Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Blade Arrives In A Horrific State.....

I still have so much news to share with you, but one story that I just have to bring to everyone's attention is the arrival of Blade last weekend. We see so many dogs in terrible states, so many in fact that a lot of the time we are numb to the horrors that face us. However with this noble guy I think everyone has been touched, saddened and disgusted.....

I have to be careful about the information that I give on here, but I can confirm that this dog has come from a home environment, is 11 years old and was signed over by the owner who wanted him destroyed. I think a big well done is needed for the Animal Welfare Officer at Northumberland County Council who did all she could, including a vets examination and paying for medication, to give this handsome boy a chance.

He has arrived with a serious skin infection, flea allergy, open wounds where a collar has been rubbing, ear infections and the probable start of CDRM (a degenerative condition affecting his back legs.)

Below are some photo's of his condition on arrival. For those viewing this on facebook you will need to click on the title post to view all images and a video on

Despite having suffered such horrific neglect and clearly being in discomfort, Blade has been fantastic and is clearly revelling in having attention. In fact its almost as if he has never had any attention before.

It was very clear that after treating him for fleas and parasites that the start of this week was bath time! Once again he was an absolute star, and instantly looked so much happier without the tats. Although his skin was so flaky and scabby I had to be careful when brushing as he began to bleed.

Blade came to us when he really needed us. His life depended on it. We have started the process of trying to put right was has taken years to cause..... If you'd like to help towards Blades road back to some sort of good health then please donate via PayPal to