Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Dogs Trust List Of Poisonous Plants, Garden and Household Substances.....

With the gardening season upon us, thought this might be worth looking at:

A Bit Of Good News.....

I'm pleased to say that Lucas has now been discharged from the vets, and can go about starting his new life without constant trips to the vets. It has been a hard slog, but everyone at SHAK is so proud of him. I'd also like to say a big thank you to Jonathon and all his staff at Moorview Vets for doing such a fantastic job with Lucas, to Sonia and Paul at A1 Kennels for helping Lucas find where he was meant to be, and to Gilly and Andy for sticking by him, and giving him the perfect home.

Monday, 29 March 2010

A Little PS For Your Prayers.....

When you say your prayers tonight, could you please remember two of the SHAK team, who have dogs that are very close to them, at the vets seriously ill. Even it is just a little "ps" at the end. Thank you.

Introducing Kado.....

Well, here is the beautiful big boy we saved from being destroyed on Saturday.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

I got a big surprise today when I popped down to Derek's for a cuppa, and was greeted with a whole new band of SHAK Followers! I'd like to introduce to the Official SHAK Garden Gnome!

The support that Derek has given us over the last few months is unbelievable, but to see the wall of his garden lined with Gnomes, Plant Pots and other Garden Ornaments he'd spent all week HAND PAINTING, was something else. Prices start from £5, and despite all the time and effort that has gone into them, each item is still cheaper than you would find in the shops. Stock is obviously limited, so make sure you get down to Seaton Sluice next week to get yours.

Derek, I don't how to thank you, Everyone at SHAK is eternally grateful, including the 4-legged bunch.

Krysta Going On Her Holidays.....

Another email update on that wonderful girl Krysta:

"There is a cat the other side of the door winding Krysta up!!!

Never thought she would get through xmas,or new year, and tomorrow the caravan opens.
So she has packed her bikini & has learnt how to say 'sausages' in Welsh, and is off to the beach tomorrow for a week! The field our caravan is on is always full of rabbits, cant wait to hear how she reacts to them!"

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Saturday 27th March 2010.....

What can only be described as a world wind 24 hours, see's us save two more lives. Gregg and I spend our Friday night saving a 3 year old German Shepherd who is going to be really hard work, but is so frightened that he was facing the vets needle. He should arrive with us next weekend.

Then this morning I receive a call from our vets to say they have a two year old Malamute sitting in their surgery waiting to be put to sleep. I will hold off disclosing any information on the dog till we have had a look at him, but he is arriving at The Rescue Place as a SHAK dog tomorrow.

All that we have to do now is find them an empty kennel..... but the German Shepherd was turned down by a whole host of rescues, whilst the Malamute was staring the needle in the face, and all on our doorstep. What else could we do.....

Plea For Unwanted Christmas Presents.....

With all the Fund Raising events we have lined up this summer (and there will be more to come) today I launch a special appeal from Carol on behalf of our Fund Raising Team. Anyone who has any unwanted Christmas presents stuffed in a drawer, or anything else for that matter, that would make great prizes for tombolas, and would like to donate them to help us save lives, then please get in touch.

Why not drop them down to Derek's on Sunday at Seaton Sluice? I know he'd love to see you, and you could enjoy one of his fine coffee's, tea's or soups. I made it down there last week, and couldn't believe the variety he has available. There is well over 20 types of tea alone!

Open 7.30am till 5pm, just look for the flags at the sea front at Seaton Sluice.

Thank you once again for your support.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Friday 26th March 2010.....

13 dogs brought to my attention before 9am this morning, in desperate need of a place, as they all face destruction by Saturday. One German Shepherd is a complicated case, here is a list of the others, if anyone has a rescue place please get in touch ( and I will forward on to the people concerned. Please note that these are not SHAK dogs and that the information posted is what we have been sent.

- Gsd male 5 /6 yrs old enitre good other dogs, Strong on the lead.

- Bull mastiff ( 1 ) Marley 6 yrs old depressed in kennels, VERY good other dogs.

- Kye Cross Breed - Shy male but loving, Vacinated, chipped and Castrated. Fine other dogs, ok older children signed over by owner.

- Male Lurcher ( Saluki Cross ) 2 yrs old, nice friendly boy fine with other dogs.

