Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 12 November 2012

Still Sad, But Happy Times Too.....

Thank you to everyone for their kind messages regarding the passing of the wonderful Miko. All I can say is that he has left a huge hole in my soul, and although I knew his stay with me would be a short term one, I never dreamt that it would be this short and would end like this. Miko amazed me, he adored me but nowhere near the amount I adored him. I miss him so much.

Sorry too for missing the radio show last Thursday, given what had happened minutes before I just couldn't face it.

It's been a bit of a blur, but things have been so busy at The Rescue Place that as they say "the show must go on."

So with that in mind I'm delighted to say that over the weekend we had 4 dogs move into potential foster homes. Two have already been fully adopted in our Forever Foster scheme, whilst the others are doing very well.

First up, Ash and Fletcher have both been fully adopted, and I didn't even have time to get Fletcher on here, as the people who found him as a stray kept in touch  and after a couple of weeks decided enough was enough and wanted to give him a home. Ash has progressed so far in Lesley's good hands, and now shares his new house with other dogs. Two really amazing stories for two fantastic dogs.
Ash, a boy who's worked so hard to start a new life.

Fletcher, who has witnessed love at first sight.
Another two dogs that have had a big weekend are Mylo and Rosie. Both are currently on home trial, but from phonecalls today, both are doing really well and there are plans to hopefully cement their places in their new homes soon. We're all very proud of all four dogs, and after a very difficult, sad and emotional time they have filled our hearts with hope.