Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Prayers For Nina.....

It’s been a very important and vital week for one of our dogs, and my kennel sweetheart. Nina had been down for a couple of days, when SHAK Animal Welfare Assistant Andrew decided that she’d taken a turn for the worse, and contacted the vets to get her down to be checked out. It was a good job he did, because in doing so he saved Nina’s life. Scans revealed that Nina was suffering from Pyometra, a serious infection of the womb. It generally affects older dogs, soon after they are in season (estrus/heat), and if not treated, it is often fatal. Thanks to the team at Alnorthumbria Vets and Andrew’s quick thinking, and tonight I’m pleased to say Nina is recovering well after surgery.

For more info on her condition please visit:

What Is Pyometra.....


Friday, 24 August 2012

Busy, Busy Bank Holiday Weekend.....

Don't forget SHAK's very Super Trooper (listeners of the radio show will get that) down at Fountainhead Car Park, Seaton Sluice this Sunday for teas, coffees and scones! Remember every penny Derek makes comes to us, so its definitely worth a trip. Even if it's just to take the micky out of his love for ABBA!

The fundraising team are working overtime this weekend, so please drop by and say hello! We have teams at both Heighly Gate Garden Centre, Morpeth and the BRAND NEW Pets At Home store in South Shields on both Saturday and Sunday.

All these people give up their own time to help raise funds that allows us to do what we do at the kennels. Your support is essential and greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Woody Taking It All In His Stride.....

Just thought you might like to see the latest photos of Woody making the difficult step into the wild, mad, crazy outside world!

The State Of Molly Makes My Blood Boil.....

Molly came to us in this state, I cannot say too much but the story was the owner couldn't afford to feed her. Authorities stepped in, and well the rest is history. In the time she has been with us, Molly has been a delight. She has gained a bit of weight, and will walk on water for food. She likes people and other dogs, and is such a happy go lucky girl that to think she ended up like this simply boils the blood.

Molly deserves a home to continue her rehabilitation, gain more weight, and to get the love and attention she deserves. If you think you are the person to give her this, then please email
Molly and Me enjoying a hug now she's not so "ribby."

Good To See You Zac.....

I loved seeing this today, a picture of Zac a year on in his new home. We rescued Zac from a bad situation, and rehomed through our great friends B-A-R-K. Good to see you again Zac, especially looking so happy.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Storm Gets A Home To Call His Own.....

I'm delighted to say that after being with us for a long time, Storm has now moved into a "Forever Foster" home with a family that love him so much. Storm came to us a very stressed and manic boy, and had nowhere else to turn. Since arriving he  has worked so hard to get this opportunity.

I keep saying its the dogs that do all the work, and Storm is a perfect example of this. Thanks to Lesley who kindly fostered Storm till this home was found, and has once again weaved her magic. Best of luck Storm, we're all very proud and very pleased for you.

Thanks For The Support.....

Thanks to everyone who tuned in and listened to the radio show this morning, and thanks to everyone who emailed and text in your support. I was still a little nervous this morning, so your kind words and interest really helped settle me down.

As I said on air, I'm very keen to get you the SHAK Supporters involved, so please if you want a song played or want to tell me about your dogs past and present, please get in touch via

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

"It's A Dogs Life" The Radio Show.....

Please don't forget to tune in to "It's A Dogs Life" The Radio Show..... Lionheart Radio 107.3FM 9am - 11am or listen live on:

Monday, 20 August 2012

Finn Finds A Temporary Foster Home.....

Some more good news, as I'm pleased to say we have secured a temporary foster for Finn as we continue a full time search for a "Forever Foster" home for him. Thanks to Anna for giving Finn this chance to show us how he is a house, and also to recover from being neutered today!

Please Sponsor Lynn.....


So in a slight moment of madness I decided to apply for a place in this year's Great North Run and miraculously managed to get a place on my first time of applying (everyone I spoke to said that just doesn't happen!). So come the 16th of September I will be attempting to run 13.1 miles, hopefully in about two and a half hours - not looking at breaking any speed limits for the first time in my life!

