Change Lives

Change Lives

Friday, 29 April 2011

Dusty And Friends.....

This old guy has won over so many hearts since he stumbled his way to SHAK. Dusty is gorgeous, and he is enjoying the love and attention he deserves. Here he is with his best pal Neve and my other dogs Oskar, Sky and Star escaping the royal wedding.

Star And Sky.....

Here's a picture of Star having fun on a walk with the rest of my dogs today. Here she is with Sky, hard to believe when I found her she was in the vets for 8 days and it was touch andgo whether she'd pull through.

No Derek This Sunday.....

Thank you for all the get well wishes for Derek. He is recovering well, but this Sunday has come a little bit too soon and he's been instructed to put his feet up. Hopefully he will will be open again on the 15th.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Year On For BIG Bentley.....

Today marks the first anniversary of us losing one of our BIG old boys. Bentley died of old age and natural causes a year ago today, after having a brilliant end to his life with his Forever Fosterers Andy and Jackie. Andy was never seen without the big guy, and I'll never forget the tales of Andy having to go into a friends walk in bath just to give Bentley a wash.

Arriving from a pound, Bentley was very wobbly on his back end, and after a few days in kennels had pretty much given up on life. Step forward the Ellis family, and he turned back the clock.

You were very much a gentle giant fella, with a wonderful loving heart. You will always be in our thoughts.

An Old Friend.....

Thanks to Rachel from Malamute Rescue for this update on Koda:

Koda 1 yr on in his new home with his new brother Boki who is a Tibetan.

Paul and Koda run 7miles every morning then it's off to work (Paul's a tree surgeon) and Koda goes with him every day and sometimes helps to pull the logs. Koda has also met and impressed potential new adopters as an example of a rescue dog..

Monday, 25 April 2011

An Amazing Weekend.....

A wonderful weekend fundraising was capped off by an amazing total reached by the staff at Wynsor's Shoes at Benton. The £333 they have raised this weekend means that the total for Friday, Saturday and Sunday is just under £1100! Thank you to Della and all her staff, and to everyone who supported them and donated. That goes for everyone at Pets At Home in Cramlington too, and everyone who supported us there. A massive THANK YOU again to the SHAK Girls, and a special EXTRA BIG thank you to Joan who arranged the whole weekend.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Dusty Sleep Walking.....

Captured this the other night, not sure if Dusty is running or starting a motorbike. He is such a loving boy, and has come on so much.

Thank You & Easter Raffle Winners.....

Thanks once again to the girls for giving up part of their Easter weekend to put in amazing performances at Pets At Home in Cramlington and Wynsors Shoes in Benton. Joan, Carol, Sonia and Nicola all worked really hard and the weekend so far has raised us over £520. A truly magnificent figure, but I say so far as the staff and management at Wynsors were fundraising for us themselves, so there is more to come.

Thanks to the management and staff of both Wynsors and Pets At Home, your support is really appreciated and really does make a difference when it comes to us "Saving Dogs On Death Row."

Saturday also saw the drawing of the first ever SHAK Easter Draw. Special thanks to Joan who has ran the whole operation, and thanks to Lisa who paid for the first set of raffle tickets (which sold out), everyone who donated the fabulous prizes, and of course everyone who bought tickets. We sold an incredible 804 books (4020 tickets) so THANK YOU to everyone!

The winners are:

1st prize Alana Greenlees ticket no 2329
2nd prize Joanne Simpson ticket no 3461
3rd prize Christine ticket no 0152
4th prize D Duffey ticket no 1617
5th prize Val ticket no 4450
6th prize Ian Smith ticket no 0712

Once again thank you all,the SHAK Team (2 & 4 legged) really appreciate it. Happy Easter.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Important Message From Gumtree.....

From Gumtree:

If you are unfortunate enough to be in a position where you have to sell or give your dog away please consider the owner enquiring about your pooch.

Some people around Guildford are taking on free or very cheap family dogs and using them in the brutal illegal sport, dog fighting. These dogs are caged and forced to fight other dogs that are trained to kill for money. As you can imagine it is a devastating end to a once loved part of the family. Dogs that will not fight are tied up and used as 'bait dogs' to be the punch bag for fighting dogs in training.

A lady who gave her Golden retriever away to a supposedly loving home, got a call only 2 weeks later from the RSPCA that had found her dead dog in a dog fighting establishment, tied up and its mussel duck taped after it had been mauled to death by other dogs. The microchip was still holding her previous owners address.

This is happening all the time, Dogs area also being stolen from homes and gardens and used to support this horrible sport. Please be aware and make sure you sell your beloved dog for a price only an animal lover would spend on it. After’s best friend should be priceless. Anybody enquiring about your dog in any situation should be quizzed and anybody suspicious should be reported to the police. Good luck.

Good To See You Bruce.....

The girls had a wonderful day at Pets At Home in Cramlington today (more of that later) but one highlight was the appearance of Bruce, an older SHAK boy. Looking absolutely stunning, Bruce was always gorgeous, but we found him a family that have put so much work in to turn him into the beautiful boy he is

Here he is reading all the latest SHAK news and sticking his tongue out to everyone who wrote him off.

Well done Bruce and the Stoddarts, and as always great to see how you are coming on.

Once Again The Dog Loses Out Because Of Humans.....

What an absolute disgrace. Shows the quality of handling that the idiot has to use a pole. And this friends in a country of "dog lovers".