- Collie Cross male 4 yrs old - good other dogs.

- Black Whippet male, loves other dogs around 4 yrs old.

- Ellie EBT x female 1/2 yrs old, not dog tested

- Brookie - Male 8 yrs old :( Fine other dogs lovely older chap

- Male Lurcher 2 years old, fine other dogs.

- Whippet Cross ( Blue ) 1 yr old , terrified in kennels fine other dogs....

- Max male staffie, Chipped but owner dosent want back :( 1 year old lovely boy !

- Airedale cross Female 6 yrs old, Lovely girl, but can be dominant with other dogs.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

10% Off At Jollyes.....

Don't forget this weekend.

Thursday 25th March 2010.....

Some sad news today as I get an email to tell me one of the early SHAK dogs to be re homed had passed away. Chief (known as Clyde when we rescued him) was approx 10 years old when he came to us. He had been stuck in a pound for several months, and was often overlooked because of his age. We found him a fantastic home within two weeks, and for the next two years he was a very happy and very much loved boy. Old age caught up with him today, but he has left a family that loved him dearly. In the words of his Mam to whom he meant the world:

"Thank you for saving him and giving us two wonderful years with him he will be sadly missed but never forgotten."

Run Free at Rainbow Bridge Boy, it was an honour to help you find a home and happiness.

At the other end of the scale, I received a frantic email, phone call and text message regarding a 10 month old German Shepherd that has an appointment to be destroyed on Saturday. More details as/if he comes to SHAK but we have offered him a place.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

And A Pretty Girl Without An Ugly Baldy Guy.....

What A Difference 48 Hours Can Make.....

As promised here are some pictures of Roxy who arrived on Monday. She has progressed so far so quickly, and from trying to nip me when I tried to get the lead on her on Tuesday Morning, I think you can see the progress we've made.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A Big Day For Lucas.....

Just received this email from Lucas's Mam and Dad, and to say I am proud of him is such an understatement!

" hi Steve, we have just got Lucas back from Moorview vets,and the brilliant news is his bladder is back to normal,there is a little bit water still in his stomach, but not enough to worry about, liver and kidneys are fine and his scan has showed no problems and today he had his castration, which in a strange way it is a mile stone as after all this handsome lad has been through he's passed fit enough to have it done.He weighed in at 38kilos, and as you know from the 19kilos he started 4 days before Christmas we are over the moon and so proud of him. We are keeping our fingers crossed that his medical problems are coming to a happy end. He still does not like being left for any length of time, although he sits out the back and watches the world go by on his own for a few minutes,(brave boy) and is comfortable with us moving from room to room without wanting to be with us now. His training is really doing well,sit, stay paw(each one) down, and flat (for the vet, to look at underneath without stress)he loves learning new things. I am doing all this now without him moving forward,so I but a tea-towel on the floor and try to keep him behind it. He's feeling sorry for himself at the moment, and the look in those eyes is going to make me feel guilty for a week or so, and being a German Shepard, we are going to have 'the drama queen act' to make me even more guilty. He goes back to Moorview next Tuesday so I'll keep you informed. Loved the video, everybody looks as there all co min on fine and enjoy life. keep up the good work, and remember when the days get Little tough, think of Lucas. Thanks again Steve, from Andy Gillie and Lucas."

Tuesday 23rd March 2010.....

I got an email last night asking for help with 19 (yes 19!) traumatised and unsocialised collies. These dogs were working dogs, but more recently have spent their days locked in sheds. The photos I have seen are horrific, one has a chain collar embedded into its flesh, although I'm pleased to say it has undertaken an operation to have it removed. One sad thing that stands out is that none of these dogs even had names. These dogs are not for re-homing to the public for obvious reasons, but if any rescue out there has the right facilities etc please get in touch ( and I can forward contact details.

There have been loads more fundraising events arranged over the last couple of days, so please keep an eye on the "events" page, it should be updated by tonight.
Talking of events, I am proud to accept the invitation from Hillheads Dog Club to make their fun day on July 11th a fundraising event in aid of SHAK. The day and shows run between 10am to 2pm, be great to see you all there. I'll post more details as I get them, but thanks to everyone at Hillheads Dog Club for such a wonderful offer.
Roxy was sheepish this morning, but after a lot of persuasion and even more treats, I managed to get her out for a walk. She shows signs of being a beautiful big girl, she just needs to learn to trust. She wants to trust, you can see that she would love to be friends, its just going to take time.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Thank You's & Welcoming Roxy.....

