Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Luna And Woody In Love.....

I'm delighted to say that Luna has now found a place to call her own..... with our very own Woody! Regular followers on here will know Woody, and what a busy life he leads, well the plan is for Luna to stay for a couple of weeks and see how she goes. First few days she seems to be doing very well.....

As you can see, Woody is also taking everything in his stride, and adopting his usual position!

Here is an email I received from Luna:

 I've been at the new kennel now for 3 days and thought you would like to know how im
doing ..

We had a long drive to get here but I managed to sleep all of the way, we went
straight for a walk and I got to smell very exciting stuff! I then had a wonder
round the garden and then checked out the new kennel. There is also another lurcher
here called woody, I think he's made of wood as he doesn't move that much, although
he does chase me round in the garden (he can't keep up).

My first night was a bit rough and I had a bit of a cry. One of the two- leggers sat
at the other end of the room a lot and I got to sleep :o) Last night I slept right
through. I have had no accidents in the house and the two leggers seem really really
happy when I wee in the garden! Also they keep saying a strange word, and when they
say It, if I lie down they give me chicken! And now when they are eating or if I lie
down in my bed etc they give me more chicken! I like this "down" word :o)

I met some of woody's friends and they all seem nice and we went for a work in
meadows and a wood today with a little back patterdale. I've also learnt that when
they say my name if I look at them they give me more chicken! I also had a bit of a
sponge rub down today and I was brilliant I stood still even though I wasn't on a
lead! The male 2 legger did have chicken in his hand so I didn't want to go
anywhere! I also have a rubber glove groom once a day, which I love. Me and woody
take it in turns and when it's my turn i close my eyes, my coat looks really nice.

You would be proud of me! I couldn't have been better behaved in the house! I like
before bed time best when we all sit in the lounge together and meal times! And
lying in the sun with my new friend :o) There are things I am not sure about but I
am getting braver by the day, I was left in the house alone with woody today for
nearly an hour and we both just slept until they came back :o) radio 4 is on a lot,
I think woody must be an archers fan! I am a very affectionate little girl and
giving lots of love and licks to everyone in the house.

Must go I have lots of things to do now and many of them include eating chicken!

Woofs to Koby and moss

Love Luna xx

As with all our dogs when they venture out into Forever Foster homes, there is a lot of work done in the build up to the final move. This was no different with these two as it was vital that another arrival didn't upset Woody. I think though it was love at first sight, as these pictures from their first date prove.....

And I guess the greatest thing to remember in all of this is the state both of these dogs were in when  the arrived with us, to see them so happy together gives us all a feeling that we simply can't put into words..... Thank you Kate and Ant.

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