Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Hail Caesar.....

Caesar has been with us for a couple weeks now and really is a sweet boy. He arrived absolutely terrified having spent a lot of time living outside in a garden. We are told he is only about  12 months old so still has a lot to learn about life, but he seems happy with us gradually making new friends.

He shares a kennel with Pyper that was featured in here a few weeks ago and the two boys are definately best buddies. I'm delighted to say that Pyper is moving on to his new home soon so it is now time to step up the search for a place for this little man.

We would like him to have somewhere to share with another dog to show him the ropes and an environment where he isn't on his own for too long as there may initially be some separation anxiety, but with a little bit of reassuring he will make somebody an  amazing friends.

For an application form please contact

Monday, 22 January 2018

Amazing Result In The Wormer Appeal.....

I just want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU on behalf of all the SHAK team for really getting behind our wormer appeal. The total as it stands right now exceeds our wildest dreams and smashed the £350 target.

Currently your generosity and support has raised an amazing £1265!!! Not only meaning we can worm our 70 dogs this month but we almost have enough money to worm 70 dogs for an entire year!!!

I am blown away by how much you have supported us on this, and never ever thought we'd reach the £350 target never mind a years worth.

To everyone that has donated thank you so much.

It continues to be manic with me receiving approximately 2-3 requests a day to take in dogs. That was different yesterday when I was asked to help the Caucasian Shepherd that was shot dead by Police in Teeside yesterday. The plea came too late as the geographic difference and weather conditions meant I could never get there in time, even if I was allowed to try and save him.

Today The Sun newspaper somehow tracked me down to do an interview on whether I thought SHAK could have helped him.  I don't think I need to elaborate.....

We are such a small charity, operating well above what we should be, but the team I have assembled will give everything to do all we can. That is why your support on such a simple appeal like this wormer one means the world to us. Thank you so much.

Sky and Bruce enjoying the snow on Friday.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Some News Regarding Our Lilly.....

Some of you may remember Lilly who came here in such a state during the summer. Today we had some good news.....

Monday, 8 January 2018

SHAK Boutique News and Facebook Page.....

Welcome to the official SHAK Boutique page! We are so thrilled to announce that due to the enormous success of the pop up festive boutique in December, we will now be operating it as an ongoing venture.

The aim is to raise as much money as possible to help our wonderful dogs at SHAK. The boutique will run at our HQ in Alnwick 2 days per week to begin with (Days still to be announced) and hopefully full time in the future.

All items will be available for posting out if you can’t get to our HQ in Alnwick and the Facebook page will serve as a platform to advertise the wonderful things we have for sale.

Donations are always welcome however, we can only accept brand new or as new clothes, shoes, accessories and brand new cosmetics. If you wish to donate household things we will accept a small amount or if you have anything large we can arrange to list it on eBay!

Please search Facebook for SHAK Boutique and have a browse!

We look forward to working with you all and of course to raising as much as possible to keep SHAK going.
100% of money raised goes to the charity.

2018 Worming Appeal.....

Christmas seems a million miles away now, and as we head into January it's time that we start to make plans for the year ahead.

One thing we always try to keep on top of but at great expense is flea and worming treatments. With always running with about 70 dogs you can imagine how expensive that can be.

We have decided that to start the year we are going to worm every dog in January which will help us begin the quarterly cycle required. However to do this we really need your help.

We are looking to buy a high quality wormer on line and have always used Drontal. From Animed Direct we can purchase one tablet that will treat a dog upto 35kgs for £4.90. Multiply that by 70 and you can see how much it will all cost..... a whopping £343.

So today we launch our worming appeal and have set a target of £350 in case we get any new arrivals. To donate you can send a payment via two different methods:

PayPal to (Please mark it wormers)

Or a cheque made payable to SHAK (Please write wormers on the back) to SHAK Greenwell Road, Alnwick, Northumberland NE66 1HB.

Our dogs health is extremely important to us and regular treatments help us treat them as if they were our own pets. Thank you in advance for your support.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

A Piper Comes At Christmas.....

It seems that every year we have a new arrival during the festive break, last year you may remember Red that was tied to church gates on Christmas Day? This year was no exception, as we received the very handsome Piper just after Christmas.

Piper arrived very nervous, and whilst he is probably 'working weight' he is still quite thin. He has quickly built up his trust with us, and is making friends of both the two and four legged variety.

He is such a gentle soul it's difficult to imagine somebody kicking him out although I do wonder due to a couple of scars if he simply falls into the ex worker discarded category.

We are now waiting for the seasonal madness to pass and for people's routines to get back to normal before looking for either a home or rescue space for him.