As most of you know the charity SHAK is a very special charity for me. SHAK stands for Safe Homes and Kindness and they provide just that for dogs have have been abused and abandoned. Having volunteered there for eighteen months I have become very attached to the dogs that have wandered through the doors over the time I was there and not one of them would still be alive if it hadn't been for Steve and his staff and volunteers. As he says SHAK takes the dogs nobody else wants! The aim of SHAK is either to rehabilitate the dogs, no matter how long it takes until they can become a much loved pet in a new home or if that would be too traumatic for the dog they will be given love, attention, stimulation and care for the rest of their lives.

Please, please dig deep for our puppies - SHAK is an entirely independent charity which relies entirely on charitable donations so when they say every little helps, it's true, every penny counts.

Lynn x

Run Sharpy Run..... Link To Sponsor.

SHAK Links Up With The Newest Pets At Home.....

I had a great time on Friday at the opening of the new South Shields Pets At Home store, and even got to meet the mayor!

It was with great pleasure that we accepted the offer to be paired with the new store, so thank you to Neil and his team for thinking of us.

Below is a report from today's South Shields Gazette, and thanks to everyone at the store for making me feel so welcome.

Shields Gazette.....

Friday, 17 August 2012

I'll Never Forget That Bark.....

Three days after losing Gunnar, and a year ago today, we lost Harry to the horrendous cancer, Lymphoma. Harry was picked up by the dog wardens and was so skinny he couldn’t stand. Despite being so frail he had the deepest bark ever, and used to bark in disgust every time you got that camera out. SHAK gave him a chance, and my sister and her partner gave him a place to build himself up. That he did, and we honestly thought we’d turned him around. His last days were so happy, contented and fulfilled, but cancer is something we can’t beat in a fight.
I feel lucky to have played a part in the lives of these two dogs, too of provided light at the end of their tunnels, and they both taught me and the SHAK team so much.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Finn Needing A Forever Foster.....

As is usually the case in this job when we move one into a home there is always another waiting. Finn was picked up near land where travellers had been staying. They had left earlier that morning. He is a very loving boy, who loves to run and play with toys as these photos suggest.

If you would like to be considered for offering Finn his "Forever Foster" home please contact

Woody Goes Home.....

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, after the trip of a life time to a wooden pod, our Woody had done enough to win over Ant and Kate. I'm delighted to say that they have moved into their new house now, and collected Woody for a permanent trip.

As you can see, Woody is living up to his reputation and settling into the whole new house thing really well. I'm really happy for all three of you, and it just shows holiday romances can last.

The Radio Show.....

I'd just like to thank everyone for all the well wishes before, during and after the radio show this morning. I'm not afraid to say I was a bundle of nerves before hand, and your texts and emails really gave me a buzz knowing you were listening.

Please tune in again next Thursday and remember to send your Waggy Tails to

SHAK Supporters 200 Club August Draw.....

Here's this months winners:

1st - 53 Taylor Dowson

2nd - 158 Ross McGowan

3rd - 190 Tim Burnett

Thank you so much again for your support.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

SHAK Radio Show Premieres.....

If you have absolutely nothing else to do tomorrow morning between 9-11 why not tune in or listen on live to me make an idiot of myself on the radio! Tomorrow sees the launch of "It's A Dogs Life" the SHAK Radio Show, and I have to say I'm a little nervous, but hopefully it will go ok and will be as much fun for you listening as it will be for me.

Of course, any requests pleas email

And Jack Has One.....

I'm delighted to say that one dog just gone into a "Forever Foster" home is Little Jack. The little man hasn't been with us very long, but has left us for the farm life he longed for. Good luck little man, enjoy!

Forever Foster.....

Although we aren't your traditional rehoming centre, more of a sanctuary for dogs that need it the most, after a while and a whole lot of hard work on their part, some of our dogs are ready for the next step and go onto our "Forever Foster" scheme.

