Change Lives

Change Lives

Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Cupboard Is Bare.....

I mentioned a little while ago that it has been the worst period I've known for dogs being 'unwanted' and with our numbers swelling up to 70+ we're finding it harder and harder to keep going.

One aspect that we're really struggling with at the moment because of the added numbers is food. Despite your fantastic generousity we are running low on everything from dry complete food, hypoallergenic food, dry Chappie food, tinned food and treats.

So its cap in hand time again and I have to ask you to help us out..... Anything you could spare would be greatly appreciated.

As I have said before, the dogs will not starve so please don't panic. We will starve before them, but every bit of help will be a massive boost.

There are a couple of ways you can donate..... dropping off at one of our drop off points, leaving a donation in the donation bin at SHAK HQ (Greenwell Road, Alnwick, NE66 1HB) or by ordering through our Amazon Wish List:

SHAK Amazon Wish List.....

Thank you in advance, below are some food drop off points:

Pets At a Home, Cramlington.
Taylor's Newsagents, Alnwick.
Moorview Vets, Backworth.
Sainsburys, Alnwick.
Carlton's Feed Merchants, Seaton Delaval.
Wilkinsons, Alnwick
Carlton's Feed Merchants, Benton.

Thank you.