Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 10 September 2017

A Week Of Ups And A Very Sad Down.....

It has been a week of real ups and downs, and with so many emotions that I really do not know where to start.....

At 8.05am I received a call from David to say they'd opened the kennels to find Kai looking lethargic and possibly a little bloated. Knowing what this meant, Melissa rushed him into her car and sped off to meet me on the A1. A pit stop speed swap over, and I continued the journey to Moorview Vets as fast as I could.

On arrival our worst fears were confirmed, Kai had suffered a stomach torsion and we had no option but to rush him into surgery. Now for any dog this is traumatic enough, and the chance of survival is slim, but Kai was one of our more specialised dogs, and a vet handling him conscious was just not an option. We came up with a plan, and after surgery I collected him and brought him home to nurse, knowing the next 3 days were critical.....

Sleeping on the floor with him and syringe feeding him medication and baby food are now memories I will never forget, and the fact Kai let me get so close to him both physically and emotionally is something I really will cherish.

On Wednesday night Kai collapsed and couldn't stand. We were just several hours away from passing the critical marker, but my heart told me he was in serious trouble. I rushed him back to the vets where an ultrasound scan revealed his abdomen was full of fluid. We had two options, let him go right there or go back into surgery and try and fix him. I knew I owed Kai at least that.....

Opening him back up revealed that the damage to part of his stomach from the twist was too bad. It is presumed the blood vessels to that part were damaged beyond repair, and part of his stomach had died. Worse was to follow, for Kai was so weak now and his heart couldn't take anymore. He left us after suffering a cardiac arrest on the table.

I always had a real soft spot for Kai, as had so many others. He came with such a huge reputation, but gave us back so much. I don't think anyone who witnessed it will forget the way he helped other dogs such as Maisie and Ben realise other dogs were actually ok to be around. His dislike for strangers and people he didn't know meant he stayed in kennels, and I think I always thought one day he'd come home with me. In the end I guess he did, just not the way I planned it. Those 3 days were really special.....

I said it had been a difficult week, but there was also some good news, and I'd like to thank everyone who supported us in our appeal to raise £300 so we could get Yogi's foot X-Rayed. I'm delighted to say that you absoloutly smashed the target, with just over £750 donated so far. This became even more essential as the week progressed, as we spent over £1250 trying to save Kai. A huge thank you to everyone who has made a donation.

The X-Rays itself provided us with proof that there is nothing wrong with either Yogi's foot or hips, and his leg also looks perfect. It would appear that the fact he has lost his weight baring middle toes is responsible for him holding the foot up when walking. You can see the dramatic effect in the photo below after the foot was shaved.

So now it seems we need to find Yogi a very patient foster home who can help him learn to walk on that foot again, he does put it down occasionally so it even may be just learnt behaviour?

If you are interested in offering Yogi a home please email:

I also get asked quite a lot about Lilly, and how she is doing. I'm delighted to say that she is now in the process of getting acquainted with a potential new owner, and as you can see she is having a ball with Sheena and Roger in her temporary accommodation!

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