Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A Sleepover For Ged.....

Ged and I had a big day filming with the BBC today (will inform you of broadcast date when I know it) so with an early start he came to my house for a sleep over last night.

As part of an episode of Inside Out Chris Jackson and his team have been filming Ged since he arrived. Today was the last shoot at Blyth beach.....

Last night was an equally big night for him though as he had to meet my gang and also handle being in a house. Obviously with not knowing any history on him we don't know when he was last in somebody's home or if he has even ever been in one before.

He took everything in his stride, and as you can see he really enjoyed meeting and making some new friends.....

It was a pleasure to spend so much time with him, and as I told Chris Jackson today..... "he has certainly done bit h himself and us proud."

(Facebook viewers will need to click the link to see all the photos. )