Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Farewell To JD.....

More bad news as we had to say goodbye to a dog that has been an absolute superstar from the minute I picked him up as a stray. JD was exactly as his name stated..... Just Dog, but in the nicest possible way. An over night stay on being collected turned in a forever home for him with my daughter and her Mam, and from that day forward he was the perfect pet. He loved food, he loved walks (a little too much at first as he pulled like a steam train) but most of all he loved the little girl that looked after him.

Lymphoma took hold of JD, the disease itself attacked his intestines, but he was brave and his strength meant he was able to enjoy some more fun packed weeks with his family, especially his favourite place, the seaside.

Today he has gone to a better place, no longer suffering but still loved as much as ever. He has left a family that loved him and will always miss him. He has also left a lasting impression on a little girl as her dog that she grew up with..... Just like a dog should do.