Another busy 24 hours for SHAK, starting with another donation of food from my neighbours. The support we get from people locally is always appreciated, and when you open the front door to find bags of food, it really is like Christmas morning.

I managed to have a rare Sunday off yesterday (Thank You Gregg!) so was able to pop down to Seaton Sluice for an Amaretto Coffee. It was great to make some new friends, and to see some I hadn't seen for years...... since right at the start of the road for SHAK the rescue, we've come a long way since then. Derek and Sandra never fail to to surprise me, their dedication and excellent set up is something we are proud to be a part of. Yesterday though, they excelled even their own high standards and raised an incredible £230! Thank you to them both so much, and thank you to everyone who came down. The sunshine even got Tanja off the settee! ha ha.

Today saw another desperately lost soul arrive at SHAK. Roxy is about 16 months and showing clear signs of "fear aggression." When she arrived today she was physically shaking, a sight that for a German Shepherd cross Great Dane (allegedly) was horrific to see. As usual I will try and get some photo's and an update once she is settled. In the meantime, the picture above is the one I was shown when asked to take her. What a beautiful girl.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Vinny aka Alfie.....

Say's it all really. Vinny I miss you, doesn't look like you're missing me though! x

A Prayer For Roman.....

Today is the first anniversary of life at SHAK without Roman, I have to be honest and say I have thought about this brave boy everyday since he lost his fight against CDRM. Roman taught us all so much, but I think the biggest thing he taught me was not to give up. So many dogs have come to SHAK since Roman, but the likes of Bentley, Poppy, Sassy, and Lucas have all found their way to us because of the hope Roman showed us.
I know you are running free at Rainbow Bridge boy, just waiting for us all to come and play with those footballs you loved so much. You left behind a family that loved you so much, and a rescue that for whom you are an inspiration every single day.
We all miss you x
(If you are unfamiliar with Roman's story, you can read it here:

Saturday, 20 March 2010

I was recently approached by the Kennel Club to see if they could run a story on the "Forever Foster" and "Retirement" Schemes. Here is the result, we are very proud to get such recognition.

Coffee Break.....

Just a quick reminder to pop down for a coffee at Seaton Sluice tomorrow. Derek does a wonderful job, and donates EVERY SINGLE PENNY he makes on a Sunday to SHAK. You have seen the benefits of what we can do with the money by watching the video of Scooby, Storm, Butch and Brodie this week, please help us continue to give these dogs and others that are in desperate need that chance.

And remember just look for the black flags on the sea front at Seaton Sluice. (Open 7.30am - 5pm)

Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday 19th March 2010.....

With all the time taken yesterday on recording and posting The Rescue Place Video, I didn't get the chance to post about a German Shepherd I used to work with, who was killed two years ago yesterday. I have made the concious decision not to name the dog, or the organisation responsable for his death, but I just wanted to let him know that I haven't forgotton him, the time I was lucky to spend with him, and the inspiration he gave me before being let down by the human race for the second time in his life. If only I had The Rescue Place then, maybe you'd be alive. Run Free..... Big guy know who you are.

On a brighter note, just a few Thank you's as normal. Thank you to some wonderful neighbours of mine, Joanne and Margaret for their wonderful food donation this week, Andrea and Karen for their help on the kennels, and Mike (aka Bob the Builder) for giving up a day to run some vital repairs on the kennels. Meg better watch out, as Mike was spotted several times paying lot of attention with Lola.

Another lucky girl who took yet another step towards moving into foster today was...... ha ha got you there, I will let you know once she goes home.

Feedback From The Day At The Rescue Place Video.....

Thanks to everyone who has complimented us on the video of Scooby, Storm, Butch and Brodie.

Here's some feedback from Diane the fantastic lady who brought Butch and Kane all the way up from Maidstone:

"That has cheered me up no end Stephen! I love that place of yours, it's like a holiday camp for dogs and they love it! I love the way Kane seems to be a bit more independent of Butch now. He was happily running up and down with the other dog in the next run while Butch was hunting out treasure!! Wonderful to see my road trip boys sooo happy. Thankyou for that Stephen, you truly are a star!!! xx"

Thursday, 18 March 2010

A Video That You Should Watch.....

