Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Sunday, 27 November 2011

A Year On For Jack And A Day At Sainsburys.....

This week has been another one of those weeks that just flies by in a flurry. It also so the first anniversary of us losing old Jack. Jack was a wonderful old guy that came to us after his owner had been taken into hospital and then died. Jack collapsed just a few weeks later with spinal problems, and it was time for him to be back with his owner. Although the damage to the spine was the cause, I really think that he died of a broken heart. He was such a lovely dog, he left a big impression with his temporary SHAK family.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the bag pack at Sainsburys in Cramlington yesterday. It was a fantastic day, and the team were made to feel very welcome by the staff and management of Sainsburys. So thank you to them, and of course thank you to everyone who supported us.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hydro For Dudley.....

Today was another big day for Duds, as he began his Hydro Therapy sessions. Work started today with the water filled treadmill, but you could see he was itching to get into the big pool! Thanks to Trevor at 4Paws Hydro Therapy for taking the time with Dudley, and I think its safe to say that Duds has made another friend.

The photo above shows how Duds himself feels about it all, he's worn out.

Anybody that would like to contribute towards the Hydro sessions can do so by donating via paypal ( a cheque sent to the usual address or via text (Simply text SHAK01 £10 to 70070) Thank you.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Another Trip To The SeaSide....

I know that you'll all probably be getting bored of seeing pictures of Dudley now, but I can't help but share these with you after another wonderful walk on the beach with my shadow this afternoon. At one stage he even tried to play with a ball daft Labrador, he just couldn't keep up though. Seems the sunshines every time we go to the Seaside, but even in the rain sharing these trips with him would be so great.

Great News For Lexi.....

I'm delighted to say that after a weekend sleepover that turned into a three week vacation, Lexi has decided that she doesn't want to come back to the kennels. Alison and Michael have shown her so much love, and trips to the beach and then the pub, that I guess it was a tough decision for her to make. Lexi is a wonderful girl, such a treasure and good company. She should never of been with us, I'm so pleased she has found love. Only one thing remains left to sort out..... Alison when can I come and stay?

Second Birthday.....

This weekend marks the second anniversary of Derek fundraising for SHAK down at Seaton Sluice. Despite the problems that were well documented this year, Derek's efforts on a Sunday have still raised the charity just under £17,000. A truly fantastic figure, and I think it is also important to thank the people that go down on a Sunday and support Derek in his efforts.

SHAK has grown unbelievably in the last two years, and the money raised by Derek has been a big part in that progress. So thank you Derek and Sandra for such wonderful work and support, and thank you to everybody that has bought a coffee over the last two years!

You can congratulate Derek tomorrow at Fountainhead Car Park, Seaton Sluice as normal, next to the toilet block. Thank you.

Monday, 14 November 2011

SHAK Christmas Party.....

Thanks to Nik at the Blue Bell for supporting us once again and putting this event on. Come have fun, and help us, and begin your Christmas celebrations.

SHAK Christmas Cards.....

For the first time this year we have done SHAK Christmas Cards as well as the Calendars, and as we are now halfway through November I thought it was time to share them with you.

Priced at only £5.99 plus p&p for 5 different designs featuring our friends Duke, George, Oliver, Meg and Brodie, you can send Christmas Wishes and help save "Dogs On Death Row."

They have been selling well at the fundraising events, and we only have limited supplies, so please hurry to avoid disappointment.

Available from the SHAK Shop here:

Christmas Cards.....

Busy Weekend.....

I'd like to say a big thank you to the SHAK Fundraising team for another packed week of fundraising. Thanks to Carol, Angie, Sonia and Nicola for taking the SHAK Tombola to Manor Walks Shopping Centre in Cramlington on Saturday. At the same time Sheila and Joan were at Jollyes Pet Store in Blyth with the Tombola Two. Thanks to the management, staff and customers of both venues for making us so welcome. Then of course Sunday saw Derek brave the rain for another full day of coffee making. The new venue means new customers, so thanks not only to Derek and Sandra but to everyone old and new who is supporting us.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Dudlet At The SeaSide.....

I had a lovely time with Dudley at the Seaside yesterday afternoon as the sun was shining. Coming up from Kent I don't know if he has even seen the sea before. He got such a fright when the first wave broke around his feet. Still he found a stick and we had some fun. In fact he didn't want to come out of the sea when it was time to go home.

Good Time At The Beach.....

Friday, 11 November 2011

King Sends A Smile.....

After a difficult week, this made me smile this morning. A picture of King playing with his new house mate Jasper. Lovely to see the big fella so happy.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Day Of Vets And None Of It Nice.....

Today has been a very difficult one for me personally, but also for the SHAK Team and one of our long term fosterers. Of course that means that dogs have been effected, and in one instance paid the ultimate price.

