Change Lives

Change Lives

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Eden Day 3.....

A simply amazing day with Eden.....

Friday, 28 April 2017

Eden Day Two.....

Little steps but massive progress.....

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Eden Arrives.....

The waiting was over today as a dog I described as "potentially one of our biggest rescues ever" finally arrived. In a rescue that's taken weeks to finalise, Eden as I have decided to call her, travelled all the way from Romania in a journey that took over 48 hours. I drove to Doncaster this morning to bring her home,  and already I can see what a challenge we have on.....

Eden''s mother was taken to a 'kill' shelter in Romania when she was pregnant. Nobody seems to know what happened to her or the rest of the litter, but for around a year Eden did nothing in the shelter but hide between her pallet and kennel wall. Facing away from everything, she spent her entire day's like in the picture below:

Eventually she was moved to somewhere else where some work was done with her,  but now at 18 months old she has still never been on a lead or been outside. Incredible to think but also very sad.....

That's when I was asked if we could help, and as I've said before, it doesn't matter to me where a dog is from if they find their way to SHAK and need help. However on that note  I would ask pepole to show us respect and to emphasise that the flood gates to dogs arriving from abroad or anywhere are certainly not open. We can only help so many and with Eden with certainly have a fill time project and won't be taking anymore.

Today though her 48 hour trip across Europe came to an end. Here's how it went.....

(Please note Facebook viewers will need to click on the post to see all the photos and video. Also anyone wishing to make a contribution towards Eden's transport costs to us or for her general upkeep can do via PayPal to or via cheque made payable to SHAK and sent to SHAK HQ Greenwell Road, Alnwick,  Northumberland NE66 1HB. Thank you.)

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

On Her Way.....

In the van and on her way.....

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Journey Begins.....

Potentially one of our biggest rescues ever starts her journey to us and a new life today.....

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Can You Give Biscuit A Home.....

Biscuit is looking for a forever home. He’s been in foster care for six weeks and has settled in beautifully whilst recovering from a leg injury. He’s a friendly, joyful chap and likes playing with his toys and other dogs but most of all he loves cuddles and snuggles. He’s a typical lurcher so will want to share a space on your sofa, preferably with his head on your lap!

He’s been staying with multiple dogs so should be fine to be rehomed with another resident dog though may be best with an older buddy as he does pester to play initially. He is a good boy in the home, very happy to settle downstairs overnight and fully house trained, absolutely brilliant on the lead.  He does have a prey drive but usual with lurchers.

He is 14months old. He's chipped, neutered and had all his injections.

For more information on Biscuit email Home check and rehoming fee applies.

(Facebook readers will need to click the link to see all the photos.)

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Tina And Duke.....

Melissa had a great idea during our staff meeting yesterday when discussing how we move forward with Tina.....

Tina was handed in as a stray. So frightened she was in great danger of having nowhere to go because nobody could get in her kennel.

I went and got her and she has really blossomed.  Three weeks on from what really was a life or death decision Melissa came up with a moment of brilliance when I asked if we cold think of a playmate to help her even further.

Duke has been here so long because of abuse he suffered years ago.  He turned the clock back today and became a puppy again....

(For those unfamiliar with the dogs,  Duke is the dark brindle and Tina is the black and white.)

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

We Need You.....

Such is the demand on us at the moment, with so many dogs looking for specialist rescue, it's time for us to launch a new recruitment drive covering all aspects of our work.

So whether it is your dream to help dogs with issues and horrific pasts, or that you simply want to help keep their home the way it should be, provide that stepping stone back into the world, or if your talent is in the fundraising sector to make this whole thing possible, then we'd love to meet you.

We are looking for committed and dedicated people to join our team of Canine Welfare Assistants, the housekeeping team, the foster team and the fundraising team.

Saturday the 6th of May at 10am we are holding an open day at our HQ in Greenwell Road, Alnwick NE66 1HB where, if any of the above even slightly appeals to you, will provide you with an opportunity to find out exactly the kind of work SHAK does, meet some of the team and see exactly what it's all about!

For this charity to continue to grow and help dogs who really do need it then we need help..... we need you!

Friday, 7 April 2017

An Opportunity To Join Our Team.....


We are a registered charity and are looking for flexible volunteers who are passionate about dogs to join our team. Successful candidates will be given full training in the areas where help is required. Your duties will include:

·        Working along other volunteers and members of the team in our doggy kitchen
·        Preparation of dog meals (some require three meals per day) & giving out medication.
·        Wash feeding and water bowls
·        Update feeding logs on a daily basis
·        Replenish food stores at the end of each day
·        Wash and dry soiled bedding
·        Ensure bedding shelves are kept neat and tidy
·        Cleaning materials to be replenished, cleaned and stored in relevant area at the end of each day
·        Ensure Dog food preparation area is kept clean and tidy to the highest possible standard
·        General housekeeping duties

This will be a shared position as we need to cover the kitchen seven days.  Minimum 3 hour shifts from 10am – 1pm or 1pm – 3pm.  Alternatively, a full shift from 10am – 4pm.
Full driving license and use of your own vehicle is required.  
Previous pet care experience would be an advantage but not compulsory as you will not be dealing with the dogs direct. 
If you are interested please contact Kerry Bagier at for an application form.  If you do not have internet access please apply in writing, enclosing a stamp addressed envelope to Mrs K Bagier, SHAK, Greenwell Road, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 1HB.  (Please note no dogs are kept at this address).

Registered Charity No. 1125159

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Learning To Trust.....

It appears I'm finally gaining the trust of Keene as recently he has began to interact ever so slightly.

I took these photos today, a far cry from the bottom photo which shows the dog I was first alerted too at the vets awaiting the needle.

(Facebook viewers will need to click the post to see all of the photographs. )

Can You Help Little Bud.....

We've had so many really sad stories arrive over the last couple of weeks,  and little Bud''s tale is right up there.....

Dumped and tied to a lampost, he was suffering from obvious signs of neglect such as a skin problem and being under weight. However the worst part of his poor condition was the huge haematoma that had taken over the whole of his left ear. The ear itself had ballooned to about an inch and a half thick!

So after a bit of a wild goose chase where we thought an owner had been found, yesterday was the day he under went surgery to cut the ear so it could be drained. On closer examination it was so bad he had to have what the vet described as 'stents' fitted.....

Bud is such a loving little guy, who love's being around people and other dogs. He deserves more from his life than hechas had so far.

We need you to help him on two counts.....

Firstly his vets bill was around £300. Any help towards paying that would make a huge difference.  You can pay by two ways. PayPal to

Or by sending a cheque made payable to SHAK to SHAK HQ. Greenwell Road, Alnwick NE66 1HB.

Please mark all donations 'Bud's Bill'

Also we are desperately seeking a new forever home for Bud as recovering from surgery in kennels is never easy.

If you think you could offer this little guy a new start then please contact

Thank you.