. It is a pity it is such a wet day as he does not need to go out and get all his hair messed up. Oh well, no alternative, he needs his walks but at least he smells good now!!

Success also with a new made to measure collar, a very sporty brown leather half-check with brass buckle fastening so that it does not pull over his "designer" ear! To complete his ensemble he has the matching leather lead; he will look good at the training lessons when he starts in September.

Till's tail hair is regrowing and given time I think it will become more bushy. Things are going so well and he is so at home and relaxed also sleeping and just "resting" which is what an older boy should do. I found a place to let them both safely off lead away from livestock, cars, people etc. and they were both excellent, having Till is helping Reise I am sure.

Keep up the blogs and thank you for Till."

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Spirit's Raffle.....

I'm delighted to announce the winner of the raffle in honour of my soul mate Spirit as Les a resident of Beresford Court, Seaton Sluice. The winning ticket was number 55, and after some very bad news of late for Les, it was fitting that a raffle in honour of one brave dog was won by someone who has been so brave himself in recent times.

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets, and especially to Derek for doing this, the raffle raised £200 that will pay Spirit's vet bill and also help the next dog with health issues that finds its way to us. You are a saint Derek, thank you.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Thank you.....

To Joan, Elaine, Hayley, Mike, Gregg and all the staff at Jollyes in West Denton for another fantastic weekend of fundraising. Also thanks to everyone who came to see and support us, both new and old friends (2 and 4 legged)

Coupled with yet another brilliant Sunday at Pebbles down at Seaton Sluice, where Derek had a visit from an old friend Lucas, its been another superb weekend.

Thank you all so much.

Cuddle Time.....

Off Mammy.

Faith's Adventure Day 3.....

Don't want to say too much, but when I arrived at the kennels today, Faith's name had been scrubbed off chalkboard outside her kennel. Here she is at the farm again today.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Pics From The Farm Starring Faith.....

Just received these, and I think that they show just how happy Faith is. She was pleased to see Aunty Andrea at the stables, although apparently she will only put her ears up when her new Mam is taking the photos, not when she is in them!

Faith Out On Another Sleepover.....

Faith on her way home for another sleep over. She's even been helping muck out at the stables this afternoon.

Friday, 6 August 2010

More Pictures From Faith's Sleepover.....

The Camera Never Lies.....

Hot off the press (or off my IPhone more like) here is Faith after having explored every inch of Karen's house. Worn out springs too mind, this is such a massive step for her.

Working Together.....

In the very political world of rescue, a great example of what can be achieved if people and organisations work together was witnessed today.

I received a phonecall this morning in reference to a Labrador that had been found next to her dead owner. Nobody seemed to want to know, the owner had no next of kin, so a neighbour kindly took the dog in. I agreed to take her to make her safe, surely she deserved that much.

Thank you to Marie and the girls at our friends Pawz For Thought, because of them she is now moving to her new foster home until a new permanent one can be found. Just goes to show what can be achieved when charities will work with others for the sake of the dogs.....

A Massive Leap Of Faith.....

Following on from the update I gave during the week, Faith has made an even bigger step tonight. SHAK Volunteer and my sister Karen, has kindly invited Faith around to her house for a sleep over to see how she reacts to being in a home environment. Early signs are that she is doing well, no crawling around on her belly like when I first picked her up, although she was pulling funny faces at her reflection in the mirror until she realised it was her!

More updates and hopefully photos as they arrive at SHAK HQ!

New SHAK Recruit.....

Derek and Sandra have taken on a new helper on a Sunday down at Seaton Sluice, and he looks pretty fine to me. Why not pop down to meet Pebbles and have a coffee on Sunday, sure he'd love to meet you!

"Guarding our car every Sunday
He stands cool and loose
In Fountain Bank Car Park
Thats Seaton Sluice !"

Just A Reminder.....

That Hayley, Elaine and Joan are at Jollyes at West Denton both Saturday and Sunday with the world famous SHAK Tombola, Merchandise and Raffle. Thanks to the girls for giving up their weekend, and thanks to Jollyes for having us.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Thought Of The Day.....

STOP! Take a long look into the eyes of your four-legged friend who sits at your feet. Acknowledge that he/she is loved and safe. Now for just a few moments acknowledge the many unclaimed strays that died in the pounds of the UK today and those that will die tomorrow.................

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Reach Out And Touch Faith.....

The dog I probably get the most emails about enquiring how she is getting on is little Faith. Without doubt she was the most scared dog I have ever come across when she arrived a few months ago. She'd gone beyond biting, and was so shut down that you could of done anything you wanted to her and she would of let you.

She has spent her time at SHAK in the portacabin, outside in the kennels was just too much..... until 8 days ago. Faith has now moved into her own "penthouse" and lives between Benson and Isaac. She has other friends too, Max and Lola, Scooby, she adored Spirit and Lewis is besotted by her. She still has a long way to go, but we can see the light at the end of the the tunnel. I often wondered if she would ever be able to live life like a normal dog again.....

Monday, 2 August 2010

Boris Right At Home.....

Looks like Boris (new name Till) is settling in really well at his new "Forever Foster" home. He is a little bit of a worrier, and has taken some coaxing to eat as he did when he first came to us, but he's realising he is home now. Here he is with his girlfriend Reise enjoying the sunshine and a cheese scone at Derek's on Sunday

SHAK In Motion.....

Here's another chance for you to have a look at videos to do with SHAK:

True Spirit.....

Its nearly a week since we lost Spirit, and as promised here is the wonderful tribute written and sung by my good friend Lisa Clark. Still miss you big man.....

Sunday, 1 August 2010

A Big Thank You To Hillheads Dog Training Club.....

I had the pleasure of meeting more of the Hillheads Dog Training Club this morning when I was invited down to be presented with the cheque from their fundraising day. These kind people made a massive £830 for SHAK, we really cannot thank them enough. I also have to say there was some beautiful and well behaved four legged members there to meet me too, thank you so much for everyone (two & four legged) at SHAK.