Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

One Word..... Why?

Today has left one word hanging in my head..... why?

Pippa was left abandoned when her owner escaped from domestic violence.  Just 4 years old she is a sweetheart, a gorgeous Labrador Staffy cross,  her breeding has gone against us finding her a place. That and the atrocious state of saturation the rescue world finds itself in.

Just yesterday Melissa and David noticed something was quite right with Pip. Her abdomen just didn't look right, and it felt hard to the touch. My first fear was a pyo (a mass infection of the womb) life threatening but operable. I made a vets appointment and took her there first thing this morning. I felt a lump just below her neck as she cuddled into me as we travelled, but when I felt one the same on the other side I presumed it was normal.  How wrong could I of been.

Cat the vet was brilliant and straight away picked up it was worse than I had anticipated.  The lumps I felt were lymph nodes, and as Cat showed me them swollen all over Pippa's body my heart began to sink.

This afternoon blood tests and scans revealed Pippa is suffering from a very aggressive form of  lymphoma. Cancer of the lymph glands. There is not a lot we can do other than treat her with steroids with other medication once we determine her future,  and try and to give her the best we can.

The sad thing is she is so bouncy and happy if Mel and David hadn't noticed her abdominal swelling we would of never known until it was too late. I lost Shak to lymphoma and know exactly what the shock of not expecting it is like.....

I am working on a potential home for Pippa as I write this, more to come on that another time, but at the moment the next 48 hours or so are critical for us to see where she will be that will I turn effect the medication she receives.

So so sad and unfair. I don't think any of us can believe it......

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