Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Heidi Comes With Another Sad Story.....

There has been a lot of movement with the dogs over the last month or so too. One girl who has arrived and instantly won hearts is Heidi.

Heidi was due to be destroyed in a pound, she is in fact very fortunate as she was put on the van to us at the last minute on a transport run for another dog. On arrival I noticed a huge lump underneath,possibly a mammary tumour, and after seeing a vet it was decided that she required x rays to see what was going on. She is booked in for Friday coming.

However on Thursday Heidi collapsed. After that she was very unsteady on her feet and walking as if she were drunk. I rushed her to the vets who examined her and told me to monitor her. She stayed the night at our house, and on Friday morning she was dramatically worse. I rushed her down again as she could hardly keep herself on her feet,where the news wasn't great.

Heidi is being treated symptomatically for Vestibular Disease, a disease that effects the body's ability to balance. Here is a link that describes the disease:

Vestibular Disease Explained.....

However the bad news didn't stop there. Worse case scenario is that rather than this condition, Heidi has something more sinister like a brain tumour. I cannot put into words how the thought of that makes me feel.

She has been prescribed antibiotics, anti motion sickness tablets and has had a steroid injection, and I am pleased to say that she is looking a lot more like her normal self. She still isn't out of the woods as I still believe further investigation is needed, but at the moment we are taking each day at a time and she seems to be enjoying the holiday of staying with us.
Heidi Enjoying The Sun Going Down.