Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Introducing The SHAK Hotel. You Can Help.....

Introducing the SHAK Hotel Scheme.....

At SHAK we rescue over 100 dogs per year, usually in difficult circumstances and, when the dogs arrive, they are often very distressed and frightened.

Our initial aim is to provide them with a safe, comfortable kennel, regular meals, and exercise and, very importantly for these dogs, a sense of routine. Throughout this time they experience kindly and consistent care at our own kennels set in the middle of some glorious Northumberland countryside. As they recover, they are assessed and rehabilitated with many going on to be successfully rehomed through our forever foster scheme.

We need your help to provide these dogs with the accommodation and care they so badly need during this critical time for them. Our “Hotel Scheme” is a chance for you to participate in this work by supporting a dog or dogs at different levels depending on what you are able to contribute.

Any amount will be appreciated and well used by us in providing a place for them where they are safe and treated with kindness and understanding.

If you can help please complete the form above. You can donate any fixed amount monthly for a dog of your choice or select a level of donation from the box below to provide a specific level of support.

Standard:_£15.00 per month provides a secure comfortable kennel, food and exercise for your dog.

Executive: £20.00 per month will enable us to also provide an enriched environment with rehabilitation expert support, toys and extra bedding etc.

Deluxe: £25 per month will enable us to also provide basic veterinary care for your dog.

2012 SHAK Calendars Now Available.....

2012 SHAK Calendars are now in stock at the SHAK Shop. Priced £6.99 hurry and get yours whilst stock last.

Once again thanks to Kingsway Garage for sponsoring our calendar meaning that EVERY penny raised goes to the dogs.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Hello To Riley.....

Another stray that came to us in quite a bad way is Riley. Paws bleeding, and filthy dirty, it looked like he had been wondering for a little while. However, he scrubbed up well, and has made a new friend in Lola. We are looking at options for him, as he really doesn't deserve to be in kennels. Anyone in the North East looking for a nice companion please get in touch.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Thank You's.....

Massive THANK YOU to people who were fundraising for SHAK at three different events today. First up Dale and Jill who once again raised an amazing amount at a car boot sale, I know Dale will be pleased to have some space in the boot again, but everyone at SHAK really appreciates you and Jill giving up your day off. Likewise to Joan and Sheila who had a great day at Greenside Dog Show. This "double act" have worked really hard at all the events of late, and once again everyone really appreciates all you do. And last but not least, Derek and Sandra for all the work they put into their now back to weekly fundraising. Derek works so hard to make sure everything is ship shape for a Sunday, and despite a few teething problems in his new pitch, being back to every Sunday is making a massive difference.

And of course to everyone who has supported these people by donating in various ways. Thank you all.

Fun Loving Nero.....

We've had a spate of Greyhounds and Lurchers turning up as strays lately, and here's the latest, Nero. When I picked him up, Nero was jumping with fleas. You could visibly see them jumping on his back.The neglect is also visible by the loss of fur on his back end.

I treated the flea problem immediately, and after the passengers had gone we were left with a wonderful lovable boy. Anyone looking for a fun dog really couldn't get much more fun than this handsome boy.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Thanks To Linda At Whitley Bay Pet Supplies.....

Special thanks to Linda at Whitley Bay Pet Supplies. First she donated £50 worth of vouchers to her store, which I decided to use to buy the SHAK dogs new boomer balls. Then when I went to collect them today, not only was there a whole load of other goodies, but she told me to keep the vouchers to raffle off. Thank you so much Linda.

Please Sponsor Sparky And Skip.....

Sparky and Skip are two collie dogs who were both abandoned and then rescued by SHAK big dog rescue. They now live together with Trevor Wakenshaw.

In order to raise funds for SHAK it was decided to do some sort of challenge but it had to be one the dogs could do as well. Therefore we are doing the Cumbrian Traverse on October 22nd 2011. This is a mere 35 mile jaunt across the lakeland fells which includes 21 peaks and 12,000 of ascent.

Those doing the run are Sparky, Skip, Trevor Wakenshaw and Dave Johnson. We have road support provided by Craig Bell and his German Shepherd dogs Lewis and Inca.

Please sponsor us and help to raise funds for the wonderful SHAK dogs. If you aren't able to see Dave or myself in person for us to empty your pockets, you can donate via paypal on the SHAK website (link below) but please state that it's for Sparky and Skip's run if you do.

Thank you all for your support. more

Friday, 23 September 2011

Gorgeous Hugo.....

This wonderful big boy is Hugo, another stray I picked up and somehow squeezed in my Landrover. Hugo was found abandoned, tied to a tree and just left.

He has such a sad face, and is clearly bewildered about what has happened to him, but today round the back I saw the real Hugo. Playful but so strong, the torment he has suffered really was forgotten all with one rubber ring.


A Work Out With Hugo.....

King Of Kings.....

Speaking of dogs in homes, have a look at this picture of King. I honestly never thought I'd see the day I saw pictures like this. Thanks to Debs, Vince and the family, and King, big un I'm so proud of you.

Time For Home Benjy.....

