Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Beautiful Words For Lenny.....

On the 24th of August we lost another big part of the SHAK family, it's just taken me this long to find the right time to share the story.

Lenny didn't like me, pretty much from the moment he arrived. However in David and Melissa he found true love, and when they paired him up with George he also found his best friend.

The love between these four was incredible to see, and something that no words could really do justice.

Lenny was found dead a week before him and George were due to go home with Melissa and David. George has made that move still, but Lenny's memory lives on in this poem written by them.....

'Our Friend.'

I don't know where to start,
Or even where to end,
But here it goes with a poem,
About you being our friend.

You came to us in fear,
Not knowing where you are,
Giving us a piercing look,
I assured you we would be here.

I came to your kennel,
An hour after you had arrived,
I took one look upon you,
We are gunna be alright.

A few days had passed,
Then your Mam came back to work,
I had mentioned all about you,
She took one look upon you,
And seen your goofy smile,
Then whispered in your ear,
WE are gunna be alright.

When it came to walk time,
You had another friend,
You walked along paw by paw,
To make sure each were there,
To guide each other through,
The tough times that were not there,
George, your bestest collie friend.

It came to kennel sharing,
With your new best friend,
It surely was a bromance that would never seem to end,
We knew right there and then,
We could see you in our home,
Jumping all around,
A forever home... you had found.

We made some many memories,
For the whole world there to see,
You were truly our best friend,
Which we knew was meant to be,
You were taken two weeks before,
You were mean to be with me.

I cant write anymore,
While you are running free,
But at least you know,
We love you our