Change Lives

Change Lives

Thursday, 30 December 2010


The weather, illness and the festive season has resulted in not many hands on deck over the last week or so, so sorry for the lack of updates on here. Thank you too, to everyone who has made it to The Rescue Place recently, I know that as well as me, the dogs really appreciate it and have enjoyed their Christmas.

There has been progress made, especially with Chance, and even a budding romance.

Chance is now walking alot better, although he still needs encouraged to get up. However once he is up he manages fine, and seems to be beginning to enjoy the scenery and the smell of the Northumberland countryside. He still has along way to go, but his eyes tell you that he wants to get there. Although he has bitten badly, everything must of been such a shock for him. He is beginning to trust, and I must admit I was touched in more ways than one when sitting talking to him by his kennel door he planted a huge paw on my shoulder, almost as if too say "actually, you're ok."

Summer is another dog that has serious issues, although hers are a different nature to Chance. She's recently been walking with Storm, and I have never seen her so happy. The attraction was instant, and she never takes her eyes off him. Maybe this is the way for her to get her life back, watching and learning from a dog who was very nervous himself when he arrived.

Finally I'd like to wish all of supporters a very Happy New Year, and from all the dogs and people at SHAK thank you all for the wonderful support you gave us during 2010.