Dudley was at the vets again for x rays on his back, and as expected it wasnt good news. There is definite arthritis present in his spine, you can see that clearly on the x rays, but also after several tests there appears to be some neurological damage too. Discs don't appear on x rays so an MRI scan costing four figures would be the only way to rule out Disc Disease and even after surgery the damage by the arthritis would mean he could never be fixed. It's the vets belief that my original and worst fears are perhaps the case, and that Dudley is suffering from CDRM, a condition that is rife in German Shepherds. There is no cure, all we can do is give him as much love as we can and be brave when the time comes. The ironic and almost sickening thing is that the X-ray also showed Dudley to have exceptionally good hips, something so many other GSD's don't have. Last night I slept with Dudley on the floor, if it was to be his last night with us (just a fear I had) he was going to be cuddled. Tonight he is still very groggy from such a traumatic day, but he is still getting the cuddles.

It's very sad that today too we lost the first ever Forever Foster dog, Max the German Shepherd. A beautiful sable boy, Max came to us with a weak backend, skin problems and suffering from nose bleeds. Eventually we got him well enough to look for a home, but because of his health nobody wanted him. That's when I came up with the Forever Foster scheme and enabling the dogs with health issues to get into homes by assisting with their vet bills. When Dawn met Max it was love at first sight, and he went on to have 3 years of a fantastic life, that we never thought he'd get. Ironically today his backend became too much for him and he lost the fight. Or did he? The simple fact he's left a family devastated and people like me feeling lucky to of help such a brave boy, means he was the winner in my eyes. Run free Max, you were an inspiration to this charity in ways you can't imagine. Our thoughts are with Dawn and her family.

To make matters worse we were alerted at 7.30am to a dog that was eventually destroyed at 10am this morning because we couldn't find space for another large dog. The sickening experience we have faced today with Dudley and Max makes this loss of life that could of been avoided so much harder to take.

Pub Quiz.....

Thank you to Anthony and all the regulars at the Blink Bonnie in Christon Bank for what sounded a great Pub Quiz on Monday night. Support like this really means a lot to me as I remember the days when I had to raise every penny myself. Thank you guys so much.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Thank You SAGE.....

Thank you to all the staff and management at SAGE who chose to support SHAK on their October Charity Dress Down Day. Your support came as a welcome boost and tremendous surprise. Thank you to Fiona for arranging this.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

A Picture From Maisie.....

I'm sure you remember Little Miss Brindle who made a massive impression on me and my family earlier in the year. Well he she is (now Maisie) with her best friend Rube. She looks so happy and so content. Thanks Dave for sending this.

Thank You's And Coffees.....

I can't believe that its this time again, but please don't forget tomorrow is Sunday, and therefore coffee time with Derek at Fountainhead Car Park, Seaton Sluice tomorrow.

It's been a busy seven days for fundraising, so thank you to everyone who has donated either financially or with food. Special thanks to Della and all the staff and customers at Wynsors World Of Shoes in Benton for last weeks fantastic Halloween fundraiser. Joan and Sheila were also there with the famous SHAK Tombola, and they also did a fantastic job at the Metro Centre today, so thank you ladies for giving up your weekends and all the hard work.

Thank you also to Heather for buying some insulating mats for the kennels, and to the management of Endurancemats who kindly expanded the order by donating a whole load more. As the cold comes in these mats will make a massive difference. Thank you.

I'd also like to thank everyone who has joined the SHAK Supporters 200 Club. Places are still available. Anyone else who would like to join can so via printing off the forms above.


I know this photo is blurred (maybe he was going to fast) but I thought I'd show you Dudley running after my Sky and Star. A week ago this dog was due to be destroyed as he was "unable to be rehomed." Today he ran like any other dog having fun.

Dudley Settling In.....

Here's Dudley settling in with some new friends. You can't actually see on these photographs, but my other 5 dogs off lead with him here, and he tried his utmost to keep up with them all. He thinks the world of his new pals, and they all think the world of him.

Thank you to Lucy and the girls at Bella's Dog Grooming for giving him a bath and a makeover yesterday. He looks and smells gorgeous now.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

And Hello To Kes.....

With Dudley arriving in such dramatic circumstances on Sunday its meant I haven't been able to introduce Kes who also arrived this weekend. Kes is a little Lurcher who has got herself into bother after originally being abused. She is a playful girl, who is here to be assessed.

Kes has cheated the vets needle before, but this time we were there to provide an alternative. I'm just pleased we could help her.

Some Progress For Dudley.....

Some progress for Dudley today as Jonathon from Moorview rang with the results of his blood tests from Monday. The level of Calcium in his blood came back as normal, which is a good sign, however there is chronic and active infection. The plan is to continue with his current medication and then have x rays next week to see if the infection is causing the problems with Dudley's rear end.

In himself he appears stronger and the drinking isn't so obsessive. I'm hoping its not just wishful thinking, Dudley is a real hero of a dog and it feels like he's been he forever. We will do all we possibly can to get him through this.