Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Silent Auction, "Bones For Beds".....

Our friend and great SHAK Supporter has come up with a brilliant idea to help us raise funds. Here is a message from Sandra:

"Dear FB Chum's can you help, whilst Mr Goldie and I where away on Ride Across Britain my beautiful and very kind God Daughter Gracie has put together a master plan to help to continue the work done by all SHAK (SAFE HOMES AND KINDNESS) large breed dog rescue so the wee lass has asked me to do a silent Auction for her Bones!!!! (for beds) If you would like a bone please PRIVATE MESSAGE ME with your offer and the highest 3 will get 1 bone sent direct to them in a beautiful heart shape box and pouch. Gracie has named the bones:
Bone 1 for Wee Harry
Bone 2 for SHAK
Bone 3 for Scooby

All postage cost's will be met by Mr Goldie and I with all proceeds at Gracie's command going to SHAK."

Any silent bids please email them to and I will forward them to Sandra. Thanks for Your Support.