Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Day One For Marley.....

Marley arrived late last night with a reputation of being impossible to get on a lead and to take for a walk. Whilst there is no aggression there towards his handler, his power, size, weight and obsession to grab the lead makes him a pretty daunting task.

This morning it was time to take him out for the first time. The task of getting him on a lead had me nervous, but he was brilliant and for the first few minutes I did wonder what all the fuss was about.

Then we passed another dog and at first he seemed ok. Then it was as if there was a switch turned and his anxiety leaf to..... well see for yourself......

I think the most amazing thing was that I was able to get him back and regain his composure, something I'm very proud of. I'm sure once the novelty wears off I will have an even more difficult task, but for now we need to try and keep him responsive.