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Farewell Big Keiser.....

Yesterday was another one of those sad days when it was time to say goodbye to one of the old SHAK "Forever Foster" boys. Keiser arrived with us with a huge reputation as nasty, but despite a more challenging character at times, deep down he was a sweetheart. Keiser found his foster home by lying down in the house where we used to rent kennels and simply refused to leave. That was Keiser, and for all his faults he really was a strong and brave boy. In the time we had him, he beat testicular cancer, a bowel problem and even had a toe removed. However, age and illness catches up with us all in the end, and Keiser seemed to deteriorate severely over the last 2 months or so.

He leaves behind a Mam and Dad who loved him, and a whole load of memories. Thanks for those big man, it was an absolute pleasure to have you as a SHAK dog. Run free now, no more pain. x

Brodie's New Look.....

Thank you to Andrea for giving Brodie a sleepover so he could go and get his official SHAK haircut. As you can see Brodie is clearly enjoying the sunshine with his new sleek haircut, so thank you to Serena at Woof Cutz.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Get Well Soon Derek.....

Due to an operation I'm afraid Derek won't be open this week. On behalf of everyone at SHAK (2 & 4 legged) and all our supporters, get well soon Derek.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Another Heartbreaker.....

I don't know how they do it, but I'm convinced that the dogs that are the most desperate find there way to me and then onto SHAK. Old Dusty is no exception. I picked this handsome old guy up as a stray, and having served his 7 days unclaimed he is now the latest dog in line to break my heart and the hearts of all the SHAK team. Dusty is clearly in a bad way, as the photos in the first Dusty post show. His ears are severely infected, so much so that he is deaf, whilst he has gum disease and rotten teeth too. He is covered in lumps and bumps, and clearing showing signs of neglect.

Today I took him to the vets, and she confirmed what I already suspected, Dusty is suffering from testicular cancer. Despite this he is such a happy bouncy boy, and whilst treatment has begun on his ears and teeth, it was felt that at his age full surgery and removal of the testicles may just be too much.

The strength dogs such as Dusty (ans Spirit and Mama Bear before him) show is unbelievable, and I am just pleased that SHAK is there to provide exactly what we say we will "Safe Homes And Kindness." At the moment that home is my own home, where he is curled up on the floor next to me as I type this. God bless you boy.

Dusty Smiling.....

More Of Old Dusty.....

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

More From The Sun Shoot.....

The Sun Photo Shoot.....

Here's a few photo's taken for the Scottish Sun article last week. I think the top photo is best described as me being a "gooseberry" with those four.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunny Weekend.....

It has beeen a gorgeous weekend weather wise, and as is usually the case there has been a lot going on at SHAK.

Thanks to the management and staff at Jollyes for making Joan, Angie and Sonia so welcome both on Saturday and Sunday, when we had another fantastic fundraising weekend. We had some amazing donations both in the form of food and cash, so thank you to everyone who resisted the back garden and came to support the girls. I hear there was appearances from quite a few older SHAK dogs so thanks to them too. It's great to see them doing so well.

Today at the kennels, Andrew and I were lucky enough to have some fun in the sun with Gema and Bouncer. As you can see, all four of us enjoyed it especially the kisses.

Fun In The Sun.....

Friday, 8 April 2011

Lionheart Radio Interview 07/04/11.....

For anyone who wants to know what SHAK is all about, or who missed this yesterday, heres my interview on Lionheart Radio. Thanks to John at Blyth Wildlife Rescue for doing the video.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

More Horrendous Cruelty.....

Another sad story from the states, but rest assured its as bad in this country.....

New SHAK Merchandise Photos.....

Thanks once again Kate Moore and Craig Averall for modelling and shooting the latest SHAK Merchandise photo shoot.

Sure you'll agree how good the pictures are, and the merchandise is just as good!
If you'd like to see more and maybes order your own SHAK gear please visit our online shop:

Monday, 4 April 2011

WARNING Disturbing And Upseting Image.....

This has been brought to my attention on Facebook. All I know is the information below. I am numb at the thought of what this girl went through. Who really are the monsters on this planet:

PHOTO FROM (The Dog - Abuse - 06) "Big Girl" was found on the ground weighing less than the chain around her neck. She had clearly been starved—she was a pile of bones and had raw, mostly hairless skin with absolutely no body fat. A veterinarian later told us that Big Girl's stomach contained nothing but dirt, leaves, a piece of corn cob with two kernels on it, and a piece of dry, caked fecal matter. Big Girl had been left to suffer for so long that she had begun to decompose. Four different generations of maggots were eating away at her body. When we gently peeled her off the ground, she moaned. She could not see us or hear us, but we hope she knew that we were there to help her. We sent Big Girl off to heaven with kind words and a gentle lethal injection. We wished we could have ended her misery much, much sooner. .

Sparky Fills The Space.....

As is usually the case, as Harvey starts his new life with his new family, his place at SHAK is quickly taken by another dog in desperate need of time, space and love. Sparky is another stray I picked up, and he was so frightened that with any movement towards him he wet himself. Trying to get him into the car was in itself an adventure as he promptly hid under the Landrover and had no control on his bladder.

I got him in with the help of a whole jar of hot dogs, and he has no served his time to become a SHAK dog. Sparky is very young and very active, and has began to trust people again. We are currently trying to build up that trust before looking for a Forever Foster home.