Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Reasons For Silence.....

Thank you to everyone who has messaged me in some form asking if everything is ok with things being so quiet on here lately.....

The simple answer is that things are just so crazy I haven't had the chance to do a lot of things I'd like too, but that's because the dogs come first.

Truth be known it is very tough at the moment, we need money, we need food, we have a constant stream of dogs needing to be with us. On top of the all of that, the summer and holidays bring their own problems with us having to run constantly short handed, that is why the 'Opportunities to Join Our Team' morning on Saturday the 30th July is so important. We need more of the special people we already have to come forward...... in every area of our work.

I've been working very hard to keep us a float, other people have done their bit on other fronts (and I am extremely grateful to them for it) but the term 'spinning plates' really does fit right now, and that's why things on here have been quiet.

One project that I've been working on all hours is SHAK HQ. As you can see from the SHAK HQ page on this site there's some really exciting dates booked, with more to come hopefully, and there are plans in place to expand how we use the valuable premises we have so keep checking on there for new dates.

I am also working on some exciting new merchandise which I hope to announce soon, some of which are based around our new tag line of  'Not Dead Yet' a preview of which is seen below.....

So in one way its exciting times, but in so many others its very worrying. Those plates won't spin forever..... We really need your help more than ever now.