It was a nice day for Benjy today, as he went into a "Forever Foster" home. I picked this little guy up as a stray, and it immediately struck me that he was such a character. Wrap a red bandana around his neck and I'm sure he could of walked of any kids TV show. It was love at first sight today, we're all really pleased for the wee guy. Enjoy Benjy.

Coffee Again On Sunday.....

Please don't forget that Derek is open again on Sunday, but now at the Fountainhead Car Park across the road from his house. Thanks in advance for your support.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Unwanted Dogs, Poem Called 'I Thought You Loved Me'

Written and spoken by my good friend Liesa Clark.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Oscar And Grace.....

As you can see these two are beginning to become quite friendly. Oscar is learning that two dogs can sniff the same piece of grass, and that girls are ok. The progress this dog has made in 8 days is truly remarkable, and he is gaining two legged admirers too, not just Grace and Roxy.

And Check Out His New Friend.....

And here is the big guy with one of his new foster pals. Remember this is a Greyhound that appears to have no love in its life, yet he still welcomes a cat into his life. Well done Bono.

Nothing Surprises Me.....

Nothing surprises me in this job anymore and when Bono turned up at The Rescue Place as a stray, I'm afraid that I just shook my head. There is nothing that can excuse sheer neglect like this, and although it is nowhere near the worst we've seen, seeing such a gorgeous dog like this is simply sickening. There is good news though, as Bono is now living in the comfortable home he deserves until he is fit enough to look for a "Forever Foster" home. Thanks Sheena and Roger for giving this beautiful boy a break.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Two New Fantastic Events.....

A couple of dates for your diary in October.

Come support us at Jollyes in West Denton as the store holds a Pets Health Awareness Day on 1st October. They have very kindly chosen SHAK to be the beneficary from all the fundraising that month, so thanks Tim, Tanja and all the team.

Also planned for October in the "Little Snorters/Beauty And The Pooch Walk (In Aid Of SHAK.) Happening on 23rd October, here is some words from event organiser Leah:

"By popular demand! A lot of you have been asking for doggy social events and because my Little Snorters Group is only for the smaller hairy bairns, Beauty and the Pooch and I thought we would make an event where all friendly socialised dogs could get together and make some new friends.

We are going to ask if you could make a £1 donation per dog which we will give to SHAK Dog Sanctuary and ask if Darren from Bark Life Photography will come along and get some lovely photos of your pooches roaming and playing in the gorgeous woodlands!

We will meet in the carpark at Plessy Woods at 11am (remember your change for parking) and then have a lovely stroll into the woods:-)

If it's good weather please feel free to bring some food and we can have an Autumn picnic!

*Please remember you are responsible for your dogs safety "

Thanks to both Leah and everyone connected to Beauty and the Pooch.

Both days sound fantastic. Please see all our other events at our events page.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Great North Run.....

Good Luck to everyone who is doing the Great North Run for us tomorrow. On behalf of all the SHAK dogs and the SHAK team, thank you for your support.

From Stray To Chic.....

Introducing little Shabby Chic (ask Vicki) an old Lurcher girl that I was lucky enough to pick up as a stray. Skin condition, claws missing and rotten teeth, it was obvious that Shabby had been kicked out and dumped by someone. Vicki fell in love with her immediately, although I have to admit thats not hard, and she's been with her ever since. Just shows one persons rubbish etc. Enjoy life in a home that loves you for a change little un, and thank you Vicki and Jude.

More From Geordie Paws.....

Thanks to Kate from Lendlease for sending me more photo's from the paint day that they nicknamed "Geordie Paw's" As you can see some of the gang were lucky to share the teams picnic, and yes that is a silver bag on Vicki's foot???

Friday, 16 September 2011

New Toy And Great News.....

Another arrival yesterday in such a busy day was a caravan that will be used to try and get dogs used to a "sitting room" environment. Kindly donated by our very own Derek, and transported by his good friend Arthur, thanks guys for giving us another asset and activity in these dogs lives.

Derek giving a caravan away means one thing only. This Sunday is his first in Fountainhead Car Park, Seaton Sluice. It also means he is now back to opening every Sunday! Derek has fought really hard to keep fundraising for this charity, would be fantastic if we could all get down and support him on his first day. In case you don't know, its the car park opposite his house on the sea front. Thanks everyone.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Thank You To The SHAK And Lendlease Teams.....

I'm always very proud of the SHAK team, but today they excelled themselves even further. Under pressure as we had a wonderful group of people coming to paint the kennels, they performed magnificently and still managed to clean and walk every dog twice. Thank you all, I'm so proud.

Thank you to to the team from Lendlease that travelled all the way from Manchester on a community day to paint our kennels. A great day was had, new friends made, a picnic and the dogs got spoilt rotten. Thanks to Paul Smith of PPG for donating all the paint, and a special thanks to Kate Perkins for arranging the whole thing.

I get really emotional when I think back to why this charity came about, and to think we now have support like I saw today, is simply amazing. Thank you all so much.

Thank You For Maggie And Charlie's Pad.....

Here's the team in the kennel they kindly funded as part of their community day. The arrival of which created another kennel to save a life. Here's Maggie and Charlie saying a special Thank You for providig their home.