Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Please Pray For Misty.....

It has been a worrying week after Melissa and David found a lump on Misty last Sunday. Misty has always been a 'chunky' dog but over the last couple of weeks we'd all noticed that despite being on a constant diet she seemed to of gained a bit more weight. Occasional lethargic spells also didn't send out great signals, and a vet check was paramount in my schedule.

I took her on Thursday, and it really was a case of good news and bad news. The good news was that the lump found was nothing more than a fatty lump. A biopsy proved that. However her weight gain and lethargy it was suspected was down to something more sinister. She stayed in over night, and later that evening a scan confirmed what was feared..... a huge mass on her spleen. Chest X Rays didn't show any obvious signs of any cancer spreading, so Friday morning I was faced with the difficult task of deciding what to do. Having spoken to a couple of vets we went for removing the spleen. Again during surgery there was no clear signs that there was cancer elsewhere. The spleen has been sent away for tests, we have to pray that the tumour was benign. 

Where go from here for Misty really depends on those test results. If there is no cancer then hopefully we have caught it early enough and she has a happy life ahead of her. If there is cancer and it has spread then we have to spoil her the best we can for all the time we have left together. Either way we are trying to find her a foster home. She is currently at our house, and has been absolutely brilliant with all the other dogs. I will get some photo's if it ever stops raining.....

If you like your oldies and you'd like to offer Misty a place to see out her days no matter what she faces then please make contact via email to Likewise we now have another huge vets bill that we just didn't need right now. Misty is worth every penny of course, but we desperately need help to pay. If you'd like to contribute towards the cost of giving her the best chance then please do via paypal or call Moorview Vets direct on 0191 2566990 and say you'd like to donate towards Misty on the SHAK account.

Thank you.