Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Two Brave Boys Who Came Together And Left Together.....

It has been a really tearful 24 hours, as we've had to say goodbye to two very very brave boys.

Laser and Murphy arrived together years ago having been used by their previous owner as 'deterrants.' I received the phone call when they were facing the vets needle, and even though their arrival was 24 hours after the scrapyard twins Bodie and Doyle, I knew we were the only ones who could help them.

(L-R Laser, Murphy, Butch and Kane)
When they arrived they were a real handful. Laser did the barking, Murphy sorted out the trouble afterwards. A real double act, and I always had this thing in my mind of George and Lenny, the characters from 'Of Mice and Men.' If you've read the book you will know what I mean.....

Over the years they mellowed, and turned into two sweet boys who loved going out with various other dogs, and were one of the first pairs any new volunteers met. Such was their change in behaviour.

Old age began to catch them up, especially Laser, and when he need an operation to cure chronic arthritis in one of his hips he came home to me and my family to recuperate. He never left us.....
The handsome Murphy with his Roman nose.
Murphy had to wait longer for his chance, but at the turn of this year a wonderful opportunity arose with Lesley and he packed his bags to travel south and begin his new life in the big wide world. He did us all proud.

Laser enjoying the sunset.
Living with Laser for two and a half years was a privilege, and as CDRM joined the arthritis his health deteriorated. He continued to have a real zest for life though, and despite his disability came to work with me every day. In fact to be honest he went pretty much everywhere with me and his new soul mate Star. He loved the kids, and loved keeping an eye on things. He loved his life.

After losing him this morning Rachel told me that I'd been his carer, looking after him like I would a grandad. That's probably a really good way to describe our relationship, and now he isn't here I'm left with a huge hole.....

The craziest thing is that Murphy too lost his fight against old age just yesterday. Hundreds of miles apart, but reunited in a better place within 24 hours. Two very special boys back together running free. As Lesley put it "It would make you believe in stuff we don't understand" very fitting for two brave soldiers who made us believe in the unbelievable.