Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 2 October 2016

SHAK Random 48's. Your First Challenge.....

I'd like to thank everyone  who has supported the 'Make Your Plastic Fiver One To Remember ' campaign, and obviously if your still to receive your first 'new ' five pound note please think about donating it to us!

However, such a simple idea has been so effective and the money we have received from it really has made a difference to the lives of our dogs.

These dogs have nothing else but us and the success of this appeal made me think of how we could run something else to make sure our dogs get the best…..

So this morning  I'm delighted to announce the launch of SHAK Random 48's. A simple idea that does exactly as the name suggests.…. Appeals that last for 48 hours and are for random things we really need.

I wanted the first appeal to be both easy and special and the subject of it seemed so obvious when I thought about it……

Moorview Vets have been brilliant over the last 9 years or so, and yesterday was a perfect example. They come to The Rescue Place twice a year, a perk for which they DO NOT CHARGE US,  to look at all of our dogs and  make sure even the most difficult of our family can have health checks. Emily Renton has been so supportive since she got the job of looking after us, and is so understanding when it comes to the needs of SHAK and our dogs. For that I will always be so grateful.

So for the the first Random 48 appeal here's your challenge……

For the next 48 hours it would be gratefully appreciated if YOU COULD DONATE JUST £1 VIA PAYPAL THAT WE WILL INSTANTLY PAY OFF OUR VETS BILL. Easy as that….. you paypal £1 to to show your appreciation to Moorview Vets for their amazing support and understanding of our cause, we pay it straight off our bill.

Thank you in advance for your support. Not only for helping us and thanking Moorview but also for getting behind SHAK Random 48's.