Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Good News For Lilly.....

I'm pleased to say that we have had the results from Lilly's biopsy back......

And I'm delighted to say the tumour that has been removed is benign!!! Excuse my lack of veterinary experience but the explanation I have received from the vets goes something like this:

Lillys lump is a lipoma! Non cancerous fatty mass - local excision is curative in the majority of cases. Mass also has a mild chronic inflammation, in some areas numbers of mast cells are increased and there could be concurrent hypersensitivity condition, such as atopy (skin!)

So that explains a lot with her skin too.

She is doing very well in her foster home, but as she was weined off her steroids her skin has slightly flaired up again. She is going to our vets on Friday.

We are currently sitting through the application forms that have come in to offer her a Forever Foster home, and hopefully one will be exactly what Lilly needs.

I think this a massive, positive step in Lilly's new life. I have to admit I didn't think we would heat good news. However I think it is also obvious she is going to need on going veterinary treatment.  If you would like to help towards her full recovery you can donate via PayPal to

or by sending a cheque payable to SHAK to SHAK Greenwell Road, Alnwick NE661HB

Thank you.