Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A Very Special Lady Moves On.....

I woke up on Monday morning to a phone call to say that Heidi had been rushed to the vets. She was having serious problems breathing, and wasn't in a good way at all. Imaging confirmed everyone's worst fears, the tumours that were in her chest had finally taken control, there was nothing more we could do for her.

Heidi had a great time as a SHAK dog, having arrived by the skin of her teeth one Saturday morning. She'd got herself in a bit of bother in the pound after snapping at someone touching her head, and was due to be destroyed on the Monday. I got the phone call on the Friday and as luck would have it we had a van coming up on the Saturday. She was added on as a freebie!

Not long after arriving with us, she had a really funny turn, losing her balance etc, and was diagnosed with vestibular disease. It was clear now why she'd done what she'd done in the pound. She came home with me and my family  to recover, and our love affair with an amazing dog really began.....

Heidi had a huge lump underneath, and whilst it didn't seem to bother her for such a long time, at the turn of the year we had it removed. It was cancerous, and those tumours had spread up into lungs, this was February and she wasn't expected to stay with us long.

But Heidi never gave up. In Gavin and Susie I found her a great foster family with other dogs and cats, and she really blossomed. We were lucky enough to have her back for holidays, and it was great seeing how much having her own home had helped her blossom.

Heidi loved her Gavin and Susie, following Gavin everywhere, and I will always be greatful for them giving her a chance knowing that a day like Monday would come. I think the fact that they had 10 great months with her, shows how much she loved being there, and being with them. Our thoughts are with them at this sad time.

We will all miss Heidi and her quaint little ways. She was a wonderful dog who fought so hard to survive. She may of come to us as the 'just put her on the van' dog, but she has left us as a dog that has meant so much to quite a few of us.

"A wonderful Year….

Darling Heidi came into our lives in February. Warmly greeted by Lucy & Belle but cautiously glared at by Kofi and Gracie, our accepting, genteel Siamese.

Heidi arrived with Steve, her beloved protector and guardian having just ensured an operation to remove painful mammary tumours.  Her stomach tightly stitched back together with tubes allowing excess fluid to drain away. Every day became less uncomfortable for Heidi and with this came her emerging delightful, mischievous but lovable personality. With her trust now gained, stiches and tubes removed, tail up high we introduced her to our local field where freedom was hers and life was for living.  So many smells so much to explore!

We loved Heidi and in return she found her place in our home, respected those sometimes pesky Siamese and was at her happiest cuddled up on our or should I say Heidi’s office sofa.

Her busy year included, a visit with Steve to see Morrissey in Glasgow. A delicious Afternoon Tea at Laburnum House.  Numerous visits to the beach. And finally, a weekend of walks in the Simonside Hills where we were all privileged to see a spectacular half rainbow.

Christmas for Heidi was magical – she absolutely loved having all our family around to spoil and cuddle her.

The 27th December came and everyone reluctantly departed.  On the 28th Heidi was also ready to say goodbye too.  Thank you for a wonderful year Heidi, we all really miss you.

Thank you Steve for bringing Heidi into our lives and an enormous Thank you to the compassionate, professional and skilful team at Backworth Moorview vets.

Susie & Gavin"

Here's some of Heidi's holiday pictures.....

Heidi ready to see Morrissey

And with her best pal Star

I took this just a couple of weeks ago