Please keep a regular eye on the "Forever Foster" page of this website if you are thinking about offering a SHAK dog a home.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I Miss You So Much Big Gee.....

It's a year today since I lost a dog that changed me forever. A dog that was so scary on arrival I honestly thought I was mad taking it on. It took 4 of us to carry Gunnar in a cage from the car to his kennel and I promise if he could of got hold of us we would of been knackered. The next day I greeted him in the morning and we were best friends from then on in.

Gunnar was very much my dog, I could do anything with him, and when he died he was unmuzzled and in my arms. His working days were over the minute he came to us, and I like to think he enjoyed every single one of them. I know he taught me so much that I feel honoured that he let me so close. I'll never forget you Big Gee, in fact I think of you every single day. I miss you.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

SHAK Gets It's Own Radio Show.....

Well the training is now over, although the mistakes are still coming, and I'm both delighted and nervous to announce that "It's A Dog's Life" the SHAK Radio Show hosted by yours truly willbe going live on Lionheart Radio next Thursday and every Thursday onwards. A two hour show dedicated to mans best friend airs at 9am - 11am so please tune in to hear all the latest doggy news and some great music!

If your in the Alnwick area you can tune in at 107.3fm or you can listen live on line at:

Lionheart Radio.....

We're very proud of this link up, and would like to thank Lionheart for giving us this opportunity, even if it does mean I'm going to be a nervous wreck every Thursday morning!

Anyone who has a doggy story to tell and would like to come on the show, or has a dogs tail to tell and would like it read out on the show, please contact me via

Don't Forget The Coffee.....

Please don't forget that Derek is open this Sunday (and every Sunday) down at Fountainhead Car Park in Seaton Sluice. Doing a fantastic range of tea's, coffee's and other refreshments, every penny raised comes to help us help the dogs. It also doubles up as a great donation drop off point, so please go along to support him and say hi!

Home Sweet Home.....

I love getting photo's pf our dogs once they've gone into homes and here's some of the latest.

Till had spent most of his life in a haulage yard, and was left on his own when his owner died. We found him a perfect "Forever Foster" home, where he doesn't want for anything, and I think its fair to say he's enjoying his retirement.
Next is Brodie who despite these photos, is enjoying a really active life. I guess he's earned the comfy bed after being on the go all the time.

And finally here's 3 that I'm very lucky to share a home with. Ava, Dusty and Lennox all came to me for different reasons, but all had one thing in common, nobody else wanted them. Here they are enjoying the sunshine with some pals.


Nima, Dusty and Lennox

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Another To Make Us Proud.....

Another SHAK boy settling in with his new family is Pharoah. The hustle and bustle of the outside world has been a bit of a shock to his system, but his Mam Dianne is supporting him all the way. He has developed a playful side, and as you can see him and his sister Pippin make a great couple.

A Remarkable Turnabout For A Remarkable Dog.....

If you've ever watched these "Houston Animal Cops" type shows, you'll of seen acts of cruelty that are quite simply difficult to comprehend. The worst thing is though, these things also happen on our very own doorstep, and Gus is a perfect example of this.

Thrown from a moving car, and very underweight, Gus was just another Staffy that had served his purpose to someone and was no longer wanted. On arrival with us he was clearly unsure of where he was and what had happened to him, but deep down you could see in his eyes that there was a real star waiting to shine.
Gus not quite fitting his skin.

Gus quickly learnt that we weren't going to hurt him, and made friends very quickly. Then the magic happened, somebody that had heard of Gus's tumbling onto tarmac rang me to see how he was doing, and the rest as they say is history.

Gus now has a Mam and Dad who adore him (thanks Paul and Lorraine) and a brother and sister who think he's the bees knees. An amazing turn around for a dog thrown out of a car like a crisp packet. We're all very proud of him.
Gus with his nee brother and sister Kai and Rosie.