Change Lives

Change Lives

Friday, 13 May 2011

Happy News Comes In A Three.....

Good news today as Otto's results came back from the vets all clear. Its been a week of worry, but we're all delighted that the growth removed wasn't cancerous. He's been playing football all week as if nothing was wrong, just have to hope it doesn't come back or cause him any more discomfort.

Something else that put a smile on my face today was seeing the gorgeous Tilly (pictured above) leave us to go on a home trial weekend with her potential new Mam. Tilly has been with us too long now and suffered some heart aches as potential homes have fallen through with no fault of her own. I'm really hoping its because she was waiting for this one. I will update you on this as I find out.

There was also a massive development for one of the SHAK boys today, as arrangements were finalised for him also moving into his "Forever Foster Home." The date is set, but as usual I won't reveal his identity until it happens.

Can I also say thank you to the great response to sponsoring Steve Williams in the Edinburgh Marathon. Both the SHAK team and Steve really appreciate it.