Change Lives

Change Lives

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Such Sad News For Heidi.....

Some sad news today, as Heidi has been into the vets to have an operation. You will remember Heidi came to us with a lump underneath, she also had a dramatic turn for the worst when she was felled by Vestibular Disease. This in turn put off any thoughts of surgery as we needed to make sure she was fully recovered from that first.I'm pleased to say she has stayed with us in the kennels at home where she made a full recovery.

The lump though didn't go away, and in the last ten days or so has grown. A trip to the vets last Wednesday confirmed my worst fears of mammary tumours and she was booked in today for a CT scan then potentially surgery.

The CT scan showed what I was dreading, several secondary tumours in her chest, but having been at the vets over night before her operation, Heidi had won hearts and shown how 'alive' she still is, this in mind they still wanted to operate. The large external tumour clearly is painful, and although removing it won't get rid of the cancer with it already spreading, it will make life more comfortable for however long she may have left with us. That's what we've decided to do.

Words can't described how low I feel right now for her. Heidi is such a sweetheart and has learnt to trust and love all over again. She has even started giving me kisses every time I bend down which is a far cry from the dog that was so nearly put to sleep before arriving with us as a freebie in another transport run. However, there is a positive. Fearing the worst I managed to source her a foster home to recover in after her operation, and I'm delighted to say despite today's developments, they still want to be there for her. Very special people for what is indeed a very special girl.....