After bringing your attention to that horrendous video yesterday, I thought that it might be nice to show you a little bit of what goes on at The Rescue Place (Sorry I haven't had time to edit it properly and for the barking and Gregg's commentary!). In the video above you can see Scooby and Storm making friends. After a week or so of gentle introductions, this was the first time they had been off lead together, and given the history and issues of both dogs, you can see it was a wonderful sight. Storm is a very hyperactive and nervous dog, who is constantly aroused and stressed by day to day situations. Scooby on the other hand is a very good stooge dog (hard to believe after being so badly abused by people) and the plan is his calming body language will rub off on his new play mate.

Also in this clip is the two newbies Butch and Kane. Kane is making full use of one of the activity runs, and as you can see is having so much fun doing so.

Then finally there is Brodie doing what he does the best..... (With Duke running Shotgun ha ha)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

More On Crush Video's.....

A bit more on these sick video's, and what you can do to report the sickos who publish them:

The Sickest Thing I Have Ever Seen.... (Be warned a dog is crushed to death in the video.)

Just had this posted by a friend on Facebook, It is without doubt the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. I've just watched about 10 seconds of that video and feel physically sick. What is wrong with people these days. I despise the human race more and more each minute I live and breath on this hell hole of a planet, but this I just cannot comprehend.



This is the video but I really do advise that you don't watch it as it is one of the most horrible things I've ever seen.

Any info that would be of use, please post on Manfred Reicher's Facebook page. Thank you.

FOOTNOTE: It appears Facebook have removed the video.

Love Replaces Fear.....

Krysta Update.....

Had an email from Krysta's Mam today, here it is. I'm so pleased she got this chance:

"Hello Steve,
Just to let you know Krysta is ok. She has lost alot of weight, but still eats really well. She has started on medication, only because her skin is so itchy. Apart from that she is fine, still loving her walks, the sticks she brings back have now become logs!
Sorry the pics aren't the best, she is waiting for her dad to come home!
The other dog in the pic is 2yr old Buster, who dotes on Krysta!"
You can read Krysta's story here:

Monday, 15 March 2010

Monday 15th March 2010.....

The start of a new week, but I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank a few people for their support over the weekend.

THANK YOU to the staff at Howick Tea Rooms for donating their tips from the weekend to SHAK. We know how hard times are at the moment, so to donate part of your income is a really fantastic gesture. Also THANK YOU to John Headley for his kind donation of both funds and dry dog food, again another fantastic gesture.

THANK YOU to Linda at PARRT for the food I picked up on Friday night, and for your words of support.

THANK YOU to Derek and Sandra for another superb day of fundraising yesterday, and thank you to everyone who turned out for a cup of coffee despite it being Mother's Day and chucking it down!

And THANK YOU to everyone who has recently joined our "Adopt A kennel" Scheme. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

It has been a busy weekend for the dogs too. One lucky girl has started on the road to the new "Forever Foster" scheme. As normal I won't disclose her Identity until things are finalised, but signs are favourable so far.

On a more depressing note, I have been asked to help 7 dogs find new homes in the last 24 days. Despite not re homing anymore, I will always try to help, so if anyone is interested in any of the following, please email a contact name & number to and I will pass it onto the people concerned:

2 Young Labs, a 4 year old Lab, a 14 month old Staffi, a 2 year old Wiemaraner, a 16 month old Great Dane/German Shepherd cross and a Lhasa Apso.

(Please note however, SHAK will not become involved in any re homing process)

10% Off At Jollyes.....

Our good friends at the Jollyes store in Blyth are having a promotional weekend on the 27th & 28th March, offering 10% off everything in store!

The RSPCA are also there offering FREE Microchipping both days, so why not pop down and grab some bargains and get your dog Microchipped at the same time!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Appeal For Dry Food.....

Supporters of SHAK have been brilliant to us over the last 4 years, and I'm afraid I am asking for help once more. We are running desperately short of dry dog food, and would really appreciate any donations that come our way.

Feel free to drop it of at Derek's at Seaton Sluice tomorrow (and grab a cuppa too) at "Pebbles" on the sea front. Just look out for the big black flags.

Or feel free to email to arrive collection/drop off.

Thank you once again for your wonderful support.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Even More Proof We Live In A Sick Country.....

Be warned this is another disturbing story, and as for the sentance..... well I'll let you be the judge:

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Another Soul Is Lost.....

Phonecalls and emails late last night alerted me to a White German Shepherd that had been picked up by the Dog Warden. It was reportedly in serious bad health, and as it was local to me I was asked if SHAK could take it on. Of course I agreed.....

This morning after a thorough vet examination (carried out before I could collect the dog) it was decided to be kinder to the dog to put him to sleep. He only weighed 17kg (an average German Shepherd should be about 35kg) and his mouth was ulcerated and infected. Worst of all he had a tumour in his mouth because of the neglect to the original ulcers.

Human beings have cost this fine boy his life at the tender age of 4 1/2. He has died and suffered through sheer neglect. I am so ashamed to be human.

Run Free at Rainbow Bridge Big Fella

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tuesday 9th March 2010.....

Busy, busy times at both SHAK and The Rescue Place. Thanks to Amanda for improving the website even more, and adding the "Events" page which I quickly filled up! Please check out all the Fund Raisers we have booked, and keep a look out for even more to come.

Thanks to Joan too for doing all the hard work and getting the events booked, and also to Carol and the Fund Raising team for agreeing to do them.

Up at The Rescue Place things have also been busy. Kane and Butch have settled well, and are perhaps the most mischievous dogs in the world! You can't help but fall in love with them, despite chewing through at least 10 bungee cords in 8 days!

Bodie and Doyle are making late bids to join up with Fabio Capello's World Cup squad, but like true "flair" footballers, they have to have a ball all to themselves.

Laser and Murphy have blossomed into two really nice sociable boys. In fact Laser is like a big uncle to Butch and Kane. It is great to see 3 dogs, who all had reputations of being aggressive because of the way humans had treat them when they arrived with us, playing together and showing what they really are..... dogs.

Thanks to the efforts of Karen, Andrea, Vicki and Su, Gregg and I have had a little bit of time to try and put some things in motion. The activity runs are beginning to take shape, and it is interesting to see Benson, Tess and Harlie (all Rottweilers) enjoying the latest creation. Searching, digging and simply lazing on top of the tyres, have all been seen, along with 3 very happy and mentally worn out Rottweilers!

Next run planned..... think soft play for dogs.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Easter Saturday at Jollyes.....

Another Fund Raiser it will be great to see you at is Jollyes in West Denton on Saturday the 3rd of April (Easter Saturday)

Pop in to buy your doggies Easter presents, have a go on the SHAK Tombola, and help us save even more dogs on Death Row.

Return Of The SHAK Race Night.....

As the nights are beginning to get lighter, and the Sun is shining a little bit, its time to venture outdoors again. I'm delighted to announce the 3rd SHAK Race Night at the wonderful Border Terrier in Marden Estate, Whitley Bay on Friday 30th April.

For those that have followed us for a while, you will remember that the Border Terrier is the home of one of our dogs, Gypsy. We had a great Race Night there last March, and this one will offer the same kind of fun and games, including as well as the Races, a Cash Draw, Raffle and a wonderful buffet.

Mark it in your diary, be great to see you there.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Another Weekend Means Another Day At Dereks.....

Just a reminder for you to pop down to the sea front at Seaton Sluice on Sunday to see Derek and grab a cuppa (Open 7.30 - 5) I can vouch for the Amaretto Coffee, it's definately worth a trip.
Please feel free to drop off any donations of food and bedding (food is still pretty desperate)
Thank you in advance for your support.
Just look for the SHAK Flags on the sea front!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Even More Proof.

Even further proof that this is not the "country of dog lovers" that it claims to be.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Update on Butch and Kane.....

Just thought you might want to see some photographs of Butch and Kane without the cages in front of them. You have to remember no one would help these two (apart from Niall and Lisa at New Hope Rescue) between here and Maidstone because of what was described as "fear aggression."

They are two years old, and although they lived in a house and got into the garden, they weren't taken out on walks. I can't say too much, but a lot of other animals were also removed. These two were so frightened they showed aggression and probably faced the vets needle. New Hope stepped in and then tried to place them somewhere.

As you can see it was well worth the effort, these two are superstars!