Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 27 September 2015

A Year On For Hannah.....

I really can't believe it was a year ago yesterday since we lost our little old girl Hannah. So much has happened in those twelve months, but I can still see her wandering away in the fields here in the way she did. Oblivious to everything,  but knowing she was loved.....

Tonight me and my family are coming to terms with losing one of the SHAK dogs we foster, and also a great big character. You may remember Hannah's story, but if not I have added the video of her arrival below. She was, it would appear, dumped on a busy A Road. Getting on in years, practically blind, it was a miracle she wasn't ploughed into by a vehicle.

As soon as I saw her I knew she had to come home with me, and just a few days after losing SHAK's original Grandma Ava, we had found another. I guess none of us expected Hannah to be with us as long as she was, but in those 4 months I'd like to think she had a great time and felt safe.

Yesterday she collapsed and we rushed her to the vets, it looked as is if an infection had somehow taken over her, possibly blocking her lymph nodes with something more sinister, however after a night on strong pain relief, antibiotics and methadone she didn't show any signs of recovering. Like in old people she was simply too weak to fight what ever it was that was attacking her.

I will never forget Hannah, she kept me going when I needed it after losing Oskar and Ava so close. At that time I certainly gained more from the relationship than she did, but then all she wanted was a comfy bed and some food!! She wasn't a cuddly dog, but in time she learnt to accept my need for a quick hug every now and then, and eventually I think she even grew to like them. My lasting ever memory of her will be her wandering in the field here, minding her own business and looking happy..... despite her blindness and stiff joints, that was her.

We will all miss her dearly, and we're pleased we were here for her, but most of all we feel lucky to of been able to share her final 4 months.