Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 1 February 2016

Busy Times And Sad Times.....

It has been a really hectic couple of weeks, and the general running of everything that is SHAK has meant I haven't had a great deal of time to update here. There is so much work goes into the day to day organising, so it was fantastic to see some positive results recently.
Sue McCabe of Muttamorphosis.
January the 21st of course brought a brilliant night at HQ with our very special guest Sue McCabe from Muttamorphosis, whilst the 28th of January saw a fantastic night with our good friend Leigh Smyth. Both nights were sell outs, and it was really interesting to see so many familiar faces, as well as so many new faces that quickly became new SHAK friends.

Leigh Smyth of Essentials For Equilibrium
I'd like to thank everyone who attended, and of course to Sue and Leigh for not only putting on two great nights, but for also such wonderful support in the work we do.

I'm delighted to say that I can also confirm two more dates for your diary, one of which involves us inviting another very good friend of ours to come and tell us about the work we do. On Tuesday the 15th of March at 7pm Emily Renton from Moorview Vets is coming to give a talk concentrating on 'Preventative Health Care & Canine First Aid.' So it's another great opportunity for you to come along and gain some really good information and tips, as well as coming along to support SHAK.

However, before Emily's visit we have another 'Join Our Team-An Opportunity To Learn More About Joining The SHAK Team.' The previous sessions have both been great successes, and we're hoping that the next one on Saturday the 12th of March at 10.30am will also be a great day to make new friends.

I'm afraid that during this spell it hasn't all been good news, and I'm really sad to say that SHAK lost a real old lady and such a special girl in Lottie on the 24th. Lottie was a little old stray when she arrived, and in Jules she found her perfect soul mate. She would often sneak away with Jule's credit card and purchase things on the SHAK Wishlist for her old friends, and she never forgot us. For that I will always be grateful. Run free little Lottie, and thank you to Jules for everything you did for her.

The 24th was already a day where another special girl was in my thoughts, as it was 3 years since I lost a real love of my life, Nina.

Nina was very much my dog at the kennels,there was a love there from the very first morning she was with us after she'd burst out of her kennel during the night. A love that is still there now, despite her being gone for so long.....

"Words can't describe how we're all feeling today, as we discovered the beautiful Nina had passed away in her sleep. She looked peaceful, but it shard to believe that she has gone. Nina was a brave girl, you'll remember she survived a massive pyometra in the summer, so if there was anything sinister happening she never let on.

Used and abused before coming to us, she was another Daddy's girl who would deliberately misbehave so I'd go and carry her home to her kennel. She helped so many dogs in her time with us, and shared kennels with George, Wilf and right to the end with Bobby. In fact in the 6 weeks or so she lived with him, Bobby was the happiest I've ever seen. Below are her playing with Jetta who was due to be destroyed for being dog aggressive.

We're all going to miss her, perhaps me more than most, and we'll all never forget her that's for sure. Nina had been badly abused, but allowed us into her life and with it came love and trust..... from both sides.

Here's how we will all remember an amazing dog, and an amazing friend."

There has been a few coming's and going's too, and whilst I'm not going list them all here, there's one little girl who has arrived and stole a whole load of hearts. Milly was booked into a vets locally to be destroyed. I think the picture below asks its own questions..... but being able to help her and save her life gives us a the strength to go on, and looking at the lives Lottie and Nina had because we're here makes all the hard work I mentioned earlier so worthwhile.....