Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Max Making A Massive Stride Forward.....

This video really isn amazing sight, as anyone who has met Max will testify. Max came to us having nearly lost his life for being dog aggressive. On arrival though it was clear to see that Max wasn't aggressive towards other dogs, simply terrified. He had no idea how to interact with another dog and that frustration and lack of social skills was escalating, and presenting itself in all sorts of forms..... mainly redirection.

After trying several methods of getting Max through this, without success, it was time for me to bring out the big guns..... Kai and Maisie. Over the last 6 weeks or so these 3 have moved from tolerating each other, to becoming very comfortable around each other. Yesterday I'd say that finally moved onto becoming friends.

The incredible thing about this is both Kai and Maisie were once deemed as dog aggressive, now they are my best stooge dogs, helping others get through their issues in a way that no human could ever do.

 Myself and all of my team that have worked with these three are so proud of them.