Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 31 July 2017

Do You Recognise This Little One.....

It definitely seems to be a bit of a revolving door at the moment, 1 out 2 in..... 2 out 1 in. There just doesn't seem to be any respite. We continue to do what we can and be there for as many strays or put to sleep cases as we are physically able to house, but it doesn't get any easier.

This little girl arrived as a stray last week. Found wandering around a Northumberland town at 5.30am, she is under weight, claws very over grown and with a huge stench of urine the origin of the yellow staining on her fur is very obvious.

The saddest thing about Missy's (as we've called her) plight is she is such a loveable little soul who has made friends with everyone she has met on her journey to us. Such a little star deserves a life and a family of her own, not to be in such dreadful condition.

If you know anything about where Missy has come from then please contact Northumberland Council Animal Welfare Team on 03456006400.

Or if your interested in offering Missy a Forever Foster home then please email us on

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