Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Two Great Voluntary Opportunities To Join Our Team.....

The hardest part of running this charity isn't the dogs, but managing the people side. The work we do is so specialised that you have to be a really special person to help on ALL levels.

It's not just at the kennels that we need a reliable, dedicated and highly skilled team, but also behind the scenes we need need just as special an individual to help out with all the aspects of the team that keeps the whole thing in existence..... The fund raising team.

Joan and her team do an amazing job sourcing, arranging and then manning all the official events throughout the year. Without them there wouldn't be a SHAK.

On Saturday two VOLUNTARY positions within this team became available, people move on that's life, but it has left us very short of 'hands on deck' when it comes to the events that we already have booked. Events that we must fulfil, and will fulfil.

So..... Here's another great opportunity for somebody (or preferably somebodies) to join our team. Here's what we need......

-Someone who can give up time slots of at least 3 hours per day on a Saturday or Sunday, at least TWICE per month.

-Someone who is flexible and can fit the time around when they are needed the most to make sure that the whole event is covered.

-Someone who has their own transport and can turn out all over Northumberland.

-Someone who is dedicated to saving the dogs that really do have no where else to go, and can work as a vital part of a team. Whilst at first you will be helping with existing events, we would love to have someone who can work alongside the head of fundraising and look to take responsibility in taking on their own projects.

So if you have all of the above and would like to express an interest in this VOLUNTARY role then please email

(Please note due to time constraints not all enquiries may receive replies.)


I guess we've become a victim of our own success, and whilst the charity has grown beyond my wildest dreams,  it has also become more and more difficult to manage. We are punching well above our weight for such a small charity and running on such a restricted budget.

We would love to have another member of full time staff on board to help with every aspect of the day to day routine and the dogs needs,  and to help with the dogs with the severe health and behaviour issues,  but unfortunately we just don't have the funding to do so.

However, as they say "as one door closes another opens" and a VOLUNTARY position may provide us with the help we need. So, I am appealing for somebody to join our team that can designate at least 6 hours a day for a minimum of 2 days every week, has their own transport and wants to learn and experience the joys that arise working with dogs that have had such a tough time.

I think it's important to point out that this is not an advert for voluntary dog walkers, nor will we be starting to take on volunteers on a regular basis.  It is a chance for someone to become a valued member of our team, to learn all aspects of rescue (including cleaning kennels) and has the time to prioritise two days of their week to help the dogs that nobody else wants. Believe me when I say seeing the rewards of giving your time well out ways the actual time you give.

So if you have two days a week to volunteer for at least 6 hours on each, have your own transport and would love hands on experience of getting to really know man's best friend, then drop me an email at

(Please note due to time constraints not all enquiries may receive replies.)