Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 30 October 2017

This Christmas.....

I've had a lot of people ask recently what the charity needs or would like for Christmas donations, whether it be individually or an organised group donation.  Can I just say straight off that we are extremely grateful for everything your kindness brings us.....

2017 has been perhaps the biggest year yet for the charity, we have grown beyond its wildest expectations.  Going right the way back to January and an incredible donation that lead to the entire kennels being renovated, we then secured some very generous sponsorship that helped us staff our wonderful new premises, and of course just recently we had our first television feature on the BBC's Inside Out.  All of the above has changed the day to day lives of our dogs beyond belief.

They are the big things, but we are equally thankful for the individual things, such as the food and bedding donations you all kindly give. These are the bread and butter of the ongoing running of SHAK and provide our dogs with their meals and somewhere to rest their bodies at night.  Without these we would struggle, once again thank you.

Due to the generous nature of your support over the years we now have very healthy reserves of food and toys, the bedding comes in on a regular basis and at Christmas time we really struggle with where to store everything.....

The nature of our work is very specialised, Ged and Eden have proven that this year, two dogs who have really won the hearts of thousands. To carry out this work you need a very special workforce and I believe that we are fortunate enough to have built a very unique and valued team.  However, to secure the regular care and daily routine we have had to turn to paid staff, as well as volunteers who can then dedicate their skills and attention full time though this all costs money.

We also have rent for the kennels and of course an ever fluctuating vets bill..... All of this too costs money.  On average at any kennels you would expect to pay at least £5 per day to keep a rescue dog safe, that is £35 per week or £140 per month.  We operate with at least 50 dogs in our care at any one time.  50 x £140 per month = £7,000.  You can see why we need your help. 

So to go back to my original point regarding what the charity needs for Christmas I am going to be brutally honest and say money to help keep the whole project going. Whilst I understand that it may not be as appealing as a dog with a new toy or treat, it would mean that they could be kept safe and cared for, for as long as they need us, and remember, they already have those things thanks to your existing kindness!  Donating as little as £5 this Christmas will help keep a dog safe for a day, dogs like Eden and Ged.

If you would like to donate you can do so via a couple of methods:

Sending a cheque made payable tto SHAK to:
Greenwell Road,
NE66 1HB

Or by PayPal to

Or by catching up with the fundraising team at any of the events that are usually shared on our Facebook page SHAK the sanctuary.

I hope all of the above makes sense and that I have explained things clearly. We need your kindness and generosity as much, if not more than ever, only this year we need it in a slightly different way.

Thank You.