Change Lives

Change Lives

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Eden Makes The Front Page But Loses Her Best Friend.....

Looks like Eden has definitely become a celebrity up here after making both the front page and page 3 in this week's Northumberland Gazette!

There is also a double spread on the Mayors awards last week,  so I'm really sorry for the people who opened their newspaper this morning to be bombarded with my face!

It all comes a's a timely boost having had to day goodbye to my beautiful and brave girl Star on Sunday who battled cancer of the jaw so bravely, and became a big friend of Eden's.  She lived with me and my family for over 8 years, and maybe when I'm feeling stronger about it I can tell you her story. At the moment I'm kind of running of automatic.

Star was an incredible girl, the fact she has changed Eden's outlook on life means her legacy will live on, and for that I am very proud of them both.

You can read the full piece from today's Northumberland Gazette at:


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