Change Lives

Change Lives

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Operation Goes Well.....

Just had an update from the vets for the little Lurcher boy.  Despite some worries about the break being so close to his ankle, they are happy the operation went well.

A foster home is now secured, and my new mate has a weekend to look forward to being in the best hands at Moorview.  A special mention to Mark who has been brilliant I explaining and preforming te surgery throughout.

Incredibly the fundraising side has already gathered pace and our friends down south have collectively raised £350 of the suspected £1200 we need to cover his operation. Thank you to everyone who has chipped in for this special boy. An official fundraising campaign will be launched over the weekend.

So his new life started today, literally with a sing and a dance! Although it was more of a stumble..... All he needs now is his new name decided. I have a few suggestions to go through, he's had a traumatic 